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Inspired by Aretha Franklin's scene in "The Blues Brothers", Geoff Esper attempted to eat 4 fried chickens, toast and a Coke in a recent video.
The ill-fated pie eating contest in "Stand By Me" makes Broadway World's list of top 101 movie scenes of all time.
"Meatballs", the 1979 summer camp comedy starring Bill Murray, can be viewed for free on youtube movies. One of the movie's notable scenes is a hot dog eating contest between the Fink and the Stomach.
"I am Full" a short horror film about a burger challenge by Orlando Torres can be viewed at The film's description is "Kyle, the local competitive eater is met against with the monstrous sized Meat Me Burger Challenge. If he doesn't finish he will have to face the consequences."
Kevin "LA Beast" Strahle bypassed the New Jersey curfew to visit filming sites for "Dirty Dancing". Despite the movie's Catskills setting, it was actually produced in Virginia and North Carolina. update The trip was started before the curfew was implemented.
A movie about Indian competitive eater Theeta Rappai (not in English, no subtitles) can be viewed on youtube. has a post titled A Love Letter To STAND BY ME’s Pie-Eating Contest
The hot dog eating contest from the Oscar nominated movie "The Green Book" can be viewed on youtube. The clip opens with Viggo Mortensen's character claiming that he can eat 48 White Castle burgers.
The Chicago Tribune has a report on "Mommy's Little PIggy" mashed potato eating contest held as part of "A Christmas Story Comes Home" in Hammond, IN on December 15.
Yahoo has an article about how Viggo Mortensen changed his physique to play a big eating driver/bodyguard in Green Book. Director Peter Farrelly estimates he ate 15 hot dogs to film a hot dog eating contest scene.
Viggo Mortensen, best known for portraying Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, competes in a hot dog eating contest in an opening scene of the new movie "Green Book".
I Am Full, an independent horror movie about a burger challenge has completed filming and will be submitted to film festivals in 2019.
RIP Aretha Franklin. While best known for her musical career, she was also an actress in one of the most famous big eating scenes in American cinema history: "4 fried chickens and a Coke" from The Blues Brothers. (Her husband in that scene, Matt "Guitar" Murphy, passed away earlier this year in June)
DeccanChronicle has an article about a new movie about Indian competitive eater Theeta Rapai. The BBC wrote an article about his retirement in 2006. TheNewsMinute also has an article about the film project.
TailStix has an interview with "Super" Paul Barlow mainly about his movie roles. He also mentions the origin of his competitive eating career and the book he wrote "You Know You’re A College Student When…”?
Film and TV Pro has a request for a script supervisor for a short film a about pie eating contest that goes wrong when it is learned that one of the competitors might be a murderer.
A movie titled Puke and Explode, described as "a gala event of competitive eating dedicated to both gastro excess and grotesque edibles as contestants devour the most mortifying morsels imaginable" will debut at the Fantastic Fest in Austin later this month.

Yahoo! Movies interviews Andy (Lard-Ass) Lindberg

Yahoo! Movies has an interview with Andy Lindberg (Lard-Ass) about filming the famous regurgitation scene for the pie eating contest in “Stand By Me”. There is also a quote from author Stephen King about the movie:

It was beautiful, because the puking was done in a way that was so surreal, it didn’t make anyone feel ill. Not tasteful — you can’t really make projectile vomiting tasteful — but it really was very funny.


Yahoo! Movies has an article about the pie eating contest in Stand by Me with .GIFs of the "reversal" scene.

Rob Reiner & “Lardass” on “Stand by Me” pie contest

Entertainment Weekly has an interview with director Rob Reiner and Andy Lindberg, who played “Lardass” about the filming of the pie eating contest scene in Stand by Me, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.

LINDBERG: The first time the crew tried the vomiting effect, they used a power washer. They filled the reservoir and just rocketed it out, and 500 pounds per square inch of pressure went on the guy to my left. But that didn’t work. The stream was too fine. Finally, after experimenting, they got four or five guys to press down on a giant plunger on top of a cylinder, which pushed all five gallons of pie filling up a vacuum hose through my shirt collar and out from the tube taped to the side of my face.

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mitarai_108 produced a cartoon of characters from Captain America: Civil War competing in a hot dog eating contest.
RIP George Kennedy, who served as the bookie/promoter for Paul Newman's 50 egg challenge in Cool Hand Luke, one of the more famous competitive eating scenes in cinema history.
The Onion's AV Club has a list of the most famous vomiting scenes in literature, television and movies. The pie eating contest in Stand by Me and Mr. Creosote's explosion in Monty Python's The Meaning of Life are included.
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