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Upcoming Cleveland eating contests
2018 Mar 24King of the Wing 2018 - individual Jolly Scholar Cleveland, OH
2018 Mar 24King of the Wing 2018 - team Jolly Scholar Cleveland, OH
2018 Apr 28Pancake Eating Contest Geauga County Maple Festival Chardon, OH
2018 Apr 28Pizza Eating Contest Geauga County Maple Festival Chardon, OH
2018 Jul 28Donut Eating Contest Streetsboro Family Days Streetsboro, OH
2018 Jul 28Pizza Eating Contest Streetsboro Family Days Streetsboro, OH
Three random Cleveland eating challenges
breakfast plate The Bubba Twig's Diner Barberton, OH
9 hot dogs Retro Dog Challenge Retro Dog Cuyahoga Falls, OH includes fries, onion rings, milkshake and root beer
triple burger Hall of Famer Eating Challenge George's Lounge Canton, OH includes large fries kamikaze sauce & milk shake
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The Fairborn Herald has a profile of Ivan "the Avocado" Mendoza, who hopes to be ranked in the MLE top 10.
The Wright State student newspaper has a profile of Ivan "The Avocado" Mendoza, who is a senior with double majors in management and human resources who has a 4.0 GPA at that university. There is a also a video.
RIP "Tiny" Tim Rauscheder, who passed away on October 30 according to these youtube comments. LA Beast confirmed the passing on twitter. 2013 article about Tim.
The Upper Deck in Akron, OH will hold a hot dog eating contest tomorrow awarding $300 to the winner.
News Herald has a report on Ivan Mendoza's victory in the shortcake eating contest at the Kirtland (OH) Kiwanis’ Strawberry Festival over four-time defending champion Nick Gordish.
Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers is the most recent participant in First We Feast's Hot Ones wings of death challenge.

2011 Flashback: Cleveland Scene profiles Scott Bickel

Flashback 2011 to Cleveland Scene’s profile of Scott Bickel (RIP) which included this section on how he hoped his competitive eating career could reverse the fortunes of his hometown:

The cult of Beefcakes Bickel has sprung forth from a specific time and place: post-LeBron Cleveland, a cityscape in a desperate scramble for self-esteem. The years of losing seasons, national punch lines, the very public breakup with our hero — it’s all taken its toll, shrinking our civic ego to that of a touchy teenager’s, always sucking in that gut and checking the fly.

Is relief on the way? With the city’s pro athletes useless to salve our wounds, a cottage industry has cropped up among the amateur ranks: the search for a championship — any championship whatsoever — for Cleveland. From women’s boxing to ultimate fighting to Harry Potter fandom, newsmaking residents are eager to bring distinction back home. Prime-time glory? Not exactly. This is ESPN3-caliber fame.

Bickel is the latest — perhaps greatest — of them. He decided early on that his mission would not be merely about himself, but about Cleveland. Some would raise championship banners. Bickel will raise hot dogs.

In January 2012, Scott Bickel took his life by jumping off a bridge.

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King of the Wings will hold a wing eating contest in Warren, OH tomorrow awarding $250 to the winner.

Dave Wood wins 2015 Rock the Tot finals

Ray Maas has uploaded a video of yesterday’s Rock the Tot finals in Cleveland. The amounts of tater tots eaten in 3 minutes according to that video:

1st 4.125 David “The Termite” Wood
2nd 3 Raymond Maas
3rd 2.9375 Mark “The Gripper” Kolbusz
4th 2.8125 Ian “The Invader” Hickman
5th 2.625 Pete “Broken Wing” Maurizio

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Bar Louie has announced the competitors in the Rock the Tot finals in Cleveland Saturday: Ian Hickman, Mark Kolbusz, Raymond Maas, Pete Maurizio and David Wood.
Bar Louie's Rock the Tot page has been updated with information about the 2015 contest. The top 5 totals in contests held at Bar Louie locations on October 8 will advance to the finals in Cleveland on October 24.
George's Lounge in Canton, OH will hold a slider eating contest on August 8 awarding $500 in prizes.

