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Three random Columbus eating challenges
28 in pizza Mega Meat Mega Challenge Joseppi's Pizza Columbus, OH for 2 person teams, available Mon-Thurs
3 big pancakes Pancake Challenge Gena's Restaurant Westerville, OH
4 lb. burrito MegaMamma Burrito Big Mamma's Burritos Athens, OH
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The Local: Clintonville in Columbus, will hold a taco eating contest on October 19 awarding $200 to the winner.
Ramsey Hilton won the first prize of $500 in today's eating contest at Condado Tacos in Columbus.
Condado Tacos in Columbus, OH will hold a taco eating contest on August 21 awarding $500 to the winner.
Guinness has certified the 325 participants in today's eating contest at the Ohio State Fair as the largest field for an ice cream eating contest.
The Ohio State Fair will hold what is billed as the world's largest ice cream eating contest in Columbus on August 3. They hope to have at least 250 participants.
Condado Tacos in Columbus, OH will hold a taco eating contest on August 23 awarding $500 to the winner.
The Ohio Deli, site of the Dagwood sandwich challenge in the Columbus episode of Man vs. Food was destroyed by fire early this morning.
The Breakfast Grub Guy has a report on an attempt at the Mega Meat Challenge at Joseppi’s Pizza in Columubs, OH that awards $100 and $150 in gift certificates to a pair that can finish a 28 inch pizza in under 30 minutes.
The World Pulled Pork Eating Championship has been dropped from the Rhythm and Ribs Festival in Carroll, Ohio due to cost concerns.
According to The Onion, Dusty's Kitchen in Columbus, Ohio has made its Colossus Burger challenge a regular menu item because too many patrons were completing it within the 30 minute time limit. The 10 pound "Colossus" will now be known as "The Classic" and a the weight of the challenge burger (now called "The Leviathan") has been increased to 40 pounds.
Johnny Biggs in Ontario, OH says it will pay "top dollar" to Eric "Badlands" Booker to recreate the photo of him holding a giant burger taken at Denny's Beer Barrel Pub.
BBR in Columbus will hold a hot dog eating contest on Sunday awarding $500.
Lacey Hammersley defended her hot dog eating title at the Muskigum County Fair in Zanesville, OH by eating 12 hot dogs in 10 minutes.

Eater X wins Rhythm and Ribs pulled pork, Jamie McDonald second

update July 17 Brian Seiken has some videos from the contest and road trip to Ohio.

update July 16 The Columbus Dispatch and Port Clinton News Herald have articles.

The articles mention that the contest had to be divided into two five minute sections due to a lack of sandwiches. This is the second shortage in a MLE contest in three months; a contest in Iowa was truncated after running out of cupcakes.

update #2 “LA Beast” announces he was fourth

update The top 3:

1) Tim “Eater X” Janus 61.5
2) Jamie McDonald 59
3) Juliet Lee 43
4) Kevin “LA Beast” Strahle 35 reports “mass confusion” at contest

Vince Nairn reports that Tim “Eater X” Janus is competing in the contest. It appears that Juliet Lee is also participating.

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The Lancaster-Eagle Gazette has an article about "Big" Brian Subich, who will compete in the World Pulled Pork Sandwich Eating Championship at the Rhythm and Ribs BBQ Festival in Carroll, Ohio on Sunday. Other expected entrants include Kevin "LA Beast" Strahle and Jamie McDonald.
Registration for the World Pulled Pork Eating Championship at the Rhythm and Ribs BBQ Festival in Carroll, OH (Columbus area) on July 15 opens today at 5 pm eastern.
The Lancaster Eagle-Gazette reports that the Rhythm and Ribs BBQ Festival will hold a MLE rib pulled pork slider eating contest in Lancaster, Ohio (south Columbus area) during July.
Peace for Paws will hold a dog biscuit eating contest for humans in Dublin, Ohio on September 17. The winner will receive pizza for a year from Donato's.
The Cantina in Columbus, Ohio will hold a taco eating contest tonight awarding a pair of Bon Jovi tickets.
Jacob Larry won $1,000 at yesterday's hot dog eating contest held at Bluefusion Fun Center in Marion, Ohio.
Poppy's Sports Pub & Grille in Marion, OH (Columbus area) will hold a hot dog eating contest awarding $2000 ($1000 to the winner). The first round will take place on March 26.
The Lantern has a report on Scott Bickel's attempt to eat a 7.5 pound omelet at Hang Over Easy in Columbus, OH on Saturday. The attempted ended when Bickel reversed in the final minute. (via email)
UWeekly has an article about Scott Bickel and his quest to finish the omelet challenge at Hang Over Easy in Columbus, OH.
The Ohio State student newspaper has another article about Scott Bickel. update A video of Scott Bickel's chicken finger challenge is available.
Molly Gray reports that Scott Bickel ate 37 chicken fingers in 30 minutes at the Ohio State University student newspaper's office.
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