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Parma Rib N Rock Nathan’s qualifier

Official results from today’s Nathan’s qualifier at Parma Rib ‘N Rock in Parma, OH. update News 5 Cleveland has an article

1st 48.25 Pat “Deep Dish” Bertoletti
2nd 48 Nick Wehry
3rd 30 William Lyon
4th 13.75 Peter Ritter
5th 13 John Gebhard
6th 12 Seth Bower
7th 11.5 Dominic Mandato
8th 10 Joey Kinsley
9th 9.75 Eddie Rodriguez
1st 11 Katie Prettyman
2nd 5.5 Stacey Queen

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The Sports Column has an interview with Pat Bertoletti, who says not winning Nathan's Famous hot dog contest is his only regret about his competitive eating career.
Food Challenge News has an interview with Pat Bertoletti, who says he does not plant to return to competitive eating.

Bertoletti, Rene Rovtar win BBQ in DC Nathan’s qualifier

The top 3 men and women from today’s Nathan’s qualifier at Giant National Capital BBQ Battle in Washington, DC. The top 3 men and women advance to the finals.

1 Pat Bertoletti 40, 1st Nathan’s qualifier since April 21, 2012
2 Ronnie Hartman 29.5
3 Derek Jacobs 27

1 Rene Rovtar 6.5
2 Prudence DiBenedetto 5
3 Catie Livermore 2.8

Mac Stoddard has a video. Crazy Legs Conti and Buffalo Jim Reeves also competed. Mike Whities had to miss the contest for work. George Chiger and Jules Goldberg might have received byes.

Catie Livermore’s 2.8 hot dogs is a record low qualifying total, breaking a tie for 3 by:
Lauren Gallagher, Foxborough, MA 2011
Meghan Drake, Valdosta, GA 2017

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The MLE twitter has posted the field for Saturday's Nathan's Famous hot dog eating qualifier at the Giant National Capital BBQ Battle in Washington, DC. Pat Bertolett will return to Nathan's after an almost 10 year absence. Other listed entrants include Ronnie Hartman, Derek Jacobs, Jim Reeves, Darrien Thomas, Crazy Legs Conti, Prudence Di Benedetto and Rene Rovtar.

Geoff Esper wins Jack’s Donut hole eating contest, Pat Bertoletti 2nd

Official results from today’s Jack’s Donuts donut hole eating contest in New Castle, IN (Part 1 | Part 2)

1 Geoff Esper 293 donut holes in 8 minutes
2 Patrick Bertoletti 275
3 Miki Sudo 221
4 Bartley Weaver IV 176
5T Derek Jacobs 125
5T Ronnie Hartman 125
7 Katina DeJarnett 116
8 John Gebhard 89
9 Mark Enstrom 83
10 Matt Raible 79
11T Tracy Goode 50
11T Victoria Enstrom 50

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Joey Chestnut, Geoff Esper, Miki Sudo, Derek Jacobs, Ronnie Hartman, Bartley Weaver, Matthew Raible, John Gebhard, Patrick Bertoletti, Katina “Katina Eats KIlos” DeJarnett and Tracy Goode are expected to compete in Jack’s Donuts World Donut Hole Eating Championship in New Castle, IN on May 27. This would be Bertoletti's first Major League Eating contest since February 2013.
Pat Bertoletti appeared on Windy City Live.
Block Club Chicago has an article about the closing of Taco in a Bag, the restaurant owned by Pat Bertoletti and Tim "Gravy" Brown. They did not respond to questions about the possible reopening of the business.
Taco in a Bag, the Chicago restaurant run by Pat Bertoletti and Tim "Gravy" Brown, announces it will close on October 30. They hope to reopen in the future.
Tiffin the Indian Kitchen restaurant in Chicago will hold a samosa eating contest on October 25 awarding $500 to the winner. Pat Bertoletti will be a celebrity judge at the event.
Pat "Deep Dish" Bertoletti is the guest on the latest Fink Beats the Stomach podcast.
Love in the Time of Coronavirus has an interview with Pat Bertoletti on how the coronavirus crisis has impacted Taco in a Bag, the Chicago restaurant he owns with Tim "Gravy" Brown.
Michael Jenkins reports that a pair from Chicago probably consisting of Pat Bertoletti and Tim "Gravy" Brown had the fastest time for Cici's Pizza 28 inch challenge and won a prize of $2500. update The official time for Bertoletti and Brown was 7:25, about four minutes faster than the St. Louis team consisting of Brandon "Da Garbage Disposal" Clark and Kyle Hanner.
Pat Bertoletti ate 4.5 pounds of HopCat crack fries in 6 minutes to win the first prize of $2000 at the Michigan Brewers Guild's Summer Beer Festival in Ypsilanti on Saturday.
Sabretti's in Hopatcong, NJ will award $5000 if all 30 of its speciality hot dogs are finished in under 15 minutes. Pat Bertoletti completed 24 when he attempted the challenge earlier this month.

