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Three random Orlando eating challenges
2 1 lb. burgers Twin Teak Towers Teak Neighborhood Grill Orlando, FL topped w/ 12 slices of bacon, 12 slices of cheese
3 lb. burger End Zone Challenge Pipers Downtown Sports Bar and Grill Orlando, FL includes 1 pound french fries
big burger Burger and Kitchen Sink Challenge Hard Rock Hotel @ Universal Orlando Orlando, FL includes 3 lb cake slice
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BayNews9.com has an article and video about the hot dog eating contest held at Cholo Dogs in Orlando on November 12 won by Michael Jenkins.
On July 4, Michael Jenkins ate 117 oysters in 3 minutes to win a contest in Okeechobee, FL and attain his 100th eating competition victory.
Robert Oberst, 2 time finalist in "World's Strongest Man" competition, attempted a 12 pound burrito challenge in Winter Park, FL.
Randy Santel and Katina DeJarnett did an interview for WKMG's Florida Foodie podcast.
Gatorland in Orlando held a humans vs. alligators wing eating contest yesterday in honor of National Chicken Wing Day.
Vice President Mike Pence appeared at Beth's Burger Bar to promote the reopening of Florida businesses. The Orlando restaurant is known for its "Double D Burger Challenge".
WWE wrestler Braun Strowman faced off against Danni Ellexo to see who could finish the burger challenge at Jimmy Hula's in Winter Park, FL first.
Pro wrestler Braun Strowman created a burger challenge at Jimmy Hula's in Winter Park, FL.
Japanese competetitive eater Sachiyo Masubuchi, Nate Figueroa, Michael Jenkins and others are expected to compete in the Bad As's Sandwich eating contest in Orlando November 3. Free beer will be provided to spectators.
Joey Chestnut will do a meet and greet at the Hooters in Orlando on International Drive on August 22. update The full schedule has been posted: Charlotte Aug 14, Atlanta Aug 15, Baltimore Aug 21, Orlando Aug 22, Newport, KY Aug 29, Arlington, TX Sept 8.
Registration is open for Cici's 28 inch pizza challenge in Orlando March 20 and Cincinnati on March 25. The overall winning team will receive $2500.
The Orlando Chili Cook-Off will hold the World Vegan Chili Dog Eating Challenge for local competitors on Februray 16 instead of a MLE competition. If no MLE contests are added, this will result in a gap of 12 weeks between MLE events, (14 weeks excluding Nathan's qualifiers).
The Orlando Sentinel has a report on today's rib eating contest held at Tony Romo's in Orlando. Michael Jenkins ate 3.4 pounds in 3 minutes to win. Runner-up Dana Williams ate 3.1 pounds. She walked on after looking for a place to eat for her family.
Orlando Food Guys have an Instagram video of Joey Chestnut finishing the challenge burger in 40 seconds at Beth's Burger Bar while he was in Orlando for the World Chili Eating Challenge.

2018 Orlando Chili Festival

Official results:

1st 9.75 Carmen Cincotti new record
2nd 8.75 Geoffrey Esper
3rd 8.5 Darron Breeden
4th 7.5 Joey “Jaws” Chestnut 2nd finish out of top 3 since 2005
5th 6.75 Gideon Oji
5th 6.75 Miki Sudo
7th 4 Eric “Badlands” Booker
8th 1.5 Silvia Tough

update Facebook Live contest video

The Orlando Sentinel has an interview with Joey Chestnut.

Darron Breeden practice video

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Defending champion Joey Chestnut, Carmen Cincotti, Geoff Esper, Miki Sudo, Gideon Oji, Darron Breeden and Eric "Badlands" Booker are expected to compete in the World Chili Eating Championship in Orlando on Saturday.
Registration will open Friday for the World Chili Eating Challenge in Orlando on February 17. Joey Chestnut and Miki Sudo have already been listed as expected entrants.
Nate Figueroa produced a video of his attempt at the 28 inch team challenge at Pizza Xtreme in Orlando with his German girlfriend Livia. (Livia's video)
Joey Fatone of NSYNC will be present in Orlando from 5 - 8 pm today for the launch of a hot dog eating challenge at his restaurant, Fat Ones Dogs.
The BBC World Service has a feature about Miki Sudo competing in the Orlando Chili Cookoff last month. She says that an injury hurt her training for that competition.

2017 Orlando Chili challenge

Joey Chestnut, Carmen Cincotti, Miki Sudo, Geoff Esper, Gideo Oji, Badlands Booker and Nate Biller are expected to compete in the World Chili Eating Challenge in Orlando Saturday.
MLE's contest page has been updated with the World Chili Eating Challenge in Orlando on February 18, 2017. Registration will open December 9. update There will also be a chili eating contest at the Spirit of Texas Fest in College Station, TX on March 4.
PizzeRizzo in Disney World's Hollywood Studios created a "hall of fame" for a fictional pizza eating contest.
LA Beast will be a guest at Playlist Live Orlando, a gathering of youtube stars, in April. "Furious" Pete Czerwinski is another guest.
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