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BK Magazine has an article about Raina Huang's recent two week trip to Thailand.
A Japanese television program has posted a casting call for 6 bodybuilders to face off against a competitive eater in an eating contest in Los Angeles County on March 15. The selected competitors will receive $300/day
Sixth Tone has an article about the resurgence of Chinese big-eating videos despite a law passed in 2021 prohibiting content promoting excessive eating or food waste.
Results from today's noodle eating contest at the Singapore Comic Con:(prize announcement starts around 43:00) 1) Zermatt Neo 2) Xiao Hui 3) Kelvin "Medina" Zarkman. Raina Huang was billed as an entrant, but I don't think she competed
Raina Huang, Zermatt Neo, Kelvin "Zarkman" Medina and Xiao Hui from Taiwan will compete in the noodle eating championship at the Singapore Comic Con on December 9
Channel News Asia has a long article about how Singaporean food challenger Zermatt Neo made competitive eating his full time job.
Khaleej Times has a profile of Australian competitive eater James Webb, who recently visited Dubai, UAE.
Singaporean food challenger Zermatt Neo attempted a Bar Chee Mee soup challenge weighing 8.5 kg (about 19 pounds).
Tourist Secrets has a long article about the history of Japanese competitive eating that was probably generated by AI. The four Japanese competitive eaters it mentions are: Takeru Kobayashi, Shoudai Yasuda, Miki Sudo and Nao Kodaira.
The Jerusalem Post has an article about Leah Shutkever setting the house record for the "Devil's Breakfast" challenge at the Hungry Hossee.
The Star has an article about Singaporean mukbangers with a section about former competitive eater Sarah Ow. Her move away from competitive eating was spurred by a decline in the number of eating contests.
Nat vs Food ate 10.875 bowls of katsudon in 8 minutes and Miki Sudo ate 368 fish balls in 8 minutes to win the first two contests at Thailand Food Kingdom in Bangkok. The venue will hold 6 more competitions this weekend.
Miki Sudo, Nick Wehry, Zosan Pacpac and Thai competitive eaters will face off in Thailand Food Kingdom, a series of 8 eating contests that will be held in Bangkok from August 4 to 6. reports that Bipin Kumar Paswan, a 25 year old from Gopalganj in Bihar, passed away on Thursday after being challenged by his friends to eat 150 momos. Paswan's father believes that the dumplings were poisoned and the eating challenge was set up to murder his son.
CNN reports that a authorities in Yibin, China are investigating if a restaurant offering a 108 dumpling challenge is in violation of a law enacted in 2021 against food waste.
A restaurant in Shenzhen was fined for holding a noodle eating challenge. In China it is now illegal for restaurants to promote behavior resulting in food waste
Japanese competitive eater Hitomi "Russian" Sato just attained a million subscribers for her youtube channel.
The Epoch Times reports that Hatsuyo "The Witch" Sugawara, a mainstay on the Japanese team for the "Battle of Big Eaters" international competition, passed away earlier this month due to colorectal cancer. She was 59.
AsiaOne has a report on Zermatt Neo and Raina Huang attempting 100 egg tarts in Singapore. (video) reports that Shankar Kant ate 3.647 kg of cheese curds in 3 minutes to win a contest held in Patna, India. Prema Tiwari ate 2.718 kg to win the women's division. The contest had a total of 500 entrants.
Ken Hoffman has an interview with Mary Bowers about her quest to locate her birth parents in Korea.
AsiaOne has an interview with Singaporean food challenger Zermatt Neo.
Samsung Singapore had Singaporean food challenger Zermatt Neo create a NFT that will be awarded to a purchaser of the GalaxyZFlip3 phone. reports that a restaurant in Delhi, India will award 71,000 Rupees (about $950 USA) to customers that can finish its 10 foot long dosa in under 40 minutes.
LadBible has a post about Leah Shutkever's passing out while recording a food challenge for a television program in Japan, which resulted in her hospitalization.
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