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The BBC has an interview with Beth Hodges, who ate 64 feet of stinging nettles to win the women's division of an eating contest held June 22 at the Dorset Nectar Cider Farm.
The Manchester Evening News has an article about Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran attempting the pie challenge at The Black Friar in Salford, England.
Oldham Times reports that Leah Shutkever reports that Leah Shutkever finished the 3.5 kg French Toast Challenge at Diggle Lock in Oldham, England in 9:31, less than half the time Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran needed.
Yahoo has an article about Bob "Notorious B.O.B" Shoudt and Brandon "Da Garbage Disposal" attempting the 42 item food challenge at the Cafe at the End of the Universe in Warrington, England.
HertsLive reports that Max Stanford ate a 2kg kebab box in 6:37 to win a British Eating League event held at Chip-o-dee in Wrexhan, Wales. John "Food and the Beast" Dawes was runner up.
Rate My Takeaway has posted a casting call for 16 UK competitive eaters at http://takeawaychallenge.com/
The Daily Mail has an article about Joel Hansen's trip to England to attempt the Holy Roast Challenge at Cattlemans Steakhouse at The Parkers Arms in Paignton, Devon. He also visited Stonehenge during the trip.
Writers from Edinburgh Live attempted the burger challenge at City Cafe.
In their latest video, the Sidemen, a UK based youtube channel with over 20 million subscribers, attempt food challenges at 3 London restaurants: Man vs Food, the Polo 24 Hour Bar and Orange Buffalo.
The Independent has an article titled "Pizza, steak and 100 layers of lasagne: Inside the strange world of online competitive eating" focusing on Erik "The Electric" Lamkin which makes the claim that "fit" food challengers are a new phenomenon even though Erik started his youtube channel in 2013. Bodybuilder "Furious" Pete Czerwinski, who is also mentioned, started in 2007.
The Northern Echo reports Craig Harker, owner of the George Pub and Grill, has placed the Stockton on Tees restaurant famed for its food challenges on the market. Harker is also the founder of the British Eating League.
The BBC has an article about Natalie Beddau's death from choking on marshmallows at a charity competition held at the Beddau rugby club in Wales. The objective of the event was apparently to stuff the most marshmallows in a competitor's most instead of a traditional eating contest.
The Sun reports that a 37 year old woman passed away after choking during a marshmallow eating contest held Saturday at the Beddau Rugby Club in Wales, UK. The BBC also has an article about the fatality that does not mention the cause of death.
Teesside Live has an article about John "Food and the Beast" Dawes finishing third in last month's Nathan's qualifier at Seal Bay Resort in Selsey, West Sussex, England.
Vice.com has a report on last Saturday's Nathan's qualifier held at Seal Bay Resort in Selsey, England.
Leah Shutkever finished "The Big One" at the Hungry Hossee in Corby in 10:15 to break Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran's record for the 45 item breakfast challenge. The meal is one of the more famous British eating challenges and has been offered for 18 years.

2023 Selsey, England Nathan’s qualifier

update Official results
1 Max Stanford 34
2 Radim Dvoracek 21.5
3T Ronnie Hartman 14.5
3T John Dawes 14.5

1 Rhea Jarvis 4

If accurate, Max Stanford’s total of 34 would break the UK record of 32 set by Beard Meats Food in 2019, but there might have been a miscount.

update Ronnie Hartman announced he was third with 14.5 hot dogs, Max Stanford was the male winner, and Radim Dvoracek was the runner up.

MLE is billing today’s contest in Selsey, England at Seal Bay Resort as the first British Nathan’s qualifier, but there was an qualifier in Birmingham, England in 2005 using pork pies instead of hot dogs.

The competition won by Rob Burns was the subject of a documentary, “The Big Eat”, which can be viewed on youtube.

Comments (15)

Dean Bemrose finished a 20 patty burger challenge in 23:50 at Beast Burger in Hull. The restaurant will pay £200 if Radim Dvoracek's record of 8:48 is broken.
Radim Dvoracek from the Czech Republic, Max Stanford, John "Food and the Beast" Dawes along with Ronnie Hartman are expected to compete in the Nathan's qualifier at Seal Bay Resort in Selsey, England on August 26.
Ronnie Hartman announces that he will be competing in the Nathan's qualifier to be held in Selsey, England on August 26.
Registration will open today for a Nathan's Famous qualifier to be held in Selsey, West Sussex, England on August 26. I think this will be the first Nathan's qualifier held outside the USA since a Beijing qualifier in 2011. Registration is now open for the Slopper championship at the Colorado State Fair in Pueblo on September 2, the Buffalo Buffet Bowl on September 2, the USA Chicken Wing Eating Championship in Buffalo on September 3 and the Lewisville, TX tamale contest on September 30.
MLE announced that the first qualifier of the 2023-24 circuit will take place in August in a seaside English town where Nathan's is available. Nathan's Famous UK has two restaurants in Southampton and Bournemouth. Beard Meats Food and Leah Shutkever (if she competes) will probably be the favorites. Kate Ovens will also have the opportunity for a qualifier near her Hampshire hometown.
The Daily Mail has an article about British competitive eater John "FoodAndTheBeast" Dawes training his 18 year old daughter for eating contests.
The Doncaster Free Press has an article about Kyle v Food's failed attempt at a 20 pound menu item billed as "Britain's Biggest Burger" at Shepherd's Place Farm cafe in Haxey.
The Birmingham Mail has a profile of Leah Shutkever.
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