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Randy Santel and Katina "Eats Kilos" De Jarnett appeared on Ozarks First this morning (youtube).
Be Amazed produced a video about Leah Shutkever titled "The Untold Truth of Competitive Eating"
Miki Sudo posted a video of her attempt at the 7 pound burger challenge at Kenny's Burger Joint in Frisco, TX. Joey Chestnut also attempted the challenge.
Gal Akbari, whose tiktok eating videos have gone viral, has started a youtube channel Gal vs Food. She eats a McDonald's meal with over 4000 calories in her first video.
Leah Shutkever discusses her eating records in a video produced by the Guinness World Records youtube channel.
Joel Hansen attempted a 7 foot long shawarma challenge, billed as the world's largest.
A video of Gal Akbari ( eating a Popeye's Chicken family meal has gone viral with a current view count of 7.4 million.
The Indian food challenge youtube channel Wake'N'Bite has passed a million subscribers.
Japan Today has a post about Kasumi ASMR getting caught spitting out cheese tonkatsu while recording. One of the video's commenters said "I feel duped — I thought she ate everything like a competitive eater.”
Serbian-Australian Milly Ivanaov has started a youtube channel with her attempt at the 2kg pancake challenge at Milky Beograd in Belgrade.
For National Taco Day (which was on Sunday) Joey Chestnut created and attempted to eat a 12 pound walking taco. (TMZ article)
The segment from NBC's First Look about Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest that was televised on Sunday morning's episode can be viewed on youtube (segment starts around 16:10). Miki Sudo, Badlands Booker, Nick Wehry and Rich Shea make appearances.
With 5.51 million subscribers, Hussain Salaam of Saudi Arabia has overtaken Yuka Kinoshita (5.49M) to have the second most popular food challenge youtube channel after Matt Stonie.
Katina Eats Kilos partnered with Kyle V Food on a Domino's Pizza challenge video. Both meals consisted of 2 large pizzas, 1 garlic bread, 1 chicken dish, and a 1.25 liter cola.
CBS Denver has an interview with Bryan "Big Sexy" Beard about his 11 year competitive eating career.
Miki Sudo has posted a video of her attempting two 72 ounce steak challenges at The Big Texan in Amarillo, TX that was recorded in September 2019.
In her latest video, Stephanie "NuttyFoodieFitness" Joshi ate like WWE legend The Rock for 24 hours.
Channel# Subs# ViewsJoinedUser Links
1🇺🇸 The Hunger Diaries (Lindsay Greene)96.4K11,279,560Nov 10, 2010
2🇬🇧 Nutty Foodie Fitness (Stephanie Joshi)94.5K9,650,028Oct 30, 2017
3🇬🇧 Kate Ovens86.2K6,920,402Sep 7, 2013
4🇺🇸 Main Event Pong81.5K15,838,426Sep 29, 2013
5🇺🇸 Magic Mikey80.7K13,765,030Dec 15, 2015
6🇺🇸 Hot Dang Show80.3K5,617,900Dec 4, 2012
7🇯🇵 Aco77.4K29,907,406Jan 21, 2013
8🇮🇳 Foodies Fight64.5K16,663,210Nov 30, 2018
9🇺🇸 Wayne Algenio64.2K12,353,400Oct 7, 2009
10🇺🇸 Localish63.9K20,056,589Aug 16, 2017
11🇯🇵 Yuri Mori63.2K15,385,773Apr 27, 2015
12🇯🇵 Tani Asako52.8K4,365,809May 7, 2018
13🇯🇵 Takuya Yamamoto50.7K5,017,426Oct 26, 2018
14🇺🇸 Brandon "Da Garbage Disposal" Clark50.1K10,355,769Jan 4, 2014
Geoff Esper has posted his video of the burger challenge at Eagle's Deli in Brighton, CO, which was featurede in the Boston episode of Man v. Food. Nick Wehry also attempted the challenge.
A writer for Men's Health attempted to eat The Rock's cheat day diet, which resulted in a response from the WWE legend.
In her latest video, Stephanie "nuttyfoodiefitness" Joshi faced off against Rob Lipsett in a 100 chicken McNugget challenge.
The Infographics Show has an animated video about eating 10,000 calories a day for a week.

Food challenge youtube channels with over 100K+ subscribers

Channel # Subs # Views Joined
🇺🇸 Matt Stonie ☑️ 12.3M 2,336,401,272 Aug 23, 2012
🇯🇵 Yuka Kinoshita ☑️ 5.48M 2,034,870,303 May 21, 2014
🇸🇦 Hussain Sallam ☑️ 5.29M 777,764,846 Mar 2, 2006
🇨🇦 Furious Pete ☑️ 5.18M 1,021,575,005 Aug 10, 2006
🇮🇳 Viwa Food World ☑️ 3.65M 621,977,787 Aug 29, 2017
🇪🇸 Esstik ☑️ 3.21M 347,193,330 Feb 28, 2013
🇺🇸 LA Beast ☑️ 2.59M 427,701,590 Aug 7, 2010
🇺🇸 Hellthy Junk Food ☑️ 2.34M 512,939,561 Jan 26, 2013
🇺🇸 Badlands Chugs ☑️ 2.14M 189,529,928 Sep 25, 2012
🇺🇸 Nikocaco Avocado ☑️ 2.09M 489,444,261 May 27, 2014
🇧🇷 Corbucci Eats ☑️ 1.90M 260,867,537 May 2, 2006
🇨🇦 Veronica Wang ☑️ 1.71M 303,476,427 Jun 26, 2010
🇹🇼 Chien Tsu ☑️ 1.53M 202,941,782 Jul 10, 2016
🇯🇵 Taniyaaan1125 1.46M 329,057,183 Sep 17, 2016
🇺🇸 Erik Lamkin ☑️ 1.30M 221,709,523 Aug 10, 2013
🇺🇸 Randy Santel ☑️ 1.10M 318,835,610 Sep 23, 2011
🇬🇧 Beard Meats Food ☑️ 1.07M 211,129,958 Jan 12, 2015
🇸🇬 Peggie Neo ☑️ 1.02M 181,542,493 Sep 26, 2015

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LadBible uploaded a video about Leah Shutkever's attempt at the burger challenge at Polo 24 Hour Bar in London yesterday for National Burger Day. The video has over 4 million views in less than 24 hours.
American log lift record holder Rob Kearney, who bills himself as "World's Strongest Gay", completed an 8,000 calorie ice cream challenge at a Friendly's restaurant. (video)
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