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2015 Houston Nathan’s qualifiers

update May 3 Chron has a gallery and CW39 has a video

Cpactor says she was the female winner or sole participant in an instagram comment Her full name is Crystin Pactor

The top 3 males:

1) Erik Denmark 29.5
2) Alex Perez 18
3) Rodrigo Serna 9

1W) Crystin Pactor 8.5

I have not seen any female entrants mentioned in the previews. (Could wee see the first competitor-less MLE contest the same week as the initial spectator-free game in MLB history?)

Comments (7) reports Erik Denmark, Alex Perez, John Tong and Mark Preng are expected to compete in the Nathan's qualifier on May 2 at Memorial City Mall in Houston. No female competitors are listed.
Eric Dahl won a wing eating contest held at the Doubletree in Bedford, MA Saturday.
USA Today has an article about Eric "Silo" Dahl billing him as the "country's top collegiate eater". (Matt Stonie is also a college student). update Nov 13 Texas Instruments has a blog entry announcing Eric has landed a job as a technical sales engineer. has an article about Eric "Silo" Dahl.
Eric "Silo" Dahl will attempt a donut eating challenge during tomorrow's episode of What' Ya Know on Wisconsin Public Radio.

Eric Dahl career earnings

The Associated Press carried an article about Eric “Silo” Dahl which was picked up by Time, The Daily Mail and the Huffington Post. A total of over $18,000 (in cash and prizes) is given as Eric Dahl’s career competitive eating earnings. According to the eatfeats database Dahl’s career cash earnings are $13,900 (listed after jump) He also won $1,000 in an unlisted pizza challenge with Molly Schuyler. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Wisconsin State Journal has an article about Eric Dahl competing in Ian's Pizza eating contest in Madison on Saturday. update Eric did a promo contest this morning. has a long thread about Eric Dahl's video of him completing the Double Glutton Burger at Rev Jim's Roadhouse in Madison, WI. The comments focus on the difficulty Eric Dahl received getting the restaurant owner to credit him with finishing the challenge.

2013 Final Nathan’s wild card standings

Top totals by 2013 Nathan’s circuit competitors who did not win a qualifier:

2013 Apr 20 2nd 31 10 min Tom “Goose” Gilbert Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Qualifier – men Las Vegas, NV
2013 Apr 20 4th 27.5 10 min Erik “The Red” Denmark Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Qualifier – men Las Vegas, NV
2013 May 4 2nd 24.5 10 min Kevin “LA Beast” Strahle Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Qualifier – men Naples, FL
2013 Jun 2 3rd 24 10 min Steve Hendry Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Qualifier – men St. Paul, MN
2013 Jun 29 3rd 24 10 min “Buffalo” Jim Reeves Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Qualifier – men East Rutherford, NJ
2013 Jun 29 4th 23.5 10 min Ronnie “MegaByte” Hartman Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Qualifier – men East Rutherford, NJ
2013 Apr 13 2nd 23 10 min Brian “Dud Light” Dudzinski Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Qualifier – men Miami, FL
2013 May 4 3rd 23 10 min Crazy Legs Conti Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Qualifier – men Naples, FL


2013 Apr 20 2nd 24 10 min Michelle “Cardboard Shell” Lesco Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Qualifier – women Las Vegas, NV
2013 Jun 2 2nd 8 10 min Courtney Taylor Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Qualifier – women St. Paul, MN
2013 Jun 12 2nd 7 10 min Jessica Kopsic Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Qualifier – women Pittsburgh, PA
2013 Jun 22 2nd 7 10 min Terri Reeves Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Qualifier – women Boston, MA

MLE is recognizing Erik Denmark as the recipient of the men’s wild card even though Tom Gilbert finished ahead of him at the Las Vegas qualifier held at the New York New York Casino on April 20. If an explicit written rule provides a reason for denying Tom Gilbert the wild card spot, then he probably does not have a basis for a complaint. But if no such rule exists, Tom Gilbert might have an avenue of recourse should he choose to pursue it. Promotional contests held on the grounds of Las Vegas casinos are subject to regulation by the Nevada Gaming Control Board. In 2004, that body fined The Venetian $1,000,000 for rigging a promotional contest to award a Mercedes-Benz to a high-roller who had incurred significant losses.

