Competitive Eating category reports that 48 year old Hugo Ismael passed away after choking after eating a slice of French bread during a pozole eating contest held in Tinum, Mexico. Not only were there no EMT present at the contest site, no doctors at all were available at all in Tinum or the neighboring town of Uayama, requiring transport to Valladolid Hospital, where Ismael was declared dead. Pozole is a dish originally invented by the Aztecs which included flesh from warriors sacrificed in sun worship rituals. Spaniards replaced the human meat with pork. (original Spanish article).
Metacritic reports that the subculture of competitive eating will be explored in an episode of the new season of "CSI:Vegas". produced a documentary about Erik "The Electric" Lamkin titled "100,000 Calorie Challenges: Inside the World Of Pro Eating"
"Battle of the Super Eaters", a 2019 Channel 4 documentary starring Leah Shutkever, Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran and Kyle Gibson is available on youtube with the title "Eating For A Living: My Life as a Competitive Eater" has a post about "The Glutton Bowl", a competitive eating tournament that aired on Fox in 2002, with commentary about the appearances of Don Lerman, Ed "Cookie" Jarvis, Oleg Zhornitskiy and Takeru Kobayashi. reports Joey Chestnut ate over 29 servings of popcorn in under 8 minutes at tonigh't Indianapolis Indians game to set a new world record. The servings had a volume of 24 ounces.

Fatality at Peter’s Clam Bar eating contest

Newsday reports that Island Park Fire Department volunteer Michael Fischer passed away after suffering a cardiac arrest while attending yesterday’s clam eating contest at Peter’s Clam Bar in Island Park, NY. The article does not mention if he participated in the eating competition. This is not the first eating contest fatality associated with a New York first responder. In April 2017, Caitlin Nelson, daughter of a Port Authority policeman who perished in the 9/11 attacks, choked to death during a pancake eating contest at Sacred Heart University. update News12 reports that the incident happened while Fischer was helping set up for the contest.

Comments (11) has an article about Canadian food challenger Mike Jack, who holds several Guinness records for eating spicy foods. He hopes to retake the record for Carolina Reaper peppers soon.
TGI Fridays announced a partnership with Matt Stonie's restaurant Stonie Bowls to deliver teriyaki and poke bowls out of its virtual kitchens.
Bake Magazine has a report about Joey Chestnut eating 17.5 pounds of cherry pie to set a world record last week at Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Summit, an event held at the Washington Nationals ballpark. Ken Hoffman has an article about Three Brothers Bakery in Houston supplying the pies for the attempt.
On July 4, Michael Jenkins ate 117 oysters in 3 minutes to win a contest in Okeechobee, FL and attain his 100th eating competition victory.

Joey Chestnut announces discontinuation of MLE contract

In the latest episode of Barstool Sports Pardon my Take podcast, Joey Chestnut announces that his MLE contract will expire at the end of this year and he is open to the possibility of a matchup with Takeru Kobayashi in 2023. (video clip)

The end of this year is going to be a weird year for me because my contract with Major League Eating and Nathan’s is going to be over. So it’ll be my first year in a long, long time that I can actually eat against Kobayashi. So me and him could find a way to compete because he’ll never compete with Major League Eating again because they have just a childish contract dispute, but there’s a chance that I might be able to eat against him.


It is interesting that even after declining a MLE contract extension, Joey Chestnut still calls Takeru Kobayshi’s schism with the organization a “childish contract dispute”.

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The website for Matt Stonie's new restaurant Stonie Bowls has been launched at There are about 30 locations in the Los Angeles area and northeast United States, which all appear to be delivery only.
ESPN has a press release about its telecast of the 2022 Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest. The men's contest will be live on ESPNews while the women's contest will be streamed on ESPN3 while ESPNews shows Sportscenter. (The two main ESPN channels will be showing Wimbledon.) John Anderson will replace Mike Golic Jr. as Rich Shea's broadcast partner.

Webb, Bertoletti, Corbucci enter MLE top 50

The MLE top 50 has been updated for the first time in about a year. The new top 12:

1. Joey Chestnut
2. Geoff Esper
3. Miki Sudo
4. Nick Wehry
5. Matt Stonie
6. Darron Breeden
7. Gideon Oji
8. Max Suzuki
9. Michelle Lesco
10. James Webb
11. Pat Bertoletti
12. Ricardo Corbucci

James Webb, Pat Bertoletti and Ricardo Corbucci are the only new entrants, replacing Juan Neave, Gordon Hazzard and Rich LeFevre. I think Australian James Webb is the first non-American or Japanese to make the top 10. Katina DeJarnett and Ryan “Max Carnage” Rodacker are surprising omissions.

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Eric "Badlands" Booker drank a liter of Mountain Dew to receive a record from Guinness World Records.
The Running Times podcast has an interview with Dave "US Male" Goldstein about running road races with his son Josh, who suffers from Joubert Syndrome, a condition which restricts him to a wheel chair.
The women's Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest has yet to be listed on the ESPN July 4 schedule. The MLE page about the contest says it will be on ESPNews, but that channel is showing Sportscenter all morning.
Joel Hansen auditioned for "America's Got Talent". He thinks his appearance will be televised next week.
The July 4 schedule for the ESPN family of networks is now out. ESPN News at noon has a showing of "Great American Events", which is what the Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest has been listed as previously. ESPN and ESPN2 will be televising Wimbledon tennis at that time. ESPN will show a rerun at 4pm.

Free Kittens review of “Scarf Face” has a positive review of the new competitive eating documentary “Scarf Face”:

The unexpected deaths of a few eaters notwithstanding, Scarf Face is a highly amusing documentary that cleverly subverts the self-importance displayed by its subjects. But even if one shares the opinion that gorging on dangerous amounts of food somehow qualifies as a sport, the film is a fascinating look at what makes these people tick.

The review includes a list of extras for the DVD that will go on sale June 7:

INTERVIEW THE WALT HICKEY – Hickey is a writer who often covers competitive eating events, and humorously questions the claim that Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest has really been going on for 100 years.

INTERVIEW WITH ED “COOKIE” JARVIS – A former MLE competitive eater who’s lost a ton of weight and has no love for the MLE.

OUTTAKES WITH ACTOR DAVE SWEENEY – Outside of his appearance in this film, I don’t know who he is either.

COMPETITIVE EATER DEATH SEGMENT – One which was featured in the film, one which wasn’t…a radio station water drinking contest which resulted in a woman’s death.


AUDIO COMMENTARY – By directors Joseph Ruzer & Sean Salter


The only competitive eating article from Walt Hickey I could find was a preview of the 2016 Nathan’s finals for 538.

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Joey Chestnut and Matt Stonie appear in the latest video (at 3:45 mark) by Mr. Beast which recreates Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. The video is currently the #1 trending video on youtube.
Film Threat has a positive review of the new competitive eating documentary "Scarf Face". Eye For Film is more negative about the movie (2.5 / 5 stars). The official release date for the DVD is June 7, but the film is already available for viewing on a Spectrum on Demand account.
Citing health issues, Joey Chestnut announced his withdrawal from Friday's Jack’s Donuts World Donut Hole Eating Championship in New Castle, IN. This will extend his winless streak to about six months and sets up the possibility that he will enter Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest with no 2022 victories. update IndyStar reports a positive COVID test was responsible for the withdrawal.
Matt Stonie has started a restaurant in Los Angeles called Stonie Bowls focusing on poke bowls.
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