Indian eating challenges and contests category reports that Bipin Kumar Paswan, a 25 year old from Gopalganj in Bihar, passed away on Thursday after being challenged by his friends to eat 150 momos. Paswan's father believes that the dumplings were poisoned and the eating challenge was set up to murder his son. reports that Shankar Kant ate 3.647 kg of cheese curds in 3 minutes to win a contest held in Patna, India. Prema Tiwari ate 2.718 kg to win the women's division. The contest had a total of 500 entrants. reports that a restaurant in Delhi, India will award 71,000 Rupees (about $950 USA) to customers that can finish its 10 foot long dosa in under 40 minutes. has an article on Indian food challenger Saapattu Raman eating 50 omelets in a video which has received over 6 million views. has an article about Indian food challenge videos. Viwa Food World (4.3M subscribers) Wake N Bite (1.95M) and Chicken Leg Piece (987K) are three of the youtube channels mentioned.
The Kashmir Monitor has an article about restaurant challenges in north India.
Indian food challenger MaddyEats has passed a million subscribers to her youtube channel.
The Indian food challenge youtube channel Wake'N'Bite has passed a million subscribers.
The News Minute has an article about Indian food challenge youtube channels.
The Hindu reports that an eating contest held at the Government Law College, in Ernakulam, India resulted in a clash between members of the Students Federation of India (SFI) and Kerala Students Union (KSU) that left several students hospitalized. The campus will be closed until February 24. Tke KSU gave the following reason for holding the competition:
"We had organised the eating competition to remember the martyrs of Pulwama terrorist attack after the programme organised by the SFI. But then SFI created a ruckus stating that only one programme needed to be held. Five of our activists are in hospital”.
(Mathrubhumi News video)
Daily Mail reports that Subhash Yadav passed away after being challenged by his friend to eat 50 eggs in Uttar Pradesh, India. Doctors ruled that his death was due to complications from overeating.
A movie about Indian competitive eater Theeta Rappai (not in English, no subtitles) can be viewed on youtube.
Indian food challenger Sanket Sankpal offers 7 tips for competitive eaters in an interview in Vice Asia. His youtube channel, Wake N Bite, has over 200,000 subscribers.
DeccanChronicle has an article about a new movie about Indian competitive eater Theeta Rapai. The BBC wrote an article about his retirement in 2006. TheNewsMinute also has an article about the film project.
The Hindu reports that a 14 year old girl passed away in Neelankarai, India after fainting in a samosa eating contest she was having with friends. This is the second competitive eating fatality in India in 2018. reports that a competitor in an idly eating contest in Pudukkottai, India passed away after choking. and also have articles. update Jan 18 New Indian Express has an English article which states that the competition did not allow entrants to drink. update Jan 22 The International Business Times has an article giving the name of the deceased as S Chinnathambi
Time of India reports that a spicy chilli burger eating contest in Delhi, India resulted in a stomach rupture for the winner, Garv Gupta, that hospitalized him.
Deccan Herald has an interview with Dale Boone about living in Bengaluru, India. He bills himself as "the present world champion of competitive eating".
India Times has an article about Dale Boone changing his Indian residence from Chennai to Bengaluru. According to the article, Dale Boone's WLOCE organization works with a team of 50 people. ( no longer brings up a competitive eating page)
New Indian Express has an article on how Dale Boone, billed as a holder of 52 world records, celebrated Thanksgiving in Bengaluru, India. He likes the lack of commercialization of the holiday in his home for the past 10 years, but wishes he could purchase an American-sized turkey.
Dale Boone won the Burgerthon at a Hard Rock Cafe in India today, so he will probably be unable to cause problems at tomorrow's Z-Burger eating contest in Washington, DC.
VibesAndSmiles uploaded a video of Dale Boone recorded in Bangalore titled "Two Indian Girls take on a World Champion".
Times of India reports that 67 year old Govind Lunagariya ate 21 ladoos weighing over 4 pounds to win an eating contest in Rajkot, India. The third place finisher, Auchar Chhatroda, was 85.
Its Kunalb has a video of Dale Boone recorded at an eating contest in Bangalore, India.
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