In 2005 Arnie “Chowhound” Chapman filed a complaint with the FCC that WIP did not follow its rules when he was prevented from competing in Wing Bowl 13 after qualifying for that contest. This resulted in a $4,000 fine for the Philadelphia sports radio station.

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Youtube has videos of Eric Dahl's and Molly Schuyler's successful attempt at the 36 inch pizza at Randy's Pizza in Oakdale, MN and the 54 inch pizza attempts by Wreckless Eating and a team of competitive eaters at Big Mama's & Papa's pizza.
Eric Silo Dahl reports he won the finals of the TPC chicken wing eating contest held at Mystique Casino in Dubuque, Iowa with a total of 3.4 pounds in 5 minutes to claim the $2000 first prize.

Molly Schuyler & Eric Dahl finish 36 inch Randy’s Pizza challenge

The Des Moines Register has an article about Molly Schuyler’s attempt to become a four time finisher of the Adam Emmenecker sandwich challenge at Jethro’s BBQ. This afternoon she finished the challenge in Waukee, IA, but did not break the all-time record. Tonight, Molly will attempt the 36 inch challenge at Randy’s Pizza in Oakdale, MN with Eric Dahl and on Friday she will attempt the Adam Emmenecker at Jethro’s Altoona, Iowa location. The challenge will appear on an ABC5 News segment later today.

update Jan 17 Eric & Molly finished the 36 inch pizza as time expired. They complete the challenge at the 37 minute mark of the uStream video.

ABC5 has a video about Molly Schuyler (thanks for the eatfeats mention) finishing the Emmenecker challenge yesterday and USA Today has an article about her.

update Jan 18 More Molly Schuyler coverage: KCCI | Daily Mail | Des Moines Register video

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Jamie McDonald and Tom Cortina have been announced as a team in Bennison's Bakery's paczki eating contest on February 9 in Evanston, IL. update Jan 8 Eric Dahl and Randy Santel have been announced as another team.
The top 3 in today's chicken slider eating championship at GameTime in Tampa: 1) Eric Dahl 24.75 sliders 2) Stephanie Torres 20 3) chris Abatsas 14.
The top 3 in today's Tex Mex roll eating contest held at Game Time in Miami have been announced: 1) Eric Dahl 27.5 rolls 2) Stephanie Torres 24.75 3) Chris Abatsas 20. Will Millender planned to compete but was unable to travel due to Hurricane Sandy. update Nov 6 The GameTime facebook has a gallery
Eric "Silo" Dahl has uploaded a video of his victory at the corn dog eating contest held at the California State Fair in Sacramento.
Bangor Daily News has a video of Eric Dahl's victory at the National Lobster Roll eating contest. (picture) Joe Menchetti was the runner up.
NPR has a blog entry about competitive eating with quotes from Eric Dahl.
Eric Dahl has the top 5 from today's corn dog eating contest at the California State Fair: 1) Eric Dahl 20 2) Erik Franks 18 3) Roy Bustillo 17 4) Kevin Ross 16 5) Damon Wells 15.5 update July 23 Capital Public Radio has an article and podcast.
City Pages reports that Eric "Silo" Dahl defended his Diamond Dogs title yesterday. His total of 12 broke last year's mark by 2 and awarded him a $500 bonus. update MPLS TV has a longer article
Johnnie Excel and Eric Dahl have videos from their successful six person team attempt at the 54 inch pizza at Big Mama's & Papa's in Burbank, CA.
The Star Tribune has an interview with Eric "Silo" Dahl about defending his Diamond Dog title at The Depot on July 4.

Erik Denmark wins Fremont, CA Hooters qualifier

update May 31 Matt Stonie has a gallery

update May 29 results have been posted Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

update Dax “The Ginger” Swanson says he had a 43 wing deduction due to insufficient cleaning. This is strange for two reasons: 1) A contest judged by weight should not penalize by wing count 2) There should be no penalty for insufficient cleaning in a weight based contest; wings not fully cleaned should simply result in a lower total weight

The top 3 from this evening’s Hooter’s wing qualifier in Fremont, CA:
1) Erik Denmark 140 wings
2) Steve Hendry 106
3) Ken Douglas 100

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Eric "Silo" Dahl won $500 for finishing Mannie & Bo's calzone challenge yesterday, which he completed in a record time of 16:45.
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