2018 Laredo Jalapeno Festival

Results announcement video (pro results begin at 13:00) (A HREF=”″>via Mexico Rico) contest video

1) Molly Schuyler 265, $3000
2) Pat Bertoletti 226, $1500
3) Brandon “Da Garbage Disposal” Clark, 153, $750

Results from Brandon Clark

Pictures: Z93 Laredo | Broadcast Laredo

Molly Schuyler, Brandon “Da Garbage Disposal” Clark and Pat Bertoletti are listed as expected entrants.

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Pat Bertoletti is currently giving hot dog eating lessons on Facebook Live for the AV Club of The Onion.
Pat Bertoletti's appearance on America's Got Talent where he chugged 120 raw eggs has been uploaded to youtube.
The Outside Game has an interview with Pat Bertoletti, who says he considers himself the fifth best competitive eater of all time. He predicts that Joey Chestnut will regain his Nathan's title and makes the following analogy for MLE: "They are like an ex girlfriend and I’m not good at being friends with my exes."
The Chicago Tribune has a report on yesterday's pizza eating contest at Aurelio's between three pro lumberjacks and Pat Bertolleti which spells his last name as "Bertolettio" 6 times.
Pat Bertoletti will face off against three lumberjacks in a pizza eating contest tomorrow at Aurelio's Pizza in Homewood, IL to promote the Stihl Timbersports U.S. Championship in July.

Molly Schuyler wins Wing Bowl 24

9:42 Top 5 from
1 429 Molly Schuyler
2 408 Pat Bertoletti
3 306 Bob Shoudt
4 234 US Male
5 191 Skin & Bones

9:01 The final top 2
1 429 Molly Schuyler
2 408 Pat Bertoletti
3 306 Bob Shoudt

8:57 The Wing Bowl twitter announces Molly Schuyler has won. Results have yet to be announced on the radio streaming.
8:52 The final 2 minute round is over

8:48 Top 5 at end of 2nd half
1 394 Molly Schuyler
2 374 Pat Bertoletti
3 291 Notorious B.O.B.
4 228 US Male
5 189 Skin & Bones

8:44 Penelope won Wingette of the year
8:41 Uncle Rico has been disqualified for reversing near Molly
8:35 Dave Brunelli has been disqualfied
8:30 Quazy has been disqualified
8:24 First Half Top 10
1 193 Molly Schuyler
2 191 Pat bertoletti
3 179 brunelli
4 163 Uncle Rico
5 153 Notorious B.O.B
6 143 US male
7 131 Quazy
8 125 Dave “Termite” Wood
9 121 Skin & Bones
10 118 Oink Oink

8:21 Danny the Marine has won best entourage. “Gravy” Brown was escorted from the stage by security. There has been a 4th disqualification disqualification. Blonde Mamba won the college division with 85 wings
8:11 The first half is over. LA Beast has been ejected.
8:09 “Anonymous” has reversed and been disqualified
8:06 WIP says Tim “Gravy” Brown has been disqualified for mixing plates of wings
8:05 Tim “Gravy” Brown has reversed and been disqualified
7:56 The contest has started
7:51 Pat Bertoletti has his eating contest trophies on his float
7:50 Molly Schuyler is riding on a rocket for her float
7:49 Bob Shoudt has entered his float is a giant replica of himself
7:47 Dennis Rodman has entered
7:36 Tim “Gravy” Brown is dressed as the Ppe and his float is a gravy boat
7:34 Dave Brunelli’s enters to “My Heart Will Go On” on a damaged ship float
7:31 US Male enters dressed as former Eagles coach Chip Kelly
7:17 Dave “The Termite” Wood is dressed as Hulk Hogan and has a wrestling ring in his float
7:08 Danny the Marine has a Humvee in her procession
7:07 LA Beast ate a cactus when he entered the arena

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CBS Philly has an interview with Pat Bertoletti about defense of his Wing Bowl title. has a page about the 2016 edition of "Battle of the Big" Eaters that will be televised on TV Tokyo on New Year's Day. Molly Schuyler, Pat Bertoletti and more will compete. (preview video) (Via Tom L)
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