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Molly Schuyler has uploaded a video of her attempt at the burger challenge at Eagle's Deli in the Boston area which consists of 12 pounds of food. Geoff Esper is also present but does not attempt the challenge.
Joel Hansen attempted the 12 pound burger challenge at Eagle's Deli in Boston.
Miki Sudo has uploaded a video of her attempt at the Eagle's Deli burger challenge in Boston recorded before she became pregnant.
Nick Wehry and Geoff Esper attempted the burger challenge at Eagle's Deli in Brighton, MA.
Geoff Esper has posted his video of the burger challenge at Eagle's Deli in Brighton, CO, which was featurede in the Boston episode of Man v. Food. Nick Wehry also attempted the challenge.
Kevin Youkilis, formerly of the Red Sox and White Sox, signed a one year contract with the New York Yankees after he appeared in a 2009 episode (starts at 6:17 mark) of Man v. Food recorded at Eagle's Deli in Brighton, MA where Adam Richman was taunted with the chant "Yankees Suck". Youkilis responded to the heckling by saying "Now he knows how I feel when I go to New York City." (via NESN)
According to a Yelp comment by Matthew M., Larissa was the first person to finish the five pound burger (with five pounds of fries) at Eagle's Deli in Boston on August 30, 2009. She chose not to be publicized because she did not want to be used in the restaurant's advertising. Larissa is also the record holder at Spike's Junkyard Dogs.
Sin bakery in Providence held a contest where commenters guessed how much of a Reilly Burger Challenge (3 lb. burger, 2 lb. fries) at Eagle's Deli in Boston employee Manuela could eat. She ate 4.25 pounds of the 5 pound challenge.
BCHeights has an article about the history of Eagle's Deli, home of some of the largest burgers in Boston. The restaurant was closed for renovations for two and a half months after being sold to a new owner in 2008.
Albermarle All-Starts reports that Joey Chestnut is currently at Eagle's Deli in Boston attempting the challenge burger. update Pat Bertoletti announces he just ate a 6 pound burger and 5 pounds of fries.
"Furious" Pete Czerwinski has uploaded a video of his completion of the largest challenge burger at Eagle's Deli, which is now known as the Furious Pete burger. (a picture)

Furious Pete completes Eagle’s Deli challenge

“Furious” Pete Czerwinski’s facebook reports he completed that he completed the burger challenge at Eagle’s Deli in Boston which will be renamed the “Furious” Pete Burger. The total weight of the challenge is 12 pounds including a 5 pound pattie and 5 pounds of french fries.

update Kevin Daigle has an eyewitness report with pictures about Furious Pete’s challenge.

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Eagle's Deli in Boston will hold a 3 pound burger eating contest tomorrow to promote The Museum of Science new Black Holes exhibit. The winner will receive naming rights.

January 14 Man vs. Food (Boston) links

videos from the episode: commercial, 2 minute youtube segment

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Eagle’s Deli (Boston) burger Wall of Fame removed

Steve Reeves wrote a negative review of Eagle’s Deli in Boston which mentions the removal of the Polaroid pictures of diners who finished a large burger. The owner of the restaurant responded to the negative review on Digg and says he will set up an online wall of fame at an unspecified time in the future:

The pictures were of people who ate the Godzilla burger (1lb of beef, 4 slices of cheese and 1lb of fries) or higher, most of the pictures were people who ate the Godzilla as very few have finished more then that.
a. The pictures were taken down because their simply was no more room, we have pictures hanging just about everywhere you could pin one and there was no room left and we had stacks of photos to put up with no where to put them.
b. We had 2 ideas
i. Make the new photo level the “Cowabunga” (2lbs of beef, 8 slices of cheese, 2lbs of fries)
ii. Put the pictures up and every year take them down and move them to the web-site making room for new pictures
c. After taking down the photos, patching the walls and painting, we were complemented by many customers, most of them regulars who had been coming for 5, 10 15 some even 20 years on how much cleaner and brighter the places looked and asking us not to put the photos back up. After long considerations we decided to stop the Polaroid photos.
i. At some point all old photos will make it to the web-site and we will look into doing a direct to web-site pictures.

The Phantom Gourmet reports that the first person to finish the deli’s 5 pound burger and 5 pounds of fries will have the sandwich named after him or her. The website also has a list of the best restaurants in Boston serving huge portions.

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Competitive Eating compared to hockey fighting

nerdsonsports.com compared competitive eating to another sport after eating the Godzilla Burger (two half-pound beef patties, four slices of cheese, bacon and onions) at the Eagle Deli in Boston in 4 minutes

Power Gluttony and NHL brawls have more similarities than one might initially think. Both are violent and messy affairs. Both generally end with one person throwing their hands up in surrender (or passing out). And both outwardly appear like nothing but barbaric, unplanned chaos. I want to set the record straight on that last point, though, as a lot of though goes into both pursuits.

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