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The Black Ladd pub in Oldham, Lancashire has started a breakfast fry up challenge.
Mirror has a list of 6 of the most insane eating challenges in the UK. Finishers mentioned include Max Stanford, Kyle V Food, Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran and Josh, who bested Beard Meats Food's record for the 22 inch pizza challenge at Louis Place in Buckingham.
The British Eating League held a video-based Pringles eating contest on Sunday. Max Stanford ate 3 tubes of the chips in 3:45 to win, Radim Dvoracek was runner up.
The Hoot Leeds has a report on Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran attempting the "Take on the Taco" challenge at Los Jefes in Halifax, West Yorkshire.
Glasgow Live has an article about the "Glasgow Glutton" Robert Hall, also known as "Rab Ha", whose eating exploits gained notoriety throughout Scotland in the first half of the 19th century. In one eating contest he ate an entire calf.
The World Pie Eating Championship held in Wigan, England announced that it will be cancelled for the second year in a row due to Covid-19 restrictions. The competitition is probably the most famous eating contest in the UK.
Creative Centenaries has reposted a December 10, 1921 article from the Belfast Telegraph about Ludwig Consumo, billed as the "World's Champion Free-Style Eater". One of his rivals was Alderman Dotzler of New York City, who ate 9 pounds of steak, 19 rolls and 11 cups of coffee in a beefsteak eating contest.
Daily Mail has an article about Max Stanford's attempt to break Emma Dalton's Brussel sprout record of 325.
Leah Shutkever attempted a 120 ounce steak challenge at the Greyhound Inn in Yarlet, Staffordshire.
Kyle Gibson attempted to eat the entire line of Christman menu items offered by McDonald's in the United Kingdom.
Mirror has an article about Max Stanford creating a 4.5 kg beef trifle inspired by a Thanksgiving episode of "Friends".
The Black Ladd in Oldham, England has started a 100 ounce steak challenge.
SWLondoner has an interview with Shahina "Chilli Queen" Waseem, who hopes to extend her winning streak in spicy eating contests to 100 competitions.
The "Terminator Armageddon" breakfast challenge at Shepherds Place Farm in Doncaster, England consisting of 150 items containing 17,000 calories has been billed as Britain's biggest fry up.
Kyle "Kyle v Food" Gibson finished the 7kg Grand Thali challenge at Lily's Indian Vegetarian Cuisine, in Ashton-under-Lyne, England.
The US Sun has an interview of "UK Chilli Queen" Shahina Waseem, who bills herself as the world's number on chilli eater.
"Battle of the Super Eaters", a 2019 program from the British network Channel 4 starring Leah Shutkever, Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran and Kyle Gibson, can be viewed on youtube.
Max Stanford attempted two pancake tower challenges at Polo 24 Hour Bar in London.
BirminghamLive has an article about Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran being the first person to finish the breakfast challenge at the Picnic Basket in Marston Green, England.
The Daily Star has an article about Shahina "UK Chilli Queen" Waseem and her quest for 120 consecutive victories in spicy eating contests. She will compete at the Foodies Festivals to be held in England this summer.
The Good, The Bad, The Hungry, a 2019 ESPN documentary about the rivalry between Joey Chestnut and Takeru Kobayashi, will become available on Disney Plus UK on May 14.
Stoke Sentinel has an article about Leah Shutkever attempting the "Oatrageous" oatcake challenge at The Oatbakers in Longport, England.
"UK Chilli Queen" Shahina Waseem faced off against Jordan North in a pepper eating contest on today's episode of "Game of Talents" televised on the British network ITV.
Strongman competitor Robert Oberst ate 15,000 calories of sushi. While dining, he broke the restaurant booth. (video)
Mirror has an article about Kyle Gibson's latest video in which he attempts every starter, burger, main, side, wrap and dessert offered by Nando's restaurant chain.
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