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The Rake & Herald has an interview with Ronnie "Mega Byte" Hartman, possibly the first active duty soldier to compete in the Nathan's finals.
JournalTimes.com has an article and video about Andy Kogutkiewicz of Racine, Wisconsin, currently ranked #45 in the IFOCE top 50.
Brian "Dud Light" Dudzinki announces that he got married recently.
On his facebook group, Russ Keeler has announced his retirement from competitive eating so he can focus on his volunteer work with the American Cancer Society and Relay For Life. (via email)
An article about Aaron Osthoff lists his competition in the November 6 Isle Casino Bettendorf Maid-Rite Sandwich Eating Championship as Sonya Thomas, Tim Janus, Tim Brown and Pete Davekos. Pat Bertoletti has also said he will compete. update Oct 28 Bob Shoudt's twitter announces he will compete.
The Orange County Register has an article about Damon Wells.
Kevin Carr announced his retirement from competitive eating in a response to a formspring question.
The website for My Little Fat Greek Restaurant in Freehold, New Jersey announces that Bill Myers was the first person to complete the "Fat Greek Challenge" by eating 5 souvlaki meat sandwiches in under an hour.
Stonehill Alumni Magazine has a section about Pete "Pretty Boy" Davekos.
The Voorhees Sun has an article about Dave "Us Male" Goldstein, who will compete next in the cheese steak contest in Allentown, PA.
MCall has an article and video about "Wild" Bill Myers.
In the most recent "Extreme Amy" segment on Fox5Vegas, Ron Koch completed the 10 lb. pizza at Graziano's in Las Vegas in under 2 hours. Amy has a blog entry about the challenge.
Mcall has a blog entry about the "Largest Carbon Footprint" award "Wild" Bill Myers award received at the Nathan's finals primarily written by Bill's fiancee Melissa Savoy.
(from Eating Ed email) The online Hall of Fame for Big Pie in the Sky (Kennesaw, GA) has been updated to report that Paul Barlow was one of the members of the second team to defeat the Carnivore Challenge.
Times Republican has an article about Mark Williams, who came in second in the 2009 Minneapolis Nathan's qualifier.
Some post-contest articles on the 2009 Nathan's finalists: Pat Bertoletti (Chicago Tribune | Examiner), Badlands Booker, "Buffalo" Jim Reeves, Marco "Mongo" Marquez (Liz Kellermeyer interview | Pueblo Chieftain)
The Buffalo News has an article about "Buffalo" Jim Reeves and his return to the Nathan's finals today.
John Palmgren, runner up at the recent Rudolph Pork Rind contest, was the guest of honor at a local pork rind contest in Peoria.
KOAA has an article about Marco "Mongo" Marquez.
The Boston Herald has an article on Pete "Pretty Boy" Davekos' return to the Nathan's finals. update Erin Wigger has posted a picture of Davekos. update #2 A podcast of an interview with Davekos on KISS 108 FM is available.
The Pueblo Native has a profile of Marco "Mongo" Marquez
The Denver Post has a report on Marco "Mongo" Marquez' qualifying for the Nathan's finals. KetchupWithTheHunts also has a blog entry about the Denver qualifier.
Examiner.com reports that Paul Barlow's reality show ambitions have been dashed again (this time not by Survivor)
DailyLocal has an article about Sean Gordon who claims he dips his hot dogs in a secret ingredient.
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