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Three random ice cream eating challenges
13 scoop sundae The Mighty Fitz Village Ice Cream & Cafe Dimondale, MI includes 2 brownies
42 scoop sundae The Avalanche The Cooling Station Highwood, IL 15 inches high, finished by 2 junior girls from Lake Forest High School in 35 minutes in 2006
12 scoop sundae Batting Helmet Sundae Chicago White Sox games Chicago, IL served in batting helmet, weight 3 lbs.
(All ice cream eating challenges in database) is a blog by Jackie Voigt documenting her quest to complete every dessert eating challenge in the country. Her latest entry documents her conquest of the Earthquake sundate at the Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop in San Francisco. (facebook | twitter)
A 12 scoop sundae served in a batting helmet costing $17 will be available at Chicago White Sox games this year. The first person to finish the sundae without assistance will receive an unnamed gift.  
Jamie McDonald finished 2 gallons of frozen yogurt in 10:45 at TCBY in Simsbury, CT which is claimed to be a world record.
Taylor Swift watched Ed Sheeran, an opening act on her summer tour, complete the "Big Kahuna" challenge at Mel's Downtown Creamery in Pawcatuck, CT yesterday. Taylor played Eye of the Tiger on her phone to provide encouragement for the British singer. update July 31 a video is available
Naader Reda announces he ate a 7.5 pound Zoo Sundae in 7:44 to win the professional division of Farrell's Ice Cream Challenge in Brea, CA today. Frank Paulin was runner-up. update July 23 Naader Reda and Bob Marlow have videos
Qualifying times for Farrell's Splendiferously Superific Summer Spectacular Ice Cream Eating Challenge have been updated. Naader Reda is the only pro to have qualified, which will guarantee him $300 in the finals on July 21 in Brea, CA if no one else qualifies as a professional. Qualifying ends July 14.
The professional category of Farrell's Ice Cream Eating Challenge will award cash prizes of $600 in the professional category. ($300 to the winner)
Naader Reda appeared on KTLA this morning to promote the start of qualifying for Farrell’s Splendiferously Superific Summer Spectacular Ice Cream Eating Challenge.
The Las Vegas Sun has a report on Ryan "Max Carnage" Rodacker's recent trip to Las Vegas where he did several eating challenges. The article does not mention the King Kong Sundae eating contest held in conjunction with "Woman v Food" at the Sugar Factory (Results via Matt Cohen: 1) Tom Gilbert 2) Matt Cohen 3) "Max Carnage" 4) Ron Koch )
The finals for the 2013 Farrell's Ice Cream Eating Challenge will take place on July 21 and the qualfication period will be June 21 to July 14.
The (Portland) Big Eaters Club will be attempting the King Kone Sundae at the Sugar Factory in Las Vegas on May 6.
Matt Stonie has posted a video of him finishing a Vermonster challenge at Ben & Jerry's in about 7 minutes (the previous record was reportedly 8:30), which won him a $1,000,000 bet made at the restaurant.
The Utah State student newspaper reports that the NCAA prevented members of the football and basketball teams from competing in a charity event at Angie's in Logan, UT where they would attempt to eat the "Kitchen Sink" ice cream challenge.
Jamie McDonald has a report for the Huffington Post about his trip to Chicago where he broke records for the El Jefe burrito challenge, the Beast sundae and the triple Double from Bad Happy Poutine. He will have two upcoming posts on four additional Chicago challenges.
Several of the 1st Look segements about restaurants' eating challenges can be viewed on the program's website, including Matt Cohen's attempt at the Chunk-N-Chip Tower. The segment where Pat Bertoletti and Tim Brown attempted a sandwich challenge has not been posted, but a 15 second promo of their apperance is available.
Jamie McDonald broke the records for the Triple Double Challenge from BadHappy Poutine (on an episode of WGN Radio's Sports Night) and the Bacon Bomb challenge at Paddy Longs. Randy Santel also achieved the fastest time for the "Beast" sundae at Lindy & Gertie's.
Yahoo! has articles about two Chicago eating challenges: the "Bacon Bomb" at Paddy Long's and the "Beast" sundae ate Lindy's & Gertie's. Jamie McDonald is listed as a finisher of both challenges.
Tim Ferris says he ate a Ben & Jerry's Vermonster challenge in 20 minutes for a section of his new book The 4-Hour Chef and that his body fat decreased following the challenge.
The OC Register has an article about the appearance radio host Tim Conway Jr. at the Mission Viejo Farrells while Naader Reda and others attempted challenges. (Naader Reda is not mentioned in the article, but appears in the gallery.)
News 9 did a segment about Dale Boone competing against four person teams in a "MOOZilla" eating contest held in Bangalore, India on April 1. (via Bella Mooz)
WLOCE announces that Bella Mooz in Bangalore, India will hold the World Ice Cream Eating Championship on April 1. Four-person teams will need to eat a Moozilla ice cream challenge to qualify. The four teams qualifying for the finals will compete against Dale Boone.
Naader Reda has a blog entry about completing Tang's Tower, an ice cream cookie sandwich challenge from the Chunk 'N Chip food truck in Orange County, twice in one session and then eating a two pound burger.
Matt Cohen, without any teammates, was the runner-up in a Vermonster eating contest in San Diego for four person teams held to benefit autism research.
Qualifying has started for the 2011 Splendiferously Superiffic Summer Spectacular Ice Cream Eating Challenge at Farrell's Mission Viejo and Santa Clarita locations. Competitors in the July 17 finals will attempt to eat a "Pig's Trough" giant sundae.
Katherine Maund lists finishing a Vermonster by herself on her online business card.
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