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Men's Health has a joint interview with Derek Jacobs, Geoffrey Esper, Matt Hazzard, Michelle Lesco, Nick Wehry, Ronnie Hartman and Sophia DeVita about their training regimen for Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest.

2019 Cincinnati Reds Nathan’s qualifier

Results men
1 Ronnie Harman 29.5
2 Derkek Jacobs 29

Results women
1T Katie Prettyman 14
1T Sophia Devita 14

An eat-off could not be held due to lack of time. Apparently finals spots will be awarded to both women.

Ronnie Hartman appeared on WKRC (video) today to promote tonight’s Nathan’s qualifier that will take place after the Cincinnati Reds game concludes (around 10 pm eastern if the game does not go into extra innings). Derek Jacobs, Sophia Devita and Katie Prettyman are also expected to compete.

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The Daily Mail has an article about female competitive eaters focusing on Molly Schuyler, Sophia DeVita and Sarah Reinecke. update Sarah Reinecke interview video

2017 Iowa State Fair Nathan’s qualifier

update Aug 17 Iowa Public Television has a video

Jesus Gonzalez video

Juan Rodriguez and Sophia DeVita are the favorites. Juan appeared on WeAreIowa yesterday.

Facebook Live video

Full Results Part 1 | Part 2

1st 28.5 Juan “more bite” Rodriguez
2nd 19 Jake Thompson
3rd 18 Matt “Hungry” Hazzard
4th 16.5 Mark “the muncher” Williams
5th 15.75 Matthew Raible
6th 9 Zach Adams
6th 9 Kameron Gray
6th 9 Andrew Kilborn
9th 6 Chris Branch

1W) Sophia DeVita 19 personal best (sole female)

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2017 St. Louis Nathan’s qualifier

Sophia DeVita has a travelog video

Results from facebook video
1) Erik Denmark 28
2) Brandon Clark 26.5

1W) Sophia DeVita 16
2W) Marlene Wigginton 9.75
3W) Allison 4
4W) Valerie

In the women’s contest Sophia DeVita will face Marlene Wigginton, who took a year off for pregnancy. This could leave the Naperville, IL women’s qualifier wide open if Sophia DeVita wins.

Erik Denmark is the only male entrant who has been mentioned. George Shea mentioned the controversy from his last qualifier in Washington, DC where he was accused of putting a hot dog in his pocket.

Joey Chestnut will be in attendance and serve as the judge.

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Mamma Mia's in Rockford, IL will award $500 to a pair that can finish its 32 inch pizza challenge in October. Sophia DeVita attempted the challenge tonight.
Sophia DeVita produced a video where she attempted to eat 10000 calories of vegan food in a day to celebrate attaining 10,000 youtube subscribers.

2016 NY Mets Nathan’s qualifier

update June 20 Full results Part 1 | Part 2

1st 33 Yasir Salem puts Steve Hendry into sole possession of wild card lead
2nd 15.25 William “Wild Bill” Myers
3rd 13 “Beautiful” Brian Seiken 1st contest since June 20, 2015, finishes 3rd in men’s Queens qualifier 3rd year in a row
4th 8 Andy Flamm
4th 8 Ryoo Jessoo
4th 8 Matthew Kiebus
1st 16.5 Sophia Devita maybe best showing for woman whose 1st contest is Nathan’s qualifer since Sonya Thomas
2nd 14.5 Daniella Gioia takes women’s wild card lead
3rd 4.75 Prudence DiBenedetto

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Sophia DeVita produced videos of her attempt to eat 30,000 calories over 2 days (Day 1 | Day 2) Jen Mann also attempted 15,000 calories in 1 day.
There are now at least three eating challenge / fitness youtube channels by women: Gina Maiorana (twitter | Instagram) | Sophia DeVita (Instagram) | Jen Mann (Instagram). In her latest video, Jen announces she will be competing in the WV pepperoni rolls eating contest in May.