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ice cream eating challenges
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1970s Farrell’s Ice Cream menu

Today is National Ice Cream Day. Here is the “Belly Buster” section from a Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor menu from the late 1970s.

Here is the full menu, which was made to look like an old-timey newspaper. Some of the prices: 1 pound burger $3.25, “Giant Gastro” deli sandwich for 4 $8.25


Fox 4 has an article about Australian James Webb attempting the Cookie Dough Sundae Challenge at Wonderland Cookie Dough & Ice Cream in North Fort Myers, FL.
American log lift record holder Rob Kearney, who bills himself as "World's Strongest Gay", completed an 8,000 calorie ice cream challenge at a Friendly's restaurant. (video)
In 2016, Ramsey Hilton interviewed Dr. Robert Ziff about his epidemiology models as part of a video in which he also attempted the Dare to be Great sundae challenge at the Parlour in Jackson, MI.
The San Francisco Creamery in Walnut Creek, CA, home of a famed "Kitchen Sink" ice cream challenge was shut down after a health inspector found cockroaches in the restaurant. Reopening will require eradication of the pests and a positive report from a pest control company.
Cove Leader has a report on Japanese competitive eater Angela Sato completing the Dog Bowl ice cream challenge at Waffle Cone in Copperas Cove, TX. The article mentions she failed to complete the "Big Fat Fatty" sandwich challenge at Fat Sal's Deli in Austin. The meals were recorded for a Japanese program that will be televised on October 8. has an article about Ethan Teske setting the house record for the 20 scoop Tornado Sundae at Two Scoops, in Anoka, MN.
On Monday, Samantha Duffy became the first person to finish the 6 pound "Kitchen Sink" sundae at the Royal Scoop in Naples, FL (video) update July 28 Naples News has an article. Samantha has started an instagram at
Ethan Teske attempted the Rocky Top challenge at It's All So Yummy Cafe in Knoxville for an upcoming episode of Food Network's Ice Cream Nation. has a report on how Creighton University students studied the impact of eating the 12 scoop "Dundee Dozen" ice cream challenge on the human body.
Stephanie Wu was the first person to finish the 9 pound Rock Top sundae challenge at It's All So Yummy! in Knoxville, TN today.
Youtube has a video of bodybuilders Ronnie Coleman, Derek Ciocca and Marc Lobliner competing in a "Kitchen Sink" challenge (18 scoops ice cream) eating contest at Sloan's Ice Cream Parlor in Delray Beach, FL.
Emily Glamb wrote a report for Spoon University: Purdue about her attempt at the Mini Monster challenge at Silver Dipper in West Lafayette, IN containing 42 mini-scoops.
WBIR has a segment about Randy Santel's unsuccessful attempt at the Rocky Top ice cream challenge at It's All so Yummy Cafe in Knoxville. Randy mentions his upcoming team pizza challenge with Matt "Sweet Tooth" Cohen in the clip.
Randy Santel reports he finished the Vault Cracker Sundae Challenge at The Vault Sweet Shoppe in Port Huron, MI today for his 300th restaurant challenge completion.
The Telegraph has an article about Nela Zisser's latest video where she eats a 7 pound sundae with more than 10,000 calories.
Naader Reda has two videos from Farrell's ice cream challenge won by Molly Schuyler: conventional view | GoPro overhead view
Caesar's Palace reports that "El Toro" was the first person to finish the ice cream challenge at Serendipity 3 yesterday.
Molly Schuyler won the professional division of today' Farrell's 6th annual. Splendiferously Superific Summer Spectacular Ice Cream Eating Challenge in Brea, CA. Her time to finish the 7 pound, 30 scoop sundae was reportedly less than 4 minutes. update Naader Reda finished in 6:20. Jon Bello has a post-contest picture of Molly exhibiting an "ice cream baby".

2015 Farrell’s finalists has a list of qualifiers for Sundays ice cream eating challenge in Brea, CA. Molly Schuyler is the only pro listed with a qualifying time of 45 seconds. Naader Reda and Erik Lamkin also apparently qualified.

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Qualifying starts June 19 for the Farrell's Splendiferously Superific Summer Spectacular Ice Cream Eating Challenge in La Brea, CA. The winner of the pro contest will receive $750.
Inspired by Matt Stonie, Sheila Watko attempted to eat 30 scoops of ice cream on the Todd & Jayde Show on 95.5 FM in New York City this morning. She thinks she finished 23.
Australian competitive eater "Chompamatic" announces that he completed both the burger and ice cream sundae challenges at Bobo's Diner in Frankston, VIC, Australia in one session.
The San Francisco Creamery in Walnut Creek, CA reports that Molly Schuyler broke the record for its Kitchen Sink sundae challenge on Saturday with a time of 6:41.
Stephanie Wu reports that she finished the Kitchen Sink Challenge at the San Francisco Creamery in Walnut Creek, CA with a time of 11 minutes. This is reportedly the fastest time since Ben Monson finished in 7:45 in 2009 and the first publicized completion of the challenge by a woman.
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