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2010 Feb 15?12h00m Hugilio #1 Lakewood, CO
2010 Feb 21st12h00m Hugilio #3 Lakewood, CO
2009 Sep 261st13 10 minCorn Dog Eating Contest Red Bluff, CA

The Salt Lake Tribune and the Deseret News have articles about Patrick Vandam's family suing the Utah resort for not having adequate supervision of geothermal pool where he died in a freediving accident.
A forum thread has an attached scan of an article about Patrick Vandam passing away after a freediving accident in Utah on March 17.

Patrick Vandam, 1983 – 2010

Gerald Vandam made the following comment last night:

I’m Patrick’s dad, he passed away freediving at a place called the Crater located in Midway UT. He was practicing for the US National freediving championships in Kona HI to be held at the end of April. He had done a few dives on the 17th of March, the last free dive was for 6 minutes and 30 seconds and stated he was going to be down a little longer on the next and his last dive. We suspect he passed on the way up on his last dive.

The Divewise facebook has a few additional details.

Thanks to Gerald Vandam for providing the information about this tragedy. Your family will be in our prayers.

update CompetitiveEatingNews has a new article about Patrick Vandam (via crawfish twitter)

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Patrick Vandam passes away

The United States Air Force Academy alumni memorial page lists that Patrick Vandam (USAFA class of 2006) passed away on March 17.

update I have added pictures from the awarding of the IFOCE 2008 rookie of the year trophy where Patrick Vandam was a finalist. (Juris Shibayama and Juliet Lee, the winner, were the two other finalists)

(pictures from valjean615 flickr)

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Virgilio's Pizza has a video of Patrick Vandam eating 8 pounds of the 11 pound "Hugilio #1" challenge pizza. The smallest challenge pizza, the "Hugilio #3" is no longer available.

Denver Post on area eating challenges

The Denver Post has an article about area eating challenges which lists an 8+ pound Govanator burger at Govnr’s Park that awards $100 to someone who finishes it.

In other Denver eating challenge news, Andrew “A-Bomb” Lane has a blog entry about the Peanut Butter Burger Challenge contest held at Rock Rest Lodge. “A-Bomb” set the challenge record which was soon broken by Patrick Vandam.


Virgilio's Pizzeria challenge page has been updated to announce that Patrick Vandam was the first finisher of a challenge pizza (via dogsarefunyes)
The Red Bluff Daily News reports that Patrick Vandam won the finals of the corn dog contest held at the Tehama County Fair on Saturday.
The Red Bluff Daily News reports that Patrick Vandam had the best performance in yesterday's corn dog eating qualifier at the Tehama District Fair.
Patrick Van Dam completed the "Great Steak Challenge" at Steak and Main in Maryland last night.

Patrick Vandam wins Lewisville tamales

update The Dallas News has an article about the contest (from City of Lewisville)

A press release posted to the comments has the results from today’s tamale contest in Lewisville, TX. Patrick Vandam won his first non-qualifier contest by eating 44 tamales.

44 Patrick Vandam, Eagan, Minn., $1500
41 Tim Brown, Chicago, Ill. $1000
34.5 Eric “the Red” Denmark, Seattle, Wash., $500
34 Nate Biller, Briarwood, NY, $250
25.5 Kevin Ross, Temecula, Calif., $150
24 Bill Myers, Breinigsville, Penn., $100
23.5 Brent Ricord, Keller, Texas
20 Charles Johnson, Abilene, Texas
19 Frank Wach, Chicago, Ill.
18.5 Nic Fry, Grant Bend, Kan.
15.5 Jim Clawson, Addison, Texas
10.5 David Cagle, Houston, Texas
10.5 Patrick Owen, Corinth, Texas
5 Trey Beauregard, Moore, Okla.
5 David Marston, Frisco, Texas

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Patrick Vandam wins Chicago qualifier

results from Sage & Gravy comments

1. Pat Vandam 31
2. Tim “Gravy” Brown 28
3. Mike Fitzgerald 23.5

update The Southtown Star has a contest report. Tim Brown’s next qualifying attempts will take place in Tempe, AZ and Plano, TX.

update #2 Val Bromann has a gallery from the contest and has the contest report out now.

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Patrick Vandam interview in

Patrick Vandam, runner-up in the most recent Nathan’s qualifier, answers some questions on Vandam is planning to compete in Saturday’s Nathan’s qualifier in Chicago.

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