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2018 Oct 45th32.5 8 minPacific Park World Taco Eating Championship Santa Monica, CA
2018 Aug 1813th118 10 minDay-Lee Foods World Gyoza Eating Championship Los Angeles, CA
2018 Jul 418th21.5 10 minNathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest - men Brooklyn, NY

Erik Denmark and Sarah Reinecke discuss their victories in the Nathan's qualifier at the Bite of Oregon in Portland in the latest Fink Beats the Stomach podcast.

2017 Nathan’s Portland qualifier

update Sept 5 BrewPublic videos Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
BrewPublic article & gallery
Sarah Reinecke instagram video

Results Part 1 | Part 2
1) Erik Denmark 28
2) Ryan “Max Carnage” Rodacker 20
3) John “Step Daddy J” Jugovic 17
4) Jason Erb 9.5
5) Tim Kruse 8.5
6) Lyle Mack 6

1W) Sarah Reinecke 17
2W) Ms Robinson 6.75

The Nathan’s qualifier at Bite of Oregon in Portland is underway. Someone ate 14 hot dogs in the first 3.5 minutes.

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2017 St. Louis Nathan’s qualifier

Sophia DeVita has a travelog video

Results from facebook video
1) Erik Denmark 28
2) Brandon Clark 26.5

1W) Sophia DeVita 16
2W) Marlene Wigginton 9.75
3W) Allison 4
4W) Valerie

In the women’s contest Sophia DeVita will face Marlene Wigginton, who took a year off for pregnancy. This could leave the Naperville, IL women’s qualifier wide open if Sophia DeVita wins.

Erik Denmark is the only male entrant who has been mentioned. George Shea mentioned the controversy from his last qualifier in Washington, DC where he was accused of putting a hot dog in his pocket.

Joey Chestnut will be in attendance and serve as the judge.

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Juan Rodriguez accuses Erik Denmark of “Pocket Dog Gate”

On twitter, Juan “More Bite” Rodriguez accuses Erik “The Red Denmark” of “Pocket Dog Gate”. While Carmen Cincotti’s video shows Erik Denmark inserting his hand in his pocket immediately following the Nathan’s Washington, DC qualifier (around the 14:20 mark), it is not 100% clear if he had a hot dog in his hand. Denmark was credited with 32 hot dogs for the contest, which edged out Steve Hendry by one hot dog for the wild card.

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2016 Nathan’s Las Vegas qualifier

update Apr 26 Las Vegas Sun has a report listing Michelle Lesco’s hometown as Las Vegas.

update Review Journal has an article KTNV has a video

Official results part 1 | part 2

1) Rich LeFevre 30
2) Erik Denmark 29.75, takes wild card lead, Thinks contest should have gone to overtime
3) Steve Hendry 27
4) Josh Miller 24.5
5) Justin Mih 20
6T) Adam Brickman 9
6T) Erick Wyrowski 9
8) Adrian Padilla 6

1) Michelle Lesco 28
2) Carlene LeFevre 12.5, takes wild card lead
3) Lesley Ryder 6.5
DQ) Barbara LaBarge

Rich LeFevre and Barbara LaBarge appeared on KTNV yesterday.

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2015 Palm Beach Sweet Corn

update April 29 Sun Sentinel has a contest video

update April 28 Crazy Legs Conti has a contest report. Sean Brockert was a judge.

update Palm Beach Post has an article and gallery

Fink Beats the Stomach has the top 5 Top 3 ear totals

1) Erik Denmark 37 ears
2) Crazy Legs Conti 35
3) Gideon Oji 34
4) Yasir Salem
5) Miki Sudo

Miki Sudo, Nate Biller, Erik Denmark, Yasir Salem and defending champion Crazy Legs Conti are expected to compete. Gideon Oji will make his non-qualifier debut.

Crazy Legs Conti appeared on WFLX Friday morning.

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2014 Nathan’s Houston qualifier

update May 8 The Memorial City facebook has a gallery

update May 7 Ken Hoffman has a contest report for the Houston Post and Click2Houston has a video

Update May 5 The Houston Chronicle has a gallery

update May 4 A contest video is available

update Erik Denmark reportedly won the men’s contest. Mary Bowers appears to be the sole female.

Official results
men rest of top 5
1) Erik Denmark 36, reaches Coney for 9th year in a row
2) Juan Rodriguez 21 31, takes wild card lead
3) Nate Biller 21
4) Jimmy Chiu 18
5) Bam Martinez 13

1) Mary Bowers 11.75
Laura Heywood (6 hot dogs in Las Vegas) is now the women’s wild card leader

Today’s Nathan’s qualifier in Houston is abou to start. Erik Denmark, Nate Biller, Juan Rodriguez, Bam Martinez, Alex Perez and Mary Bowers are expected to compete.

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Ribfest Chicago announces that Erik Denmark will be the only returning pro competitor from its 2012 eating contest, which might be a record for year to year turnover. A full list of 2013 competitors is available on the festival website.

Mother of all Runs Hooters qualifier

update May 16 Three pictures have been posted on the race’s facebook gallery

update May 14 There has been a lot of criticism about the event posted on its facebook page which is being deleted instead of addressed (Screen capture of removed post by Dustin Hoisington .

update May 12 Full results (but not full names) have been posted (Part 1 | Part 2)
Results (Top 3)
1) Erik Denmark 115 wings
2) Alex Perez 112
3) “Bam” Martinez 96
4) Mark P 92
5) Marco “Mongo” Marquez” 83
6) Roland A 80
7T) Ken K 76
7T) Aida Martinez 76
9) Clint G 67

A contest picture.

