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Julia of Hellthy Junk Food uploaded a video of her competing in the Sweet 16 Challenge held at Jojo's Shake Bar in Orlando last month. Wayne Algenio won the local contest. Does anyone know who won the national $2000 prize? With 3 million subscribers for her channel, Julia is now the most followed youtube account for an American or European female competitive eater. updateWayne Algenio won the national contest.
Wayne Algenio ate 48 pierogis yesterday to defend his title at Pierozek's eating contest in Brooklyn and claim the $500 first prize.
The New York City Philippines Fest will hold a lumpia eating contest awarding $1000 to the winner on October 8. 2022 winner Wayne Algenio will appear.
Wayne Algenio ate 10 bowls in 6:59 to win the first prize of $1,000 in yesterday's eating contest at Ani Ramen in New Brunswick, NJ. Dave Brunelli was the runner up.
Wayne Algenio ate 100 meatballs to win today's eating contest at the Feast of San Gennaro in Manhattan. New York City Republican mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa says he was denied the opportunity to judge the competition after receiving an invitation. The Guardian Angels founder claims that Mayor Bill de Blasio or the Gambino crime family could be responsible for the snub.
Wayne Algenio's appearance on the Brooklyn episode of "Eddie Eats America" was televised by The Cooking Channel yesterday and can be streamed online. The episode will be rerun at 10:30pm eastern on September 1.

CrossFAT Krispy Kreme final results

The top 5 from the CrossFAT Krispy Kreme donut eating contest
12 donuts
1 Wayne Algenio 1:10
2 Your Man Cody 1:15
3 Sad Things Tim Says 1:34
4 Raina Huang 1:50
5 Track the Bear 2:00
Derek Hendrickson submitted the fastest video for 12 donuts with a time of 1:06, but could not officially compete due to his MLE contract.

6 donuts
1 El Toro Jiminez 0:52
2 Zachary Linton 1:20
3 Olivia Gregory 1:35
4 GSloth30 1:47
5T _swaaan 2:07
5T JNacht16 2:07D

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Wayne Algenio will face off against World's Strongest Man Eddie Hall in an eating contest on an episode of "Eddie Eats America" that will be televised on the UK channel Dave on Sunday. The competition was recorded at Mac Shack NY, whose owner Kevin "BlaccLyte" James recently passed away.
ABC7 has a live video of the cannoli eating contest at the Feast of San Gennaro in Manhattan. Wayne Algenio is competing. update Wayne Algenio defended his title with a contest record 38 cannolis (previous record Marcos Owens 34 in 2014) update The Aladino Show has a video
News 12 has a video about Wayne Algenio winning the Artichoke Pizza eating contest for the third time yesterday.
Wayne Algenio attempted the challenge at Mac Shack NY with British strongman Eddie Hall for an upcoming episode of Eddie Eats America
Deadspin has a report on the NYC Hot Sauce Expo held earlier this month in Brooklyn with coverage of Wayne Algenio's victory in the Carolina Reaper pepper eating contest.
Wayne Algenio ate 95 grams of Carolina Reaper peppers in a minute yesterday to regain his Smokin' Ed's Reaper Eating Challenge title at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo in Brooklyn. (video)
Brooklyn Paper has an article about Wayne Algenio's victory in the Sky Ice ice cream eating contest in Brooklyn on Saturday, his third win in the Park Slope neighborhood since July.
Darron Breeden spliced footage of Wayne Algenio competing in the 2017 Mets Nathan's qualifier with the broadcast of the 2018 finals to make it appear he was competing in that event.
Dave Brunelli ate 24 sausages to win the first prize of $500 in last night's bratwurst eating contest at Bierhaus in Manhattan. Bob Shoudt and Joe Menchetti tied for runner up with 20 and both received $500. update Wayne Algenio competed as "Notorious B.O.B"
Wayne Algenio ate 15 pork rolls in 2 minutes to win the first prize of $500 in last night's pork roll eating contest at Meadowlands Racing in East Rutherford, NJ. Joe Menchetti was runner-up and Will Millender was 3rd.
NJ.com has a report on yesterday's ramen eating contest held at Ani Ramen in Jersey City, NJ won by Wayne Algenio.
Bedford and Bowery has a report from a competitor in the Friday's San Gennaro cannoli eating contest containing an interview with winner Wayne Algenio, who thinks he ate 24 pastries (He was credited with 33). The competition was the first of three victories for Wayne in New York City this past weekend. (In the other two contests he received a handicap against amateur competition.)

Joe Menchetti & Wayne Algenio win East Islip, NY contests

Results from today’s contests in East Islip, NY

Royal Caribbean Bakery National Bun & Cheese Eating Championship:

1 Joe Menchetti
2 Dan Kennedy
3 Wayne Algenio

Caribbean Food Delights National Beef Patty Eating Championship:

1 Wayne Algenio
2 Dan Kennedy
3 Joe Menchetti

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Doug Sakmann posted a clip from an upcoming Troma film of Badlands Booker, Wayne Algenio, Crazy Legs Conti, Tim "Gravy" Brown and adult actress Nadia White competing in an eating contest.
Wayne Algenio won today's EastMeetEast Singles Ramen Eating Competition held at the Gotham West Market. Takeru Kobayashi was the judge. update Extra Crispy has an interview about the event with Kobayashi who ate three bowls of ramen in 19.6 seconds before the contest. update Apr 30 Wayne Algenio has a video
Wayne Algenio & Darron Breeden interview Bob Shoudt in the latest episode of their Wonderful Eats video podcast.
Darron Breeden and Wayne Algenio have started a video podcast series. Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran is the guest on the first episode.
Bob Shoudt & Wayne Algenio teamed up to eat a bucket of meatballs in 32 seconds at the Meatball Shop in Williamsburg, NY and win the first prize of a 10 person food and drink party on Daniel's Chicken Bus. Bob Shoudt also ate 48 meatballs at That Meatball Place in Patchogue, NY to win $1000. update Wayne Algenio video
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