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Juan and Sarah Rodriguez did an interview on WGN today for National Hot Dog Day.
TheStar.com.my has an article about the relationship which led to marriage earlier this year between Juan "More Bite" Rodriguez and Sarah Reinecke Rodriguez.
The Chicago Tribune has an article about Juan and Sarah Rodriguez (formerly Sarah Reinecke). They will attempt to set the record for the most hot dogs eaten by a married couple in Sunday's Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest.
Sarah Reinecke announced her marriage to Juan Rodriguez.
Sarah "Unstoppable Bab" Reinecke announced she won the Simple Burger division of last night's eating contest and a $200 prize at Stoopid Burger in Portland. Ryan "Max Carnage" Rodacker took the Stoopid Burger division to win a $250 prize and Juan "More Bite" Rodriguez ate an 8 pound Super Ignorant Burger in 24 minutes to win $300.

2017 Iowa State Fair Nathan’s qualifier

update Aug 17 Iowa Public Television has a video

Jesus Gonzalez video

Juan Rodriguez and Sophia DeVita are the favorites. Juan appeared on WeAreIowa yesterday.

Facebook Live video

Full Results Part 1 | Part 2

1st 28.5 Juan “more bite” Rodriguez
2nd 19 Jake Thompson
3rd 18 Matt “Hungry” Hazzard
4th 16.5 Mark “the muncher” Williams
5th 15.75 Matthew Raible
6th 9 Zach Adams
6th 9 Kameron Gray
6th 9 Andrew Kilborn
9th 6 Chris Branch

1W) Sophia DeVita 19 personal best (sole female)

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2017 Naperville, IL Ribfest Nathan’s qualifier

update The Chicago Daily Herald has a contest report that says two women competed.


Full men’s results Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

1st 30.5 Juan “more bite” Rodriguez
2nd 16 Eric Vernsten
3rd 15 Cody Malanowski
4th 11.25 Phillip Yang
5th 9.5 Derek Sanderson
6th 9 Dave Luthman
6th 9 Nick Needs
6th 9 Paul “The Douche” Zwiercan

1W) Marlene Wigginton 11

The contest has started according to the festival twitter.

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2016 Nathan’s St. Louis qualifier

update April 19 StLouis.CBSLocal.com has an article

update Juan Rodriguez and Mary Bowers won the contest. It appears their totals were 29 and 12. Taylor Coombs now has the women’s wild card lead.

Matt Stonie appeared on Fox2Now this morning.

Juan “More Bite” Rodriguez will face Matt Cohen, Matt Raible and Andrew Kogutkiewicz in his defense of his qualifier title.

Mary Bowers will seek her first victory in qualifier with multiple women when she faces off against Taylor Coombs. Marlene Wigginton will not attempt to threepeat the women’s qualifier due to her pregnancy.

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STLSportsPage has interviews with Juan Rodriguez and Marlene Wigginton about representing St.Louis in the Nathan's finals.
The Las Vegas Sun has an article about competitive eating training with quotes from Miki Sudo and Juan Rodriguez. The Las Veags challenge list says that the jackpot for the Pho 87 challenge is now $1,870.
O'Rourke's Office in Chicago will hold a hot dog eating contest on Saturday that will be MCed by Juan "More Bite" Rodriguez.

2015 St. Louis Nathan’s qualifier

update May 18 A press release announces that Guinness will claim the record for most selfies taken (4,296) was set at the game. It would be interesting to know how that total was obtained.

