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The Food Network Obsessed podcast has an interview with Casey Webb, the current host of Man v Food. MSN has an article about the podcast.
Man v Food recorded at Petaluma, CA restauarnts for an upcoming episode.
Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran discusses his feud with Adam Richman of Man V Food in a clip from the Breaking Bread podcast. has an article asking "Whatever Happened to Adam Richman?" has an interview with Adam Richman about his favorite and least favorite restaurant challenges he attempted while host of Man v Food.
The first two seasons of Man v Food can be viewed for free on Pluto TV at
The original host of Man v Food, Adam Richman, appeared on First We Feast's "Hot Ones" youtube series in which guests eat spicy wings.
The owner of Tony Luke's, Anthony Lucidonio Sr., was indicted for tax fraud. The south Philadelphia restaurant was famed for its cheesesteak challenge and appeared on an episode of Man v. Food.
Yesterday, Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran and original Man v Food host Adam Richman feuded on twitter after a head to head matchup was proposed.
Man v. Food host Casey Webb announced his program will be moving from the Travel Channel to the Cooking Channel.

Clinton Station Diner 105 lb burger conquered

Miki Sudo announced that the 10 person team consisting of herself, Molly Schuyler, Bob Shoudt, Dan Kennedy, Darrron Breeden, Geoff Esper, Brandon Clark, George Chiger, Nick Wehry and Andrew Puhl completed the 105 pound burger challenge at the Clinton Station Diner in Clinton, NJ and claimed a $5,000 prize. Flux Happens has videos of the start and end of the challenge. Molly Schuyler was the last member eating.

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The Celebrity Cafe has an interview with Casey Webb, host of Man v Food. He is not sure if he will be brought back for a fourth season.
Derek Jacobs will attempt the Roc-A-Fella's Bomber pizza challenge with host Casey Webb on Monday's episode of Man v Food recorded in Cincinnatti.
Gadget guru Katie Linendoll says she was the runner-up for the host of Man v Food to Adam Richman. She says she completed a big sandwich at Katz's Deli as part of her audition. has a writeup of an interview Adam Richman did with Mike Chen of Strictly Dumpling. The former Man v. Food host claims that Munchies in Sarasota, FL put an entire bottle of ghost chili extract into its 420 hot wings challenge, which made breathing difficult. has has an article about tonight's episode of Man v Food, which will feature three restaurants in western Michigan. The challenge will be the DC Challenge at Dog Central in Mt. Pleasant, MI. The program will conclude the second season of the relaunch with Casey Webb; a third season with the new host has been announced. Broadway World reports that ratings have been improving.
The second season of Man v Food with new host Casey Webb will debut tomorrow night on the Travel Channel with new episodes recorded in Boston and Los Angeles. Other locations in the season will include Louisville, KY, St. Louis, Boise, ID, Daytona, FL, Grand Rapids, MI, the Ozarks, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Seattle and Burlington, VT.
The Travel Channel reports that Man v Food will return for a second season with Casey Webb as host.
AMNY has an interview with Casey Webb about hosting the Man vs. Food reboot, which will debut Monday on the Travel Channel.
The reboot for Man v Food hosted by Casey Webb will debut on August 7. The initial episode will feature New York City restaurants and the challenge site will be the Lunchbox in Staten Island. Other cities visited in the series include Milwaukee, Chicago, Houston, Billings, MT, Charleston, SC, Sleepy Hollow, NY, New Orleans, Portland, OR & Des Moines.
The Travel Channel announces that filming will start this week for a new series of Man v Food that will debut in August. Actor and restaurant business veteran Casey Webb will replace Adam Richman as the host. In 2011, John Lomascolo won the Man v Food Nation Casting Call contest that was to have awarded him with an appearance in an Albany area episode that was not recorded before the series was canceled. We will see if the resumed series fulfills that promise. has an interview with Mark Cohen, owner of The Chicken or The Egg about the recording of Man vs. Food in 2010 at his restaurant in Beach Haven, NJ. He says he had to increase staff to 60 employees after the episode aired. interviews Adam Richman has an interview with Adam Richman, who addresses Anthony Bourdain’s claim that Man vs. Food is responsible for Islamic terrorism:

Last question. I heard that Anthony Bourdain blamed you for the creation of ISIS, arguing that…Someone watches my show, and they supposedly say, “America’s a very bad place. Tomorrow I bomb it.” Tony is actually a friend of mine and I talked to him about it. I was like ‘You threw me under the bus.’ I understand the need for a good line but I hope that his want of a good friend is greater than that, and he made it clear that it was.


Kate Ovens attended yesterday's NFL UK event to promote todays NY Giants vs. LA Rams game at Wembley Stadium in London. Man vs. Food host Adam Richman was another guest. The LAD Bible has a Facebook Live video of the challenge.
The Onion's AV Club has an interview with Adam Richman about his new show Secret Eats With Adam Richman. He says that Man V Food is the highest rated show in the history of the Travel Channel.
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