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Mashed.com has an article titled "The untold truth of competitive eater Miki Sudo". The opening section discusses her absence from the 2013 Nathan's Famous hot dog eating finals.
Las Vegas Weekly has a profile of Miki Sudo in which she recounts her absence from the women's Nathan's finals last year. Rich LeFevre also makes an appearance.
On yesterday's Rachel Maddow Show, a clip of last year's Nathan's men's final was shown while she talked about the possibility of an eating contest running out of food. (via Heath Walker)

Nathan’s hot dog personal bests for 2013

A list of personal bests for Nathan’s hot dog contests in 2013 according to the database follows:

2013 Jul 4 1st 69 10 min Joey “Jaws” Chestnut Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest – men Brooklyn, NY
2013 Jul 4 2nd 51 10 min Matt “Megatoad” Stonie Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest – men Brooklyn, NY
2013 Jun 29 1st 50 10 min Tim “Eater X” Janus Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Qualifier – men Queens, NY
2013 Apr 20 1st 40 10 min Miki Sudo Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Qualifier – women Las Vegas, NV
2013 Jul 4 4th 39.75 10 min “Notorious” Bob Shoudt Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest – men Brooklyn, NY
2013 Jun 15 1st 38 10 min Adrian “The Rabbit” Morgan Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Qualifier – men Atlanta, GA
2013 Jul 4 1st 36.75 10 min Sonya “The Black Widow” Thomas Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest – women Brooklyn, NY
2013 Jul 4 2nd 36 10 min “The Lovely” Juliet Lee Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest – women Brooklyn, NY
2013 Apr 20 1st 31.5 10 min Jeff “The Beast Man” Butler Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Qualifier – men Las Vegas, NV
2013 Apr 20 2nd 31 10 min Tom “Goose” Gilbert Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Qualifier – men Las Vegas, NV
2013 Jun 8 1st 31 10 min Aaron “A-Train” Osthoff Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Qualifier – men Calgary, AB, Canada
2013 Jun 2 1st 31 10 min Molly Schuyler Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Qualifier – women St. Paul, MN

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The Rake & Herald has an interview with Ronnie "Mega Byte" Hartman, possibly the first active duty soldier to compete in the Nathan's finals.
Bloomberg.com (July 3): "How would the reigning champion of the Nathan’s Famous hotdog-eating contest feel about a New York City mayor named Weiner?" Joey Chestnut: "That would be awesome".
KSEE 24 has a video segment and article about Pablo Martinez competing in the Nathan's finals.
Tableau Software has a graph of the performance of the top male competitors at the Nathan's finals. Indyweek has produced a graphic about the hot dog eating contest held at Foster's market in Durham, NC (the unnamed winner ate 8 hot dogs).
The new poll asks who you would have most liked to see compete in the 2013 Nathan's finals. Choices were drawn from the recent 25+ hot dog bests post.
The Hollywood Reporter announces that the broadcast of the 2013 Nathan's finals on ESPN2 attracted 1.15 million viewers and a 0.7 rating, a decline from the 0.8 rating the tape-delayed broadcast received in 2012 (# of 2012 viewers not specified). The last live coverage on ESPN in 2011 attracted 1.949 million viewers.
The Detroit Free Press and Barrie Examiner have articles about Meredith "Deep Fried Diva" Boxberger's fourth place finish in the Nathan's women's finals. update July 16 Meredith has a contest video
NowThisNews has produced a split screen video of Joey Chestnut & Takeru Kobayashi at their respective contests yesterday.

Joey Chestnut 7-peats Nathan’s finals with record 69

update July 8
Joey Chestnut post-contest wiping his face with an American flag has been controversial Barstoool Sports has produced an animated .gif of the action (direct link)

Video of entire contest | introductions

Rake & Herald reports: Report 1 | Report 2

Brian Seiken has produced a “Cheap Seats” like commentary on the contest

Matt Stonie has a gallery

Seacoast Online has a report on Matt Stonie’s runner-up performance

The Visalia Times has an article about Pablo Martinez

Business Week produced a pre-contest video featuring Yasir Salem

Crazy Legs Conti asks “Is Competitive Eating Too Sexy for the 4th of July?” in Huffington Post

Official Results Part 2

1) Joey Chestnut 69, record, 7th victory in a row
2) Matt Stonie 51 personal best
3) Tim Janus 50
5) Bob Shoudt 39.75 (corrected)
4) Adrian Morgan 38
6T) Aaron Osthoff 31
6T) Jeff Butler 31
8 Yasir Salem 30
9 Marcos Owens 29
10 Erik Denmark 28
11 Pablo Martinez 27
12 Juan Rodriguez 26
13 Pete Davekos 25
14 Ronnie Hartman 22
15 Eric Booker 21
16 Christos Kyriazis 9 (sponsor’s exemption)

Rake & Herald has an interview with Joey Chestnut

Esquire has a blog entry containing an interview with Crazy Legs Conti, who says he will attend the finals as a spectator.

Pete Davekos hinted that he might be retiring.

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2013 Nathan’s finals – women

update July 8

Rake & Herald reports: Report 1 | Report 2

The Dana Point Times has a profile of Mary Bowers

Missouri Net thinks Juliet Lee won the contest and should have received the same amount ($10,000) as Joey Chestnut.

Official Results Part 1 | Part 2
1) Sonya Thomas 36.75, 3rd women’s division victory in a row, 11 straight finals where she was top female
2) Juliet Lee 36
3) Michelle “Cardboard Shell” Lesco 27.5, originally 30
4) Meredith Boxberger 26, spelled “Boxburger” by ESPN
5) Larell Marie Mele 21
6) Neslie Ricasa 14
7) Mary Bowers 10
8T) Laura Riehman 6.5
8T) Prudence Di Benedetto 6.5

update A picture of the field (without Juliet Lee) I do not recognize the two women on the right

According to the official contest roster, five female qualifier winners are not competing in Coney Island today: Miki Sudo, Molly Schuyler, Dee Martin, Christina Ginn and Terri Reeves.

The Rake & Herald has an interview with Miki Sudo, the top female performer on the 2013 qualifier circuit (40 hot dogs) conducted before she withdrew from the finals. In another Rake & Herald article, Rich Shea declined to provide any new information about the withdrawal (but he does say that Miki Sudo will compete in the Hooters wing finals later this month)

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The final rosters for today's Nathan's finals are available. Christos “Hot Dog Hercules” Kyriazis is receiving a slot as the male Canadian representative. Three unranked women are competing: Neslie Ricasa, Laura Riehman and Prudence DiBenedetto. Rake and Herald has a preview of the contest.

Personal hot dog bests July 4, 2012 July 3, 2013

A list of 25+ personal bests in hot dog eating contests between July 4, 2012 and July 3, 2013 according to the eatfeats database follows after the jump. Of the 34 people in this list, 17 are expected to compete in today’s Nathan’s finals.
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Ronnie Hartman has received a spot in tomorrow's Nathan's finals as an honored military contestant.
ESPNW has an article about Sonya Thomas' attempt to threepeat the women's division of the Nathan's finals. Miki Sudo's potential as a rival is cited, noting her 40 hot dog qualifier performance (her withdrawal from tomorrow's contest is not mentioned).
The Visalia Times has an article about Pablo Martinez.
Oddsshark has Joey Chestnut as a big favorite against the rest of the field. The over/under on the # of hot dogs eaten by the winner is 63.5. (I think this is the first Nathan's finals odds that did not have someone not competing listed.

Comparing the 2012 & 2013 Nathan’s fields

Here is a list of people who qualified for the 2013 Nathan’s finals comparing the rosters with the 2012 fields. There might be additional withdrawals or possible sponsors exemptions added.


  • Returning Champion: Joey Chestnut
  • 2012 Returning finalists: Tim Janus, Matt Stonie, Bob Shoudt, Adrian Morgan, Erik Denmark, Eric Booker, Pete Davekos, Yasir Salem
  • New qualifier winners for 2013: Juan Rodriguez, Pablo Martinez, Jeff Butler, Marcos Owens
  • 2012 Finalists who attempted to qualify in 2013: Crazy Legs Conti, Lee Vilinsky (not sure if he competed)
  • 2012 Finalists who did not attempt to qualify: Pat Bertoletti, Tim Brown, Sean Gordon, Micah Collins


  • Returning Champion: Sonya Thomas
  • 2012 Returning finalists: Juliet Lee, Michelle Lesco, Meredith Boxberger, Larell Marie Mele, Neslie Ricasa, Mary Bowers, Dee Martin
  • New qualifier winners for 2013, not sure if they will compete in finals: Christina Ginn, Prudence DiBenedetto, Terri Reeves
  • New qualifier winners for 2013, will not compete in finals: Miki Sudo, Molly Schuyler
  • Repeated as qualifier winner, did not compete in 2012 finals: Laura Riehman
  • 2012 Finalists who attempted to qualify in 2013: Nicole Anderson
  • 2012 Finalists who did not attempt to qualify: Maria “Edible”, Theresa Subich, Mia Davekos, Heather Osthoff, Janice Deragla, Molly Nemunatis

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Documentarian Vic Losick wrote a letter to the New York Times calling for Mayor Bloomberg to ignore the Nathan's finals.
The New York post calls Matt Stonie and "Julie Etley" the biggest rivals of Joey Chestnut and Sonya Thomas, respectively. update The MLE twitter is promoting the article despite the error and its prediction of "Frankly, it [the contest] should be a bust again this year."

Las Vegas Sun: Miki Sudo withdraws from Nathan’s finals

update Rake & Herald has confirmed the withdrawal. This will leave the women’s finals without the two top performers in the qualifiers: Miki Sudo (40) & Molly Schuyler (31)

Rake & Herald noticed that the caption for Las Vegas Sun’s gallery of Miki Sudo at Wednesday’s Hooters wing qualifier announces that she has withdrawn from Thursday’s Nathan’s finals (She will compete in the Hooters finals).

Rich Shea made no mention of Miki withdrawing on his interview on ESPN’s Mike & Mike show earlier this morning.

The withdrawal notice did not appear on the original caption of the gallery which is available in the Google Cache (date June 28)

If the withdrawal is not of Miki’s volition, she has the option of filing a complaint with the Nevada Gaming Control Board that a contest held on casino grounds reneged on its prize.

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