The Cardinals official website has a video (via Teryn Schaefer)


1) Juan “More Bite” Rodriguez 25
2) Kyle Hanner 16
3) Matt Raible 13

1W) Marlene Wigginton 10

Joey Chestnut appeared on KMOX yesterday

Personal bests for announced entrants

2014 Jul 4 6th 32 10 min Juan “more bite” Rodriguez Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest – men Brooklyn, NY
2013 Jun 2 5th 12 10 min Matthew Raible Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Qualifier – men St. Paul, MN
2014 May 17 1st 9.5 10 min Marlene Wigginton Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Qualifier – women St. Louis, MO

Previous Winners

2014 May 17 1st 27.5 10 min Sean “Flash” Gordon Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Qualifier – men St. Louis, MO
2014 May 17 1st 9.5 10 min Marlene Wigginton Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Qualifier – women St. Louis, MO

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The field for Saturday's Nathan's qualifier is expected to include Juan "More Bite" Rodriguez, Matt Raible & 2014 St. Louis women's winner Marlene Wigginton.
Bartolini's Restaurant facebook reports that Juan "More Bite" Rodriguez attempted to break Molly Schuyler's record for the 10 pound meatball sub. (He did not succeed).
Juan "More Bite" Rodriguez is the guest on the most recent episode of the Fink Beats the Stomach podcast.
Juan "More Bite" Rodriguez has posted on his facebook fan page that he is currently in a hospital intensive care unit. Let's hope he gets well soon. (via comment)
The Las Vegas Sun has a report on attempt at the Stackzilla pancake challenge with Juan "More Bite" Rodriguez at Du Par’s restaurant in the Golden Gate hotel-casino.

2014 Nathan’s Houston qualifier

update May 8 The Memorial City facebook has a gallery

update May 7 Ken Hoffman has a contest report for the Houston Post and Click2Houston has a video

Update May 5 The Houston Chronicle has a gallery

update May 4 A contest video is available

update Erik Denmark reportedly won the men’s contest. Mary Bowers appears to be the sole female.

Official results
men rest of top 5
1) Erik Denmark 36, reaches Coney for 9th year in a row
2) Juan Rodriguez 21 31, takes wild card lead
3) Nate Biller 21
4) Jimmy Chiu 18
5) Bam Martinez 13

1) Mary Bowers 11.75
Laura Heywood (6 hot dogs in Las Vegas) is now the women’s wild card leader

Today’s Nathan’s qualifier in Houston is abou to start. Erik Denmark, Nate Biller, Juan Rodriguez, Bam Martinez, Alex Perez and Mary Bowers are expected to compete.

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The mini-documentary about Miki Sudo and Juan Rodriguez competing in the Nugget Rib Eating Championship in Sparks, NV is now available on the VICE.com youtube channel.
Vice.com produced a mini-documentary for Schweppes Australia about Miki Sudo and Juan Rodriguez competing in the Nugget Rib Eating World Championship in Sparks, NV.

Juan Rodriguez wins 2013 Naples, Fl Nathan’s qualifier

update May 8 Crazy Legs Conti has a report

The top 3 men
1) Juan Rodriguez 27.5
2) Kevin “LA Beast” Strahle 24.5
3) Crazy Legs Conti 23

Laura Riehman defends her women’s title at the Naples qualifier, increasing her winning count to 6.5 from 4.5

1:30 A Vine.com video from the contest has been posted (does not mention winner)

Today’s qualifier in Naples, FL is expected to start at 1 pm WINK held a promo contest yesterday.

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Juan "More Bite" Rodriguez announces he will appear on Trip Flip on the Travel Channel Sunday night and attempt an 8 pound burger challenge.
Juan "More Bite" Rodriguez announces that he will attempt the 8 pound burger at The Pub at Monte Carlo in Las Vegas on November 30 for an upcoming episode of Travel Channel's Trip Flip.
The facebook for Naked City Pizza in Las Vegas annouces that Juan "More Bite" Rodriguez and Miki Sudo finished the ten pound Frickin Huge Pizza challenge in a little over seven minutes.
I Love Las Vegas Magazine blog has an entry about Juan “More Bite” Rodriguez' attempt at a 10 pound burrito at Coconuts where he will face off against two teams of six opponents to raise money for Best Buddies Nevada. update May 19 Fox5Vegas has a video about the event.
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