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Crazy Legs Conti wrote a column for Gothamist about his 23 year competitive eating career and the possibility of retirement. He says there will be four Nathan's Famous wild card spots awarded this year. has a video interview with Crazy Legs Conti.
The Boston Globe has an article about Crazy Legs Conti. Next month, he plans to do the Wings for Wishes contest in Miami and the Uranus, MO fudge eating contest.
The Johns Hopkins alumni magazine has a long profile of Crazy Legs Conti.
Saturday's "Finkies" award ceremony and the Quarantine Challenge are the topics in the latest Fink Beats the Stomach Podcast. Crazy Legs Conti is the guest and he says that he had not committed to compete in the Sweet Corn Fiesta (before it was cancelled) due to his issues with the contest's judging.
Youtube has a video of a CNN Headline News interview with former IFOCE employee Ryan Nerz about the 2006 Nathan's finals. He calls Joey Chestnut the top. A Crazy Legs Conti interview and hot dog eating exhibition follows. Unfortunately, Conti's claim in the interview that EMT on site makes competitive eating safe (or at least non-lethal) appears to have been disproven by last year's tragedy in Fresno. has an article about Crazy Legs Conti speaking to class titled "Marketing to You" held at Clark University, in Worcester, MA. The course teacher was Lawrence Norman, a friend of Conti's since high school. has a video about Crazy Legs Conti as part of its In the Know series. has a youtube video titled "How the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Became an ESPN Icon". The video contains a demonstration contest won by Badlands Booker in which George Shea catches Crazy Legs Conti cheating. ( blog entry)
Crazy Legs Conti has self-published a book titled The Loneliness of the Long Distance Eater: A Competitive Eater's Diary available on
Doug Sakmann posted a clip from an upcoming Troma film of Badlands Booker, Wayne Algenio, Crazy Legs Conti, Tim "Gravy" Brown and adult actress Nadia White competing in an eating contest.
Palm Beach Happening has an interview with Crazy Legs Conti where he critiques a new style of competitive corn eating: "Now these upstart whippersnappers use a technique titled, 'The Rake' where most of the kernels fly in the air and not in the mouth."
An official MLE podcast, Men in Boaters, has been started with Rich Shea and Crazy Legs Conti as co-hosts. They call Sam Barclay, the emcee of tomorrow's Nathan's qualifier in Miami, who says that Rene Rovtar will have a female competitor from Winter Park, FL. Eric "Badland" Booker and George Shea also did podcasts earlier this week about the qualifier for
Friday Magazine of the United Arab Emirates has an interview with Crazy Legs Conti.
Crazy Legs Conti has an interview with Geoff Esper on his Huffington Post blog and has proposed a nickname contest to select an alternate to "He really needs a nickname".
Great Big Story has a video about Crazy Legs Conti titled "What It’s Like to Eat Hot Dogs for Sport".

Direct Action Everywhere video of Nathan’s stage invasion

update Jul 6 Brian Dudzinski has a video talking about the invasion of the left side of the stage. Fake blood was thrown on his food and his & Noelle Morgan’s son was knocked over.

update Jul 5 “Sentiocentrist” admitted throwing blood in this instagram caption. Dan “Big Cat” Katz said he will seek legal action following the admission.

The group Direct Action Everywhere has taken credit for and produced a video of their stage invasion of the Nathan’s finals at First a woman climbs on stage and throws fake blood on Crazy Legs Conti (Dan “Big Cat” Katz also gets hit). During the commotion, a blonde woman and two males climb on stage. The Daily Mail has an article about the incursion.

Here are some screen captures of the assault (click on images for full size). If have archived the video in case it gets deleted.

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Clearwindow has produced a mini-documentary of Crazy Legs Conti eating hot dogs while sitting on a Deno's Wonder Wheel car Friday. George Shea dressed as a priest for the occasion.
The Brooklyn Daily has an article and video about Crazy Legs Conti eating hot dogs on top of a Wonder Wheel car Friday. During the revolution, he managed to eat 12 hot dogs in 3 minutes and also had to duck to avoid being hit by another car.
Crazy Legs Conti has a Huffington Post blog entry about his plans to eat hot dogs on the Wonder Wheel in Coney Island tomorrow. He will also attend "The Art of Competitive Eating" Gallery Show at THE COUNTING ROOM in Brooklyn on July 2.
Crazy Legs Conti faced off against a Daily Mail employee in a Nathan's hot dog eating contest streamed on facebook video today. George Shea was also present.

Conti & Kassandra Zapata conquer qualifier

update SACurrent has a gallery

update has an article KEN5 has an article and gallery

Results via Aly Kent periscope
Full Results Part 1 | Part 2

22 Crazy Legs Conti
16.5 Nate Biller
12 Clint Scott
11 Jeremy Farmer
7 Robert Silva
6.5 Chap Hupp
5.5 Mark Poland
5 Phil Taglieri
4.5 Juan Hernandez

11 Kassandra Zapata
10.5 Mary Bowers
6 Vanessa Salazar

Aly Kent has a Periscope from today’s qualifier.

There are multiple women competing. If Mary Bowers wins, I think it will be the first qualifier she has claimed victory in a qualifier with 2 or more females.

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Crazy Legs Conti is the guest on the most recent episode of the Fink Beats the Stomach podcast. He is curating a competitive eating art show that will open on July 2.
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