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Cafe Hot Seat has an interview with Singaporean competitive eater Zermatt Neo.
The Stomp and Coconuts have blog entries about the latest video of Singaporean competitive eater Zermatt Neo where he eats a huge meal from Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Melissa Koh has a blog entry about finishing a 1kg burger challenge in 14 minutes at the Meat Packing District in Singapore.
Melicacy finished the 6 patty burger challenge in 13 minutes at the Meat Packing District in Singapore to set a house record.
A Reuters video about the May 2010 wonton eating contest held in Singapore won by Joey Chestnut has been posted on youtube. The contest would be the final MLE event for Takeru Kobayasi, who says he expected to compete against Joey Chestnut in the 2010 Pizza Hut Chowl-enge (Pat Bertoletti would replace him at that contest.)
Razor TV has two videos recorded at the CP Biggest Eater finals: Interview w/ Joey Chestnut & Sonya Thomas, clip about Singaporean winners.
Melicacy has a report by Melissa about completing the Terminator burger challenge at the Roadhouse in Singapore.
NewsLook has a video about the Singapore qualifier for CP Biggest Eater with interviews with Crazy Legs Conti and Sonya Thomas.

CP Brand Biggest Eater Singapore qualifier results

update Oct 23 Channel News Asia has a video (via CP facebook)

update #2 has contest report claiming that Sonya Thomas and Crazy Legs Conti were struggling toward the end of the contest.

update The MLE facebook has professional results
male results
1 Matt Stonie, 210 wontons
2 Ng Chin Sheng 140
3 Wee Teck Hong 125
? Crazy Legs Conti 115

female results
1) Sonya Thomas 130
2) Helen Tan 109

Ng Chin Sheng was the top local male with 140 wontons at the Singapore qualifier of CP Brand’s Biggest Eater contest. Helen Tan ate 109 wontons to lead the Singaporean women. Results from the IFOCE eaters have yet to be posted, but Matt Stonie was leading Sonya Thomas during the contest. Matt Stonie has a gallery of his trip to Singapore.

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Sonya Thomas, Pat Bertoletti and Crazy Legs Conti are expected to compete against the top locals in the finals of the CP Biggest Eater qualifier in Singapore on Saturday. update CP Brand Singapore announces that Matt Stonie has replaced Pat Bertoletti.
Qualifying has started for the CP Biggest Eater contest in Singapore. The current leader board.
CP Brand Singapore announces that Pat Bertoletti and Sonya Thomas will appear at the Singapore qualifier for CP Biggest Eater on October 22.
Kent "Blackhole" Phoa, a competitive eater from Singapore, has started a blog at
The Electric New Paper has an article about eating challenges in Singapore.
Fatburger in Indonesia and Burger King in Singapore will hold burger eating challenges tomorrow.

Joey Chestnut defeats Kobyashi in Singapore

update May 12

News Channel Asia interview with Juliet Lee

quirkyhill blog entry

CPBrand galleries: press conference | contest

KlikTV has a video

update May 10 VoxSports videos and galleries

Reuters video

soshiok article about Juliet Lee

The MLE facebook reports that Joey Chestnut (380 wontons in 8 minutes) defeated Takeru Kobayashi (370) in Singapore. I think this is Kobayahi’s first loss in Asia since the 2002 Food Battle Club. Juliet Lee (160 wontons) won the women’s division.

update Bernama and Channel News Asia have articles and Road Runner has a gallery (via gastroboy)

update #2 BBC News has an article and video, ETribune has a news video and Sen028 has contest footage The BBC article says that Joey and Kobayashi will compete in a pizza contest before Nathan’s

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eatingcontest and cpbiggesteater have pictures of Joey Chestnut, Juliet Lee and Takeru Kobayashi in Singapore. VR-Zone has pictures of qualifying leader Ng Chin Sheng and women's leader, Koh Yeow Thien, who would have tied for fifth in the men's division.
Qualifying is now closed for the CP Biggest Eater contest in Singapore. NG-Chin Sheng leads the males with 78 shrimp wontons in 5 minutes. Maria Koh is the women's leader with 68.
CPBiggestEater has some tweetphotos of the first heat of the shrimp wonton eating contest held in Singapore.

Kobayashi, Joey & Juliet Lee in Singapore May 9 announces that Takeru Kobayashi, Joey Chestnut and Juliet Lee will compete in a shrimp wonton contest in Singapore on May 9. Qualifiers for the contest will take place on April 25 and May 2.

This will be the second Singaporean event for Kobayashi and Joey Chestnut; they also competed in a contest in July 2008.

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ChannelNewAsia has a report on the Botak Jones burger contest in Singapore.

Link Buffet: December 9, 2008

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Link Buffet: November 13, 2008

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Link Buffet: September 16, 2008

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