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Gauchos will hold a hot dog eating contest in Dublin, Ireland on July 14 awarding 400 Euros to the winner.
The Irish Sun has an article about Katina DeJarnett attempting a breakfast challenge in Ireland consisting of a roll containing ten sausages, black pudding, eggs, baked beans, rashers and numerous chips (french fries). Some spectators thought that the addition of the chips invalidated the meