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Kate Ovens has uploaded her first food challenge video in three years: a fry up breakfast called "The Legend".
"Airsoft Fatty" faced off against Eric "Badlands" Booker in a chug-off held at Times Square in New York City.
StarNow has posted a casting call for eating contest participants for an Ed Sheeran music video that will be filmed in Sydney this week.
Tiktok user @ugh_madison has gone viral recently for her videos of extended stays at buffet restaurants. A twelve hour visit to Golden Corral has received over 13 million views. (Youtube | Instagram).
NBCDFW has a segment about James Webb, who will be competing in the Lewisville, TX tamales contest tomorrow. The Australian has been given the nickname "The Wonder from Down Under".
KC Finn's posted a behind the scenes video of Molly Schuyler and Dan Kennedy attempting their Big A** Burger Challenge in Jackson, TN. (via Little Maxine)
Raina Huang uploaded a video of a dumpling contest in which she faced off against James Webb and Bandana Eats.
The youtube channel for Hell's Kitchen has uploaded a clip from a 2012 episode in which Joey Chestnut faced off against chefs in a wing eating contest.
Joel Hansen has uploaded a video from July's ZBurger eating contest in Washington, DC.
Kevin "LA Beast" Strahle produced a video about his competitive eating career titled "Why I Never Made It To The Nathan's 4th of July Hot Dog Contest".
Margot Robbie, star of the new Barbie movie, discusses eating four pounds of pasta to win a spaghetti bolognaise eating contest in a youtube short video.
Theo Malini produced a video (longer video) French food challenger Alan FoodChallenge a fake for spitting out food while recording his videos. (He apparently forgot to edit out his regurgitation). The criticism of Alan FoodChallenge has gone viral in French-language media with LeParisien, and Independant producing articles about the alleged deception. Alan has responded by saying he will do a live uncut taco eating challenge on Sunday. updateSunday, Alan attempted to eat what he claimed were 5 GigaTacos, but could finish only about 1.5. The restaurant supplying the tacos said they were smaller XL tacos and not Gigatacos
Daily Dot has an article about a recent video by tiktok food challenger mohmotion in which employees at an Orlando Golden Corral discussed if he would be allowed to continue dining at the buffet. He was in town to compete in Saturday's Nathan's qualifier in Kissimmee, FL, but missed the competition due to forgetting what time it was.
An episode of DangerTV in which host Andrew Younghusband competes in the 2015 Smoke's Poutinerie eating contest in Toronto with minimal training has been uploaded to youtube. Eric "Badlands" Booker, Joey Chestnut and Matt Stonie offer him advice. (The first half is about demolition derbies; the competitive eating segment begins around 11:00).
On today's episode of Indy Now on Fox 59, it was announced that Joey Chestnut and Geoff Esper will compete in Jack's Donut Holes Eating Championship in New Castle, IN on May 26.
TechCrunch has a post about youtube updating its policy on eating disorder content to ban videos showing "imitable content". Since anyone can imitate a restaurant challenge video by ordering the oversized menu item, this policy could theoretically result in the termination of all food challenge videos.
Japanese competitive eater Hitomi "Russian" Sato just attained a million subscribers for her youtube channel.
Ed "Cookie" Jarvis has posted several videos of his television appearances to his youtube channel.
B/R Walkoff produced a videovid asking members of the USA baseball team how many hot dogs they could eat in 10 minutes.
In his latest video, a Jaffa cake challenge, Geoff Esper admits he is lacking enthusiasm for competitive eating and is considering missing Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest. (via MikeyinCharge)
Brandon "Da Garbage Disposal" attempted to win $1,000 by finishing the 9 pound "Godzadilla" quesadilla challenge in under 35 minutes at Chabelitas Mexican Grill in Las Vegas.
The British Eating League has started a youtube channel. The latest video is from its Jaffa Cake eating contest won by Max Stanford.
The death of a competitive eater will be one of the incidents examined in the upcoming episode of CSI: Vegas, which will be televised February 16 on CBS at 10 pm eastern. (preview #1 | preview #2)
In a promotion for Bounty paper towels, former NFL tight end great Rob Gronkowski faced off against Austin Ekeler and Aidan Hutchinson in a wing eating contest. Between rounds, they answered questions about their pro football careers.
Geoff Esper appeared on CBS 12 this morning to discuss his competitive eating career and promote the April 30 Sweet Corn Eating Championship in West Palm Beach, which he said he will not be competing in. (youtube video)
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