2015 Cleveland Nathan’s qualifier

update Jul 1 Joseph Cerulli has a contest video

1) Jeff Butler 22
2) Ronnie Hartman 20

1W) Liz McLurg 8.5

Ronnie Hartman and Scott Thomas appeared on Fox 8 this morning. Jeff Butler also is expected to compete.

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Harry Stevens Hot Dog Days in Niles, OH will hold an eating contest on June 28 awarding $500 to the winner.
The Akron Beacon Journal reports that Todd Greenwald is being sued by one of the co-founders of the Association of Independent Competitive Eaters (AICE) for allegedly reneging on an oral agreement to become partners and co-owners of All Pro Eating. The lawsuit seeks over $25,000 in damages.

Dave Brunelli wins Rock the Tot finals

Dave Brunelli won tonight’s Rock the Tot finals in Cleveland with a total of 3 pounds and 12.7 ounces. Guinness is crediting that amount a record even though Molly Schuyler ate over 6 pounds in last year’s contest. (via Chance DeWerth) update Oct 27 The Times Tribune has an article about runner up Dave Wood.
update Oct 28 The finals results are now posted on

1) Dave Brunelli
2) Dave Wood
3) Bob Kuhns
4) Tedy Delacruz
5) Amory Ronquillo

Joe Menchetti was originally listed as a finalist. His place was taken by Amory Ronquillo

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2014 Rock the Tot finalists announced

The field has been announced for the Rock the Tot finals in Cleveland on October 25 on the Bar Louie twitter:

1) Dave Brunelli 4.38 lbs.
2) Dave Wood 3.63 lbs.
3) Tedy Delacruz 3.5 lbs.
4) Bob Kuhns 3.44 lbs.
5) Joe Menchetti 3.39 lbs.

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The Cleveland Pizza CHallenge will award a trip to Las Vegas to the winner of a pizza eating contest at Columbus Day Parade in Little Italy on Monday October 13. A qualifier will be held on Sunday at ESPN Cleveland Tailgate.
The Cleveland Leader reports that Molly Schuyler's defense of her national Rock the Tot title in Cleveland October 25 is in doubt due to the lack of Bar Louies in northern California. Local contests will be held on October 9 and the highest amounts of tater tots eaten will advance to the finals. reports that masked men to attempted rob Hot Sauce Williams on September 13 and fled after a security guard fired 14 shots. The barbecue restaurant was one of three restaurants on the Cleveland episode of Man vs. Food, has been updated with information about a 2014 contest. Bar Louie locations will hold a tater tot eating contest on October 9 and the top 5 will compete in the finals in Cleveland on October 25.
Cleveland Scene has a slideshow of ten northeast Ohio eating challenges.
Bubba’s Q B-B-Q in Avon, OH, owned by Cleveland Browns defensive lineman Al “Bubba” Baker, will hold a boneless wing eating circuit during halftime of Browns away games this season. The finals will award $300 and Browns suite tickets for any game of the 2015 season.
Flashback 2011: Cleveland Scene wrote a profile of Scott "Beefcakes" Bickel (RIP) about how he hoped success in his competitive eating career could assuage the pain of Cleveland sports and LeBron James' recent departure to Miami.

2014 Cleveland Nathan’s qualifier

update Winners Results: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
1) Brian Dudzinksi 29.5
2) Jeff Butler 29, takes wild card lead
3) Jim Reeves 22
4T) Crazy Legs Conti 20
4T) Brian Subich 20
6) Scott Thomas 18
7) Matt Bonnano 16
8) Bill Myers 14
9) Jacob Halicek 12
10) Tim Cain 10

1W) Nikki Rodriguez 10 – Neslie Ricasa takes wild card
2W) Molly N 5.5
update Brian Dudzinski might have won the men’s contest

Bob  Shoudt predicts he will eat 37 hot dogs in the first 8 minutes.

This might be the first qualfier where two unranked women hit 10+ if Nikki Rodriguez and Molly Nemunaitis compete.

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