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A press release announces the field for the "Hot Dog Insanity" eating contest to be held July 4 at 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar in Manhattan: Takeru Kobayashi, Pat Bertoletti, Tim Brown, Wayne Algenio, Johnnie Excel, Jesse Kankula.
The 18 pound burger challenge at Super Heroes Sandwich Shop & Deli in North Plainfield, NJ was finished by a team of Johnnie Excel, Dave "US Male" Goldstein and Stephanie Torres.
Dave "US Male" Goldstein has uploaded a video of Stephanie Torres finishing a 32 inch pizza challenge weighing 9 pounds at Johnny G's in Toms River, NJ. The prize for finishing is $250. update Johnnie Excel reports that he, Stephanie and Dave "US Male" Goldstein finished an 18 pound burger at the North Plainfield Street Fair in 28:17.
Johnnie Excel qualified for Wing Bowl 21 by eating 20 grilled cheese sandwiches in under 12 minutes. In other Wing Bowl 21 news, Rick "The Manager" Russo has a new video for his anthem and the mini-profiles of the competitors have been updated. (The DC representative "Large" Todd King, won the 2012 Washington Wing Bowl.) update has an article

2012 Thanksgiving competitive eating videos

Some recent Thanksgiving themed videos by competitive eaters

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The Hatchet Job video games podcast has an interview with Johnny Excel about competitive eating.
Johnnie Excel, Naader Reda and Kevin Ross have started State of the Plate: a competitive eating video podcast discussing topics in competitive eating.
Johnnie Excel and Eric Dahl have videos from their successful six person team attempt at the 54 inch pizza at Big Mama's & Papa's in Burbank, CA.
The Chompions blog on Yahoo! ThePostGame has an article about Johnnie Excel's preparations for competing in the Crif Dog Classic
Johnnie Excel has a blog entry about his preparations for the Crif Dog Classic.
Johnnie Excel announces he won today's Dash Burger eating contest in San Diego today with a total of 13 burgers on 10 minutes.
Johnnie Excel has a blog entry about competing in the Crif Dog Classic.
Johnnie Excel has uploaded a video of his attempt at the 36 inch pizza challenge at Big Mama's & Papa's pizza in Burbank, CA with an unnamed friend.

Kobayashi to compete in Crif Dog Classic in NYC July 4

(via Darren Rovell) has a press release announcing that Takeru Kobayashi will compete in a hot dog eating contest at Roberta’s in Brooklyn on July 4. Other listed competitors are Stephanie Torres, Tom Gilbert, Johnnie Excel, Dave “US Male” Goldstein and Brad Sciullo. No prizes or qualifiers are listed; two entrants will be selected using The competition will be streamed on

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Johnnie Excel's appearance (as Johnnie Ellison) in the "Meal or no Meal" segment of Tuesday's Tonight Show with Jay Leno where he drank a squeeze bottle of mayonnaise can be viewed on hulu (starts at 10 minute mark).
Johnnie Excel announces he will appear in the "Meal or No Meal" segment on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight.
Johnnie Excel announces he won the corn dog eating contest held at Festival of the Kite in Redondo Beach, CA with a total of 14 corn dogs in 5 minutes. Frank "The Tank" Paulin was the runner up.
Johnnie Excels reports he ate 41 all you can eat pancakes at Denny's last night.
Johnnie Excel has started a twitter at
Naader Reda has a report on the cheesesteak eating contest held in Corona, CA to benefit the National MS Society. Johnnie Excel ate the most cheesesteak sandwiches (6.25). update Feb 8 A video has been produced
Johnnie Excel has a blog entry about his competitive eating experience in 2011 that includes interviews with competitors in the West Coast Hot Dog Eating Championship in Mission Viejo, CA including Dale Boone, Kevin Ross, Pete Czerwinski and Naader Reda.
Johnnie Excel announces that he won today's taco eating contest at Cafe Cabo in La Verne, CA with a total of 22 tacos in 5 minutes.
Johnnie Excel describes what it was like to serve as technical advisor for the eating contest scenes in tonight's episode of Bones.
Youtube has a mini-documentary about The Gluttony Games in Thursday's episode of Bones containing interviews with Johnny Excel, Naader Reda, Aaron Ybarra and others (via Johnnie Excel facebook)
A clip from Thursday's Bones episode of a hot dog eating contest held at the "Gluttony Games" is available on youtube. Johnny Excel is one of the competitive eaters. (via
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