Marco “Mongo” Marquez is at the qualifier, which would be his first MLE contest since the Isle Black Hawk Rocky Mountain Oyster Eating World Championship in 2010.

It does not appear the contest will have a problem with spectators viewing the contest from nearby buildings

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Erik Denmark is interviewed in Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal, a new book by Mary Roach. Other people mentioned in the competitive eating section of the book include Tim Janus, Takeru Kobayashi and Ben Monson.
Erik Denmark announces he will be competing in Saturday's Nathan's qualifier in Las Vegas.
The dLife segment about how Erik Denmark copes with diabetes originally televised on CNBC in 2010 is now available on youtube.
Former Seattle Sonics center Jim McIlvaine finished an 80 ounce steak at Ward's House of Prime in Milwaukee that will be named "The McIlveighty". Erik Denmark provided advice.
Klipsun Magazine has an article about Erik "The Red" Denmark focusing on his training techniques. He says he incurred a $5,000 credit card bill for competitive eating related travel in 2006 which took five years to pay off.

2012 Nathan’s Arizona Mills qualifier

update #2 East Valley Tribune has a gallery

update Winners have been announced More results (Part 1 | Part 2) Erik Denmark says Damon Wells ate 23.75 HDB.

1) Erik Denmark 30.5
2) Damon Wells 23.75
3) Ron Koch 21
4) Steve Hendry 17.75
5) Kobi Bauer 15
1W) Michelle “Cardboard Shell” 24, probably best women’s qualifier performance except for Sonya & Juliet

Michelle “Cardboard Shell”‘s appearance on KPHO yesterday to promote today’s Nathan’s qualifier at Arizona Mills can be viewed online. Erik Denmark, Damon Wells, Ron Koch, Kobi Bauer, Steve Hendry are also expected to compete. The contest will take place at noon Arizona time (3 pm eastern).

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Erik Denmark wins Fremont, CA Hooters qualifier

update May 31 Matt Stonie has a gallery

update May 29 results have been posted Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

update Dax “The Ginger” Swanson says he had a 43 wing deduction due to insufficient cleaning. This is strange for two reasons: 1) A contest judged by weight should not penalize by wing count 2) There should be no penalty for insufficient cleaning in a weight based contest; wings not fully cleaned should simply result in a lower total weight

The top 3 from this evening’s Hooter’s wing qualifier in Fremont, CA:
1) Erik Denmark 140 wings
2) Steve Hendry 106
3) Ken Douglas 100

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Erik "The Red" Denmark's first new blog entry in almost two years describes his summer plans, which includes working on the Glutton Force Five food truck at the Chicago Ribfest.

CP Biggest Eater Thailand qualifier links

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Johnny Wu, who has previously competed against Takeru Kobayashi and Sonya Thomas, led the first round of the CP Biggest Eater Hong Kong qualifier with 98 wontons. 54 year old Wang Wenyu led the women with 72 wontons in her first eating competition. Joey Chestnut, Erik Denmark and Juliet Lee will compete in an exhibition held during the second round of the qualifier on November 27.
Ken Hoffman of the Houston Chronicle served as Erik Denmark's judge in the 2011 Nathan's finals. Unlike last year when he judged Juliet Lee, he reported an amount the same as the official result (33.5).

2011 Arizona Mills Nathan’s qualifier

update Jun 13 The Phoenix New Times has a gallery and report.

update Jun 12 Fox 10 and ABC 15 have articles and videos.

update 4:31 Mike Corak has the winners (the rest of the results)
1) Erik Denmark 29
2) Chiun Peng 21.5
3) Kobi Bauer 18
4) Ryan McKillop 13 women
1) Michelle “Cardboard Shell” 21.5 (sixth woman to break 20: Sonya, Juliet, Carlene, Stephanie Torres, Takako Akasaka)

update 4:28 Two entrants have reversed and been disqualified

update 4:21 The contest is under way.

Joey Chestnut’s 59.5 hot dogs in 12 minutes at Arizona Mills in 2007 is still the all time best qualifier result.

The contest should start at 1 pm Mountain Standard time, 4 pm eastern.

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2011 Chicago Ribmania

update Results. The Center Square Journal has an article and gallery

1) Pat Bertoletti 5.24 pounds
2) Tim “Gravy” Brown 3.64
3) Erik Denmark 3.44
4) Ben Taylor 3.18
5) Tomas Cortina 2.7
6) Maurice Nores 2.26
7) Eric Hucke 2.1

The contest should start at 6 pm central, 7 pm eastern

Erik Denmark, Tim Brown and Ben Taylor appeared on WCIU this morning to promote the contest. (Part 1 | Part 2) via Erik Denmark

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The Phoenix New Times has an interview with Erik "The Red" Denmark about Saturday's Nathan's qualifier at Arizona Mills in Tempe. Denmark says he is considering writing a book about his competitive eating experiences.
East Valley Tribune reports that Erik "The Red" Denmark will compete in the Nathan's qualifier at Arizona Mills in Tempe on June 11 along with Ryan McKillop, Ron Sirard, Brian Jacobson and Chiun "Jimmy" Peng. Michelle "Cardboard Shell" will headline the women's division.
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