2018 Orlando Chili Festival

Official results:

1st 9.75 Carmen Cincotti new record
2nd 8.75 Geoffrey Esper
3rd 8.5 Darron Breeden
4th 7.5 Joey “Jaws” Chestnut 2nd finish out of top 3 since 2005
5th 6.75 Gideon Oji
5th 6.75 Miki Sudo
7th 4 Eric “Badlands” Booker
8th 1.5 Silvia Tough

update Facebook Live contest video

The Orlando Sentinel has an interview with Joey Chestnut.

Darron Breeden practice video

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    February 17, 2018 @ 7:47 pm

    Joey got his ass beat by everyone!

  2. Anonymous said

    February 17, 2018 @ 9:19 pm

    And they say darren dirty diaper breeden should not be rookie of the year!? Fuck those podcast fucks give the cry baby his trophy

  3. anonymous said

    February 17, 2018 @ 10:37 pm

    some people need to retire already like those 75 yr olds at federal jobs with no mandatory retirement age

  4. Da Garbage Disposal said

    February 17, 2018 @ 10:38 pm

    Nice job guys, way to fight for the top!!

  5. anonymous said

    February 18, 2018 @ 11:24 am

    instead of a bunch of selfish animals stuffing their face with dog shit maybe the mc of the event should have said something about the mass shootings in fla before counting down from 10 9 8 begin!

  6. anonymous said

    February 18, 2018 @ 12:50 pm

    Where is Matt Stonie?

  7. anonymous said

    February 18, 2018 @ 2:35 pm

    Stonie is making an estimated $800 a day with youtube . 300k per year so he doesn’t need mle

  8. Anonymous said

    February 18, 2018 @ 2:54 pm

    1124 no he shouldn’t have done anything, except what he was paid to do, which was emcee a chili eating contest. Get off your high horse numb nuts.

  9. anonymous said

    February 19, 2018 @ 9:50 pm

    The contest was held in Fla 254 you insensitive piece of shit. If those were your kids who where massacred in that way you be singing a totally different tune . By responding back at all with anything less than an agreement proves what kind of human being you are

  10. 254 said

    February 20, 2018 @ 10:43 am

    I wouldn’t be up in arms and demand that an emcee of a chili contest respect my hypothetical dead children on a competitive eating fan site, so quit virtue signaling. Don’t attempt to label me either to silence my point. Numb nuts. But I think you misunderstood my point, either way is fine. Just because he didn’t doesn’t equal a lack of respect.

  11. anonymous said

    February 20, 2018 @ 11:00 am

    No he doesn’t have to say anything . Its his right to choose . Same way you have the right not to stand up and rise for the national anthem. Its refer to as proper etiquette . Stuffing your face before a simple 10 second prayer shows lack of character and selfishness

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