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Three random North NJ Shore eating challenges
hot wings Hot Wing Eating Contest Court Jester Freehold Township, NJ
big burrito El Jefe Bubbakoos Burritos Point Pleasant, NJ
burrito Tsunami Burrito Surf Taco 7 locations, NJ
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In Neptune City, NJ, Connor Brenna finished a XXL pizza in under 2:30 to set the record for Pete and Elda's Whole Pie Eater's Club pizza challenge (video) has an article about Carmen's XXL Pizza Challenge at Pete and Elda's Bar in Neptune City, NJ which is ordered 1,000 times a month, making it probably the restaurant challenge with the most attempts. The T-shirt which is awarded to diners who can finish an 18 inch pizza in under 30 minutes has a design which is frequently changed. The record is 3:32 by an anonymous male in 2017.
André Burakovsky from the Washington Capitals attempted the XXL pizza challenge at Pete & Elda's in Neptune City, NJ yesterday.
On Thursday night's episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, "The Situation" attempted the Super "Brooke Burger Challenge" at the Headliner in Neptune, NJ.
King Schratz, famed for his big homemade meals on, announces he has started with restaurant challenges by attempting two El Hefe burrito challenges at Bubbakoo's in Wall, NJ.
Joe Menchetti ate 19 hot dogs to win the first prize of $500 in today's contest at Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach in Seaside Heights, NJ.
Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, NJ will hold a hot dog eating contest on July 20 awarding $500 to the winner. has an interview with Mark Cohen, owner of The Chicken or The Egg about the recording of Man vs. Food in 2010 at his restaurant in Beach Haven, NJ. He says he had to increase staff to 60 employees after the episode aired.
A pasta eating contest that was to have been held in Belmar, NJ today was canceled along with the entire second day of the San Gennaro Festival due to terrorism concerns. Yesterday, bombs were found on a 5K course in nearby Seaside Park, NJ.
Bob Shoudt finished the 32 inch pizza without assistance at Johnny G's Pizza and Pasta in Toms River, NJ to claim a $250 prize.
Dorette LaVacca took first place at a cabbage eating contest at the Shore House in Point Pleasant, NJ and won a trip to Las Vegas. reports that Bricktoberfest in Brick, NJ will hold a Major League Eating sauerkraut contest Saturday. update The contest will not be held according to a commenter.
Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach in Seaside Heights, NJ will hold a hot dog eating contest on July 23 awarding 4 Yankees box seats.
Zuka's Hot Grill in Toms River, NJ is holding a hot dog eating contest tomorrow awarding a flat screen TV.
Dave "US Male" Goldstein has uploaded a video of Stephanie Torres finishing a 32 inch pizza challenge weighing 9 pounds at Johnny G's in Toms River, NJ. The prize for finishing is $250. update Johnnie Excel reports that he, Stephanie and Dave "US Male" Goldstein finished an 18 pound burger at the North Plainfield Street Fair in 28:17.
The PB Shore House in Point Pleasant, NJ will hold a cabbage eating contest on St. Patrick's Day awarding a trip to Las Vegas, Mexico or Hawaii.
Rivoli's in Toms River, NJ will hold a burger eating contest on March 29 awarding a TV/DVD player and a 75$ gift card.
Rivoli's in Toms River, NJ will hold a wing eating contest on January 18 awarding signed gear from, the website for the Jersey Shore star. is looking for people to attempt New Jersey eating challenges. Prizes will be awarded to top performers.
Marcos Owen reports that Dave Brunelli defeated him by one burger, 29 to 28, to win $250 at today's eating contest at Stewart's in Marlboro, NJ. update Sept 6 News 12 New Jersey has a video. update Sept 6 #2 has an article with a video.
Stweart's in Marlboro, NJ will hold a burger eating contest on Labor Day awarding $250 to the winner.
Park East in Hazlet, NJ announces that it will hold a wing eating contest at 11 pm tonight awarding a $250 prize.
Joel Podelsky won $1,000 at a wing eating contest at Court Jesters in Aberdeen, NJ.
Maria "The Incredible Sulk" has posted a blog entry and gallery about the Pizzathon where she and Joel Podelsky raised $2874 for the National MS Society. The event's facebook page also has a gallery.
Joel "The Cannon" Podelsky announces that he ate 15 slices of pizza and Maria "The Incredible Sulk" ate 17 during yesterday's Pizzathon event to benefit the National MS Society.
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