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The Spun has an interview with Takeru Kobayashi about his competitive eating career and his new partnership with Heinz on the "Hot Dogs are not a Contest" campaign. He closes the interview declaring himself the greatest competitive eater of all time.
In an advertisement for Heinz ketchup and mustard, Takeru Kobayashi announces that he has retired from hot dog eating contests.
Brobible and The Spun have interviews with Joey Chestnut about "Colachup", a soda flavored condiment produced by Pepsi, that he is promoting.
The website for Matt Stonie's new restaurant Stonie Bowls has been launched at There are about 30 locations in the Los Angeles area and northeast United States, which all appear to be delivery only.
Matt Stonie has started a restaurant in Los Angeles called Stonie Bowls focusing on poke bowls.
Samsung Singapore had Singaporean food challenger Zermatt Neo create a NFT that will be awarded to a purchaser of the GalaxyZFlip3 phone.
Joey Chestnut appeared on Fox 59 this morning to discuss his Thanksgiving leftover recipes and promote his line of condiments.
Nation's Restaurant News reports that Creating Culinary Communities will partner with Matt Stonie on a virtual restaurant which will not have any physical locations and only offer delivery/takeout. The brand is expected to launch before the end of 2021.
Randy Santel attended the Collective Convention in Jacksonville, FL to promote his comic book, "Atlas Rising", starring himself and Mitch Dombrowski. reports that Japanese competitive eater Max Suzuki has partnered with the Daisho Group to start a restaurant chain called Max Suzuki's Seabura Hanten. The locations will mainly deliver via Uber Eats but some sites will also offer carry-out orders. Large meals will be focus for the brand, with one menu item, the Triple Mega Serving, coming in at a weight of 1.8kg (3.97 pounds).
Chris Gdula posted a picture of a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle which uses a picture of a competitor (who I don't recognize) in the Chicago Ribfest eating contest. A MLE MC is in the background. The title of the puzzle is "Lewd Little Pig".
The brother of Mike E Sizzle of the Fink Beats the Stomach podcast produced a custom Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest themed Funko POP. update Steve Castro has posted how he made the POP, which was created from three store-bought POPs: Ted Mosby ("How I Met Your Mother"), the 1989 Joker (Jack Nicholson) and Ein from Cowboy Bebob.
The British Eating League has produced a Meat Eating World Championship belt.
Katina Eats Kilos has started selling merchandise.
Ronnie "Megabyte" Hartman has started selling T-shirts at
Nathan's Famous is selling T-shirts for its hot dog eating contest.
An action of Kevin "LA Beast" Strahle about to eat a cactus has been produced.
"Jimmie Chestbump", author of a children's competitive eating book published last year, posted pictures of his competitive eating trading cards.
Joey Chestnut will hold a launch party for his new chicken wing sauces in Indianapolis on July 11.
Jungle Jim's Market in Fairfield, OH has a store display consisting solely of Joey Chestnut brand condiments.
Joey Chestnut is offering a 3-pack of his condiment line including an extra autographed container for $30 on his website. All profits will go to Toys for Tots.
Joey Chestnut will appear at the Kroger in Indianapolis on Thompson Road on Thursday and offer samples of his condiment line. is selling a document for $3,995 labeled as a "NY Baseball Writers Scorecard" signed by Babe Ruth. (via HomeRunDirect)
In a new ad for Crystal Pepsi, Kevn "LA Beast" Strahle used the beverage to soothe his mouth after a hot wing challenge.
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