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Geoff Esper wins Trenton Thunder pork rolls reports that Brandon "Da Garbage Disposal" Clark was the first person to finish the "Mega Burrito Challenge" at Debbie's Burritos in Malvern, AR. The challenge consists of five burritos and has been available since 2014.
Joel Hansen defended his title in Friday's taco eating contest at Tacos Locos in San Angelo, TX.

2022 Oktoberfest Zinzinnati bratwurst

Official results 10 minute contest

1st 76 Geoffrey Esper new record
2nd 70 Nick Wehry would have broken old record
3rd 60 Miki Sudo
3rd 60 Bartley Weaver, IV
5th 42 George Chiger
6th 39 Derek Jacobs
7th 33 Andrew Krawczyk
8th 30.5 Eric “Badlands” Booker
9th 25 Michael Doolin
10th 19 John Gebhard

The introductions have started. George Chiger is running a live video

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Molly Schuyler and Dan Kennedy tied for first place in the lobster roll eating contest at the Hampton Beach, NH Seafood Festival on Sunday. Manny Cambra was third.
Geoff Esper, Miki Sudo, Nick Wehry, George Chiger, Derek Jacobs and Eric "Badlands" Booker are expected to compete in Sunday's bratwurst eating contest at Oktoberfest Zinzinnati in Cincinnati. Joey Chestnut, who has won the previous 10 contests, will apparently not defend his title. update Joey Chestnut says he will be having leg surgery on Thursday and will be out of competitive eating for a while. produced a documentary about Erik "The Electric" Lamkin titled "100,000 Calorie Challenges: Inside the World Of Pro Eating"
DeSoto Times-Tribune reports Naader Reda successfully completed three restaurant challenges in Hernando County in north Mississippi over Labor Day weekend.
"Battle of the Super Eaters", a 2019 Channel 4 documentary starring Leah Shutkever, Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran and Kyle Gibson is available on youtube with the title "Eating For A Living: My Life as a Competitive Eater"
Joey Chestnut will attempt to set a bbq eating record at the Casablanca Rib Fest in Mesquite, NV on September 10. He will also judge a watermelon eating contest and sign autographs. update Joey says he will not be at the event.

Dan Kennedy wins Taste of Hamburg-er Festival eating contest

Results from yesterday’s professional burger eating contest at Taste of Hamburg-er Festival in Hamburg, PA (10 minute contest)

1st 20 Dan “killer” Kennedy
2nd 19 Molly Schuyler
3rd 16 Andy “The Ice Man” Puhl
4th 13 Sean “The Mouth” Yeager
5th 5 Andrew “The Tomato Hater” Maoury

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2022 Buffalo Wing Festival wing eating contest

2022 Buffalo Buffet Bowl

George Chiger is running a live video

Official results Part 1 | Part 2 The second column is the number of pounds eaten. The contest was terminated after 6 minutes.

1st 5 3m29s $1,000.00 Geoffrey Esper Oxford, MA
2nd 5 4m44s $500.00 Joey “Jaws” Chestnut San Jose, CA
3rd 5 5m55s $250.00 Nick Wehry Torrington, CT
4th 5 5m56s Miki Sudo Las Vegas, NV
5th 5 6 min Gideon Oji Morrow, GA
6th 3.25 6 min Darrien “Cheesecurd” Thomas Orillia, ON, Canada
7th 2.72 6 min “Buffalo” Jim Reeves Buffalo, NY
8th 2.63 6 min Ronnie “MegaByte” Hartman
9th 2.58 6 min George Chiger Pocono Pines, PA
10th 1.93 6 min William “Wild Bill” Myers Breinigsville, PA
11th 1.32 6 min Rene Rovtar

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Geoff Esper wins Colorado State Fair slopper eating contest reports Joey Chestnut ate over 29 servings of popcorn in under 8 minutes at tonigh't Indianapolis Indians game to set a new world record. The servings had a volume of 24 ounces.
After defeating Luke Rockhold in tonight's UFC 278, Paulo Costa said he wanted to have an ice cream eating contest with Paddy Pimblett.
Joel Hansen and Scott Eats are currently on tour in the UK. They recently attempted to set records for eating challenges at The George in Stockton-on-Tees.
Eastern Daily Press has an article about Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran finishing the 100 ounce steak at the White Hart in Swaffham, Norfolk in 38 minutes in June. He was the first person to finish the challenge. reports Joey Chestnut will be doing a series of dollar menu challenges at tonight's Indianapolis Indians game. On August 23 he will attempt to set a record for eating popcorn at the ballpark. reports Joey Chestnut will do a hot fudge cake eating exhibition at Frisch's Big Boy in FairFax, OH as part of the restaurant's 75th anniversary.
Dan Kennedy reports that he ate 10 donuts in 32 seconds to win the first prize of $3000 in Saturday's eating contest at Polar Donuts in Oklahoma City. Molly Schuyler also appears to have competed. There were 60 entrants.
The Northamptonshire Telegraph reports that Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran finished "The Big One" breakfast challenge at Hungry Hossee in Corby, England in 11 minutes 55 seconds to break a record held by Robert Pinto for 11 years. The meal consists of three bacon rashers, three sausages, three eggs, three square sausage slices, three potato scones, three pieces of fried bread, three portions of mushrooms, three hash browns, three potato waffles, three black pudding slices, three portions of beans, three portions of tomatoes, three 4 ounce beef patties, three pieces of bread and butter and three slices of buttered toast.
NFL Hall of Famer Joe Namath hosted tonight's oyster eating contest at Lucky Shucks in Jupiter, FL. Phillip Catasus of Palm Beach Gardens ate 103 oysters in 90 seconds to win the competition.
Joey Chestnut ate 255 mini donuts in 8 minutes to win a contest held in Regina, SK to benefit the Regina Food Bank.

Geoff Esper wins banana pudding contest

Official results from tonight’s banana pudding eating contest at CrossPointe Church in Madison, AL (8 minutes contest)

1st ? Geoffrey Esper undefeated in 2022 except for Nathan’s
2nd 9.75 Pat “Deep Dish” Bertoletti
3rd 7.75 Gideon Oji
4th 7 Andrew Krawczyk
5th 5 Crazy Legs Conti
6th 3.5 Heather Richards
6th 3.5 Jacob Tripp
8th 2.5 David Beavers
9th ? Debby Regan

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