Singaporean eating challenges and contests category has an article about Zermatt Neo finishing a plate of spicy curry at Level 100 in 52 seconds. The overall fastest time for the challenge will win a 13-inch Macbook pro.
AsiaOne has a profile of Sarah Ow, who quit her job as a flight attendant to become a professional eater for Food League Singapore.
Sarah Ow of Singapore has started a youtube channel. Her first video is a buffet destruction with Zermatt Neo.
Zermatt Neo produced a video of his attempt to eat a 12 pound blue turkey.
Business Insider has an article about a recent video by Yuka Kinoshita where she eats 9kg of food from Singaporean restaurants totaling 14,000 calories.
Kate Ovens, Yasir Salem and Takeru Kobayashi will appear on BBC's Food Chain program tonight. The program will also visit an eating contest in Singapore. update The podcast is now available online (mp3 file)
Straits Times has an article (in second half of page) about Matt Stonie's trip to Singapore, where he set the record for the Beast burger challenge.
The Straits Times has an interview with Singaporean competitive eater Zermatt Neo. has a video of Sarah Oh's meals for one day. The calorie total is estimated at over 9000.
Straits Times reports that Zermatt Neo ate 92 wings in 8 minutes to win a contest held at Wing Zone in Singapore. Sarah Ow was the runner up.
GoodyFeed has an article about Singaporean competitive eater Sarah Ow and her latest video where she ate bowls of Lor Mee in 17 minutes.
Joey Chestnut has posted the third video from his recent trip to Singapore: setting a record in a 3kg chicken and rice challenge.
Joey Chestnut has started a youtube channel with a video of his trip to southeast Asia last month.
Bromsgrove Advertiser has an article about Emma Dalton's recent video where she ate 8 Subway foot longs in 36 minutes. Her goal was to eat her height of 5 1/2 feet. She competed against Singaporean Zermatt Neo via youtube.
Joey Chestnut is currently in Singapore. Yesterday he faced off against Zermatt Neo in a satay eating challenge and set a record. Today he attempted the burger challenge at BEAST. has an interview with Singaporean competitive eater Sarah "Thomasina" Ow.
The Straits Times has an article about Singaporean competitive eating with mini-profiles of competitive eaters. The SmartLocal has a video of Singaporeans trying competitive eating including Zermatt Neo and Thomasina Ow. update May 31 Time Out has an interview with Thomasina Ow. updat June 2 Today Online also has an interview with Thomasina Ow.
Wayne Algenio produced a video of him facing off against Thomasina Owch of Singapore in a race to finish the curry challenge at Kenka in New York City.
Singapore Food & Beverage has a joint interview with competitive eaters Zermatt Neo and Thomasina Ow.
The New Paper has an article about Singaporean competitive eaters Kent Phoa and Zermatt Neo. It also produced a video about Zermatt titled "The Art of Competitive Eating" reports Singporean Thomasina Ow finished a 3.2kg (7 pound) burger in 45 minutes. Last week, she ate 3.85 kg of chicken rice (8.5 pounds) in 27 minutes. (video | thread) has a report on Zermatt Neo facing a team of 4 in a race to see who could eat 4kg of chicken rice first. (video)
Channel News Asia has a report on Zermatt Neo finishing a 21 inch pizza at Peperoni Pizza in Singapore in under 11 minutes.
Zermatt Neo has started a facebook page about Singaporean competitive eating at (via update Feb 1 and Straits Times also have articles about Zermatt Neo
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