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Geoff Esper wins Trenton Thunder pork rolls

2022 Oktoberfest Zinzinnati bratwurst

Official results 10 minute contest

1st 76 Geoffrey Esper new record
2nd 70 Nick Wehry would have broken old record
3rd 60 Miki Sudo
3rd 60 Bartley Weaver, IV
5th 42 George Chiger
6th 39 Derek Jacobs
7th 33 Andrew Krawczyk
8th 30.5 Eric “Badlands” Booker
9th 25 Michael Doolin
10th 19 John Gebhard

The introductions have started. George Chiger is running a live video

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2022 Buffalo Buffet Bowl

George Chiger is running a live video

Official results Part 1 | Part 2 The second column is the number of pounds eaten. The contest was terminated after 6 minutes.

1st 5 3m29s $1,000.00 Geoffrey Esper Oxford, MA
2nd 5 4m44s $500.00 Joey “Jaws” Chestnut San Jose, CA
3rd 5 5m55s $250.00 Nick Wehry Torrington, CT
4th 5 5m56s Miki Sudo Las Vegas, NV
5th 5 6 min Gideon Oji Morrow, GA
6th 3.25 6 min Darrien “Cheesecurd” Thomas Orillia, ON, Canada
7th 2.72 6 min “Buffalo” Jim Reeves Buffalo, NY
8th 2.63 6 min Ronnie “MegaByte” Hartman
9th 2.58 6 min George Chiger Pocono Pines, PA
10th 1.93 6 min William “Wild Bill” Myers Breinigsville, PA
11th 1.32 6 min Rene Rovtar

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Geoff Esper wins Colorado State Fair slopper eating contest

Geoff Esper wins banana pudding contest

Official results from tonight’s banana pudding eating contest at CrossPointe Church in Madison, AL (8 minutes contest)

1st ? Geoffrey Esper undefeated in 2022 except for Nathan’s
2nd 9.75 Pat “Deep Dish” Bertoletti
3rd 7.75 Gideon Oji
4th 7 Andrew Krawczyk
5th 5 Crazy Legs Conti
6th 3.5 Heather Richards
6th 3.5 Jacob Tripp
8th 2.5 David Beavers
9th ? Debby Regan

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Geoff Esper wins Mystic Lake ribs

Official results of today’s rib eating contest at the Great Midewest Ribfest at Mystic Lake in Prior Lake, MN (12 minutes,results in pounds)

1st 5.8 Geoffrey Esper undefeated in 2022 except for Nathan’s
2nd 4.2 Joey “Jaws” Chestnut
2nd 4.2 Nick Wehry
4th 3.2 Ethan Teske
5th 3 Michelle “Cardboard Shell” Lesco
6th 1.8 Matthew Raible
7th 0.8 Kevin Shumaker

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The Yankee Express has an interview with Geoff Esper.

2022 Mattituck strawberry shortcake contest

Official results

1 Geoff Esper 18.25 pounds in 8 minutes, undefeated in 2022
2 Nick Wehry 16
3 Ronnie Hartman 14
4 Max Stanford 10.5
5 George Chiger 10
6 Eric “Badlands” Booker 9
7 Crazy Legs Conti 7.5
8 Jules Goldberg 4
9 Prudence DiBenedetto 3
10 Jacklyn Thrapp 1

The Festival facebook page is running a live video

Geoff Esper is going for undefeated an first half of 2022 with 7 victories in 7 events.

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Official results for today's Outlaw Eggs Rolls World Championship in Lubbock, TX 1 Geoff Esper 32.25 egg rolls in 8 minutes, undefeated in 2022 2 Miki Sudo 28.75 3 Nick Wehry 25 4 Derek Hendrickson 20 5 Michelle Lesco 14.75 6 Greg Wilson 13 7 Albert Bravo 9 8 Sophia DeVita 8.666 9 Frankie Galicia 7.5 10 Jocelyn Walker 6.5
A press release says that Geoff Esper and Nick Wehry are expected to compete in the 2022 Nathan's hot dog eating contest, so presumably they will receive byes without needing to qualify.

Geoff Esper wins Three Rivers Festival pepperoni rolls eating contest

Official results from tonight’s pepperoni roll eating contest at the Three Rivers Festival in Fairmont, WV

1 Geoff Esper 31.5 in 10 minutes
2T Miki Sudo 28
2T Nick Wehry 28
4 Andy Krawczyk 13.5
5 Mike Whities 12
6 Stephen Farlow 10
7 Mike Deitz 9.25
8 Larell Marie Mele 8.5
9 Jon Woertz 8
10 Stephen Alexander 5
11 Rene Rovtar 4.5

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Geoff Esper wins Jack’s Donut hole eating contest, Pat Bertoletti 2nd

Official results from today’s Jack’s Donuts donut hole eating contest in New Castle, IN (Part 1 | Part 2)

1 Geoff Esper 293 donut holes in 8 minutes
2 Patrick Bertoletti 275
3 Miki Sudo 221
4 Bartley Weaver IV 176
5T Derek Jacobs 125
5T Ronnie Hartman 125
7 Katina DeJarnett 116
8 John Gebhard 89
9 Mark Enstrom 83
10 Matt Raible 79
11T Tracy Goode 50
11T Victoria Enstrom 50

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Geoff Esper wins ManorPalooza sausages

Official results from today’s ManorPalooza World Texas Sausage-Eating Championship in Manor, TX

1 Geoff Esper 44 in 10 minutes
2 Miki Sudo 41
3 Nick Wehry 39.5
4 Adam “Beard Meats Food” Moran 24
5 Greg Wilson 23
6 Zach “MEEF” 18.5
7 Crazy Legs Conti 16
8 Sean “MEEF” 14.75
9 Sophia Devita 12
10 Alex “Moose” Perez 6

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Geoff Esper wins Benny’s Pizza Giant Slice contest, James Webb 2nd

Results (Part 1 | Part 2) from today’s Benny’s Pizza Giant Slice contest in Blacksburg, VA. James Webb from Australia and Katina “Eats Kilos” DeJarnett make their MLE debuts. Katina was on the roster the the 2019 Fresno Taco eating contest which was cancelled after a fataltiy occured in a qualifier for it.

1) Geoff Esper 11.5 giant slices in 10 minutes
2) James Webb, 7.5
3) Brett Healey 5.25
4) Darron Breeden 5.125
5) Derek Jacobs 4.25
6) Katina DeJarnett 4.125
7) Steven Farlow 3
8T) Andrew Krawczyk 2.75
8T) Gerard Renger 2.75
10. Michael Deitz 2
11. Prudence DiBenedetto 1.125

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Geoff Esper wins Wings for Wishes, Joey Chestnut 4th

Official Results of today’s Wings For Wishes Professional Wing Eating Championship in Miami (10 minutes):

1 Geoff Esper 192
2 Nick Wehry 166.4
3 Miki Sudo 160
4 Joey Chestnut 108.8
5T Crazy Legs Conti 57.6
5T Marcos from Only in Dade 57.6
7 Jay Ruppert 44.8

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Molly Schuyler has uploaded her video of the 40 inch pizza challenge at Nick's Place in Lexington, MA she attempted with Geoff Esper.
Geoff Esper and Molly Schuyler attempted the 36 inch pizza challenge at Champs Pizza in Glen Burnie, MD.

2021 Fat Boys Pizza contest

update Nov 14 LSU Tailgating has a video. WRBZ has an article

Official Results 24 inch slices, 10 minutes

1st 4.625 Geoffrey Esper
2nd 4.5 Joey “Jaws” Chestnut
3rd 2.75 Adrian “The Rabbit” Morgan
4th 2 George Chiger
5th 1.75 “Big Eater Mike” Michael Whities
6th 1 Jason Krause
6th 1 Jocelyn Walker
8th 0.75 T-Bob Hebert former LSU center
8th 0.75 Scott Levine
10th 0.67 Rene Rovtar

It appears that Geoff Esper won today’s Fat Boys Pizza contest in Baton Rouge, LA.

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Geoff Esper and Molly Schuyler attempted the 40 inch square pizza challenge at Nick's Place in Lexington, MA.

Geoff Esper wins Austin Spamarama

2021 Lewisville Western Days tamales

2021 Colorado State Fair Slopper contest

Official results. The fair did not bother to livestream the MLE contest.

1st 34 Geoffrey Esper wins for 3rd year in a row
2nd 22.5 Darron Breeden
3rd 20 Steve “The Rabbit” Hammond
4th 19 Ricardo Corbucci MLE debut
4th 19 Adrian “The Rabbit” Morgan
6th 16.75 Brett “The Branimal” Healey
7th 14 Michelle “Cardboard Shell” Lesco
8th 10 Mark “toothless” Sutherburg
9th 8.5 Doug “Cerebrus” Ecks
10th 7.5 Mike Coco from Gray’s Coors Tavern
10th 7.5 Jocelyn Walker

The Colorado Sate Fair facebook has a video of the contest. They are currently having an undercard for local media and celebrities.


North Attleboro, MA will hold a hot dog eating contest on July 24 awarding $250 to the winner. Geoff Esper will serve as judge.
Worcester Magazine has an interview with Geoff Esper. He does not address why he missed last year's Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest after being included in the initial roster.

Joey Chestnut vs. Geoff Esper head to head results April 25, 2021

Here are the head to head MLE results for Joey Chestnut vs. Geoff Esper according to the eatfeats database. Esper currently has a 3 contest winning streak and has finished ahead of Chestnut in 8 of the 15 contests they have faced off since January 1, 2019
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