Calorie Challenges category has a video about Erik "the Electric" Lamkin's recovery from attempting to eat 50,000 calories in one day.
In his latest video, Erik "The Electric" Lamkin attempts 50,000 calories in 24 hours.
Erik "The Electric" Lamkin attempted 10,000 daily calories for 10 consecutive days.
Men's Health UK has an interview with strongman competitors Brian Shaw and Eddie Hall about their 10,000 calorie daily diets.
In his latest video, Erik "the Electric" Lamkin attempted to eat 10,000 calories while running 26.2 miles, the length of a standard marathon.
The Infographics Show has an animated video about eating 10,000 calories a day for a week.
In his latest video, Erik "The Electric" Lamkin attempts to eat and burn through exercise 10,000 calories over 24 hours.
Italian food challenger Thomas Hungry attempted 10,0000 calories in 10 minutes. has a report on Brian Shaw's video of his attempt to eat 15,000 calories in a day, which was his everyday diet when he won four World's Strongest Man titles.
Bright Side has a video asking "What if You Ate 100,000 Calories in One Day?" has an article on how stromgmen Eddie Hall and Brian Shaw eat almost 10,000 calories in a typical day.
Australian competitive eater Jesse "Food Coma" Freeman appeared on The Morning Show to discuss his plans to eat 40,000 calories in a day.
Finnish competitive eater Jesse Pynnönen produced a video of his attempt to eat 50,000 calories.
Erik "The Electric" Lamkin has posted a video of his attempt to eat 100,000 calories over 100 hours.
Irish bodybuilder Rob Lipsett produced a video of him attempting to eat 10,000 calories in one hour.
WWE star Braun Strowman, who weighs 385 pound at a height of 6 ft 8 in., claimed he ate 15,000 calories in a typical day in a recent interview.
Leah Shutkever has produced a video of her attempting to eat 10,000 calories in an hour at the Rub Smokehouse in Birmingham.
Erik "The Electric" Lamkin has uploaded a video of him attempting to eat 60,000 calories over 60 hours.
To celebrate hitting 35,000 subscribers on youtube, Adam "Beard Meats Food" Moran is attempting to eat 35,000 calories today. He is currently at 26,000. update The video has been uploaded has an article about calorie challenge videos focusing on Blake Horton, who posts a giant meal containing approximately 4000 calories every night on his instagram has a video of Sarah Oh's meals for one day. The calorie total is estimated at over 9000.
Oxford University student GraceFitUK has uploaded a video of her attempt
British bodybuilder Ryan John-Baptiste has posted a in one day. has an article about the trend where diners record videos of themselves attempting to eat an abnormally large (usually 10,000) number of calories in a single day.
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