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2018 Poteet Strawberry Festival Nathan’s qualifier

Winners according to Fink Beats the Stomach Official results
1) Juan Neave 24
2) Crazy Legs Conti 17
3) Nate Biller 15

1W) Kassie Zapata 10

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The UT - Rio Grande Valley student paper has an article about Kassie Zapata competing in the Nathan's finals. Her status as a college student could justify showing the women's Nathan's finals live on ESPNU.

MLE top 50 updated, Tim “Eater X” Janus dropped

Michael Deitz noticed the MLE top 50 was updated today. Tim “Eater X” was ejected from the #4 position, ending a streak in the rankings of at least a decade. Other ejections are Scott Thomas (#35) and Marlene Wigginton (#43). New entrants are Steven Schuster (#22) Michael Dietz(#34) and Kassandra Zapata (#42).

It is interesting that Scott Thomas and Marlene Wigginton were removed when they had done competitions in the last 365 days. Eric Livingston and Ben Do have not competed since 2014.

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Conti & Kassandra Zapata conquer qualifier

update SACurrent has a gallery

update News4SA.com has an article KEN5 has an article and gallery

Results via Aly Kent periscope
Full Results Part 1 | Part 2

22 Crazy Legs Conti
16.5 Nate Biller
12 Clint Scott
11 Jeremy Farmer
7 Robert Silva
6.5 Chap Hupp
5.5 Mark Poland
5 Phil Taglieri
4.5 Juan Hernandez

11 Kassandra Zapata
10.5 Mary Bowers
6 Vanessa Salazar

Aly Kent has a Periscope from today’s qualifier.

There are multiple women competing. If Mary Bowers wins, I think it will be the first qualifier she has claimed victory in a qualifier with 2 or more females.

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