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Leah Shutkever has passed 200K subscribers for her youtube channel.
American Fast Food Stories has posted a behind the scenes video from the 2019 Nathan's finals.
Inspired by Aretha Franklin's scene in "The Blues Brothers", Geoff Esper attempted to eat 4 fried chickens, toast and a Coke in a recent video.
In Leah Shutkever's latest video, she attempts to break Lynda Kuerth's mark of 23 bunless hot dogs in 3:10, which was recognized as a Guinness World Record in 1977.
Mike Hornacek ate 12 donuts in 2:18 to win the first Elite Eats Entertainment video contest. Cody Dulaney was runner up. The new contest is 12 McDonald's cheeseburgers, closing Sunday night.
Men's Health has an article about Leah Shutkever's recent Krispy Kreme jam donut video, which was credited as a Guinness World Record.
Elite Eats Entertainment announced their first video-based contest. The food is 12 Walmart donuts.
Joel Hansen has passed 100,000 subscribers to his youtube channel.
In her latest video, Molly Schuyler teams up with Dan Kennedy to attempt to eat 41 pounds of pork and beans. One of Miss Piggy's tenets is "Never eat more than you can lift", which is violated at the start of the video.
The episode of ESPN's Cheap Seats in which the Sklar brothers commentate on the telecast of the 2004 Nathan's Famous finals can be viewed on youtube.
Matt Stonie appeared on Mornings with Maria (Bartiromo) on Fox Business today to talk about his youtube channel and recent Donut Day video. Neither his recent signing with Night Media nor the 2020 Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest were discussed.
Joey Chestnut has passed 100,000 subscribers to his youtube channel
Leah Shutkever's donut record makes Guinness World Records' best of May 2020 video. (starts at 3:00)
Molly Schuyler posted a video of her attempt with Dan Kennedy to each eat 33 Big Macs and surpass a mark set by Joey Chestnut by one burger.

Food Challenge youtube channels with 400K – 999K subscribers

Here are food challenge youtube channels with 400K – 999K subscribers that I know:

Channel # Subs # Views Joined
🇸🇬 Peggie Neo ☑️ 994K 174,312,832 Sep 26, 2015
🇬🇧 Beard Meats Food ☑️ 967K 182,223,581 Jan 12, 2015
🇯🇵 “Russian” Sato ☑️ 790K 347,956,685 Sep 14, 2015
🇮🇳 Wake N Bite ☑️ 766K 127,534,414 Jun 2, 2017
🇫🇷 Alan Food Challenge ☑️ 721K 101,495,106 Jan 23, 2010
🇹🇼 Ding Ding ☑️ 702K 127,723,054 Mar 29, 2015
🇺🇸 Wreckless Eating ☑️ 632K 165,822,521 Jun 10, 2010
🇯🇵 Draco 531K 207,229,811 Oct 30, 2014
🇯🇵 Max Suzuki 512K 264,005,178 Sep 23, 2012
🇪🇸 Joe Burgerchallenge ☑️ 474K 66,335,096 Nov 10, 2015
🇯🇵 Onokako twins 472K 161,531,780 Nov 14, 2017
🇺🇸 Nate Figgs ☑️ 461K 101,623,889 Nov 17, 2011
🇯🇵 Moe Azuki 421K 49,302,233 Jun 18, 2018


Food challenge channels with over 1 million subscribers

I have updated the list of food challenge youtube channels with over a million subscribers to include Randy Santel. I have also added Nikocado Avocado since he did a burger challenge at the Heart Attack Grill.

Channel # Subs # Views Joined
🇺🇸 Matt Stonie ☑️ 11.5M 2,150,557,507 Aug 23, 2012
🇯🇵 Yuka Kinoshita ☑️ 5.47M 2,002,036,170 May 21, 2014
🇨🇦 Furious Pete ☑️ 5.17M 1,011,189,368 Aug 10, 2006
🇸🇦 Hussain Sallam ☑️ 4.69M 651,791,167 Mar 2, 2006
🇪🇸 Esstik ☑️ 3.09M 320,339,749 Feb 28, 2013
🇺🇸 LA Beast ☑️ 2.54M 414,812,082 Aug 7, 2010
🇺🇸 Nikocado Avocado ☑️ 1.87M 456,016,948 May 27, 2014
🇧🇷 Corbucci Eats ☑️ 1.75M 228,671,952 May 2, 2006
🇺🇸 Badlands Chugs ☑️ 1.66M 153,900,117 Sep 25, 2012
🇨🇦 Veronica Wang ☑️ 1.63M 283,818,966 Jun 26, 2010
🇹🇼 Chien Tsu ☑️ 1.47M 189,742,324 Jul 10, 2016
🇯🇵 Taniyaaan1125 1.35M 281,444,399 Sep 17, 2016
🇺🇸 Erik Lamkin ☑️ 1.17M 197,824,171 Aug 10, 2013
🇺🇸 Randy Santel ☑️ 1M 290,978,285 Sep 23, 2011
🇸🇬 Peggie Neo ☑️ 993K 174,180,440 Sep 26, 2015
🇬🇧 Beard Meats Food ☑️ 965K 181,771,015 Jan 12, 2015

Comments (4) has released a trailer for an upcoming short cartoon about competitive eating.
In his latest video, Geoff Esper attempted to set the record for most Burger King Whoppers eaten.
The Sklar brothers posted a clip about Dale Boone from the 2005 Alka Seltzer US Open of Competitive Eating that was originally used in their "Cheap Seats" program. has a column titled "Why we love to watch people eat gross food".
Randy Santel has a video about four times he believes he was cheated by restaurants where he was attempting food challenges.
SmartShanghai has an interview with Chinese food challenger 大胃mini, who claims to have eaten a 17.5kg (38.5 pound) lamb. Her channel on Bilibili has over a million fans. She also has a youtube channel.
Nadia White posted a video of her competing at the 2018 Wing Bowl, where she would set the record for a local woman with a total of 150 wings.
Andrew Puhl posted a video of his attempt with Molly Schuyler and Dan Kennedy to be the 5th, 6th and 7th persons to finish "Ye Olde 96er" 12+ pound burger challenge at Denny's Beer Barrel Pub in Clearfield, PA. The previous 4 are Kate Stelnick, Lori Weiss, Brad Sciullo and Darron Breeden.
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