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News Journal has an article about Joel Hansen's trip to east Texas and Shreveport, LA to attempt restaurants' food challenges.
Joel Hansen has uploaded a video from July's ZBurger eating contest in Washington, DC.
Joel Hansen won the Canton, TX hot dog eating contest for the fourth year in a row and claimed a $1,500 prize
Joel Hansen has produced a video about what he considers the hardest food challenges of 2022.
Nathan Klein ate 56 tacos at Las Tortugas Taqueria in Sterling Heights, MI to break Joel Hansen's house record.
Joel Hansen defended his title in Friday's taco eating contest at Tacos Locos in San Angelo, TX.
Joel Hansen and Scott Eats are currently on tour in the UK. They recently attempted to set records for eating challenges at The George in Stockton-on-Tees.
Dallas Observer reports that Joel Hansen won the $3,000 jackpot for finishing the spicy chicken tender challenge at S&J's Hot Chick in Dallas.

2022 Z-burger eating contest

update WTOP has an article

Results from live video
1 Molly Schuyler 37 burgers, 8th victory in row
2 Dan Kennedy 36
3 Joel Hansen 26
4 Andrew Puhl 23
5 Sean Yeager 19
6 Dave Brunelli 17
7 Andy Krawczyk 16
8 Dan Rock 10
9 Hallie Weinstein 6

The contest is currently underway and can be viewed on youtube.

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Joel Hansen auditioned for "America's Got Talent". He thinks his appearance will be televised next week.
The Daily Beast has a post about a recent Tiktok video by Canadian food challenger Joel Hansen in which he criticized an Asian grocery store's merchandise. The video was deleted after it receiving criticism from viewers.
K102.5 has a post about Joel Hansen attempting a 13 pound BBQ challenge at Noah's Smokehouse in Dearborn, MI.
KSNT has an article about Joel Hansen's trip to The Pennant in Topeka, KS where he attempted two "El Gigante" burger challenges which was previously undefeated. (video)
Joel Hansen has uploaded a video of the "Zeus" burger challenge he attempted with Eric "Badlands" Booker and Scott Eats at the Clinton Station Diner in Clinton, NJ. The menu item has an official weight of 15 pounds, but their meal originally weighed 27 pounds. (They managed to reduce it to 17 pounds).
GoLocalProv has a post about Joel Hansen attempting the slider challenge at Camp Nowhere in North Providence, RI which consists of 13 pounds of small burgers.
RochesterFirst has an article about Joel Hansen's trip to the Rochester, NY area.
Joel Hansen attempted the 12 pound burger challenge at Eagle's Deli in Boston.
Livingston County News has an article about Joel Hansen and David Gonzalez attempting a challenge consisting of 15 1/2 pound burger patties and a pound of fries at Dugo's Bar in Dansville, NY.
Joel Hansen attempted a 190 ounce steak challenge at Billy Bob's in Fort Worth for a $400 prize.
Joel Hansen won the first prize of $500 at tonight's pierogi eating contest at Pierozek in Brooklyn.
Joel Hansen ate 43 tacos to win the first prize of $500 in yesterday's eating contest at Tacos Locos in San Angelo, TX.
Joel Hansen ate 24 donairs in under an hour to break his record at King of Donair in Halifax, NS.
Joel Hansen finished the 10 pound Gusto Burrito Challenge at Tacos La Shula in Orange, TX in 9:33. The challenge was intended for two person teams.
Joel Hansen ate 45 hot dogs in 10 minutes to defend his title in the July 4 Canton, TX hot dog eating contest and claim the $500 first prize.
Joel Hansen finished the Brahma Bull challenge in 8:06 at The Rib Line in San Luis Obispo, CA to break Raina Huang's record and claim a $1,000 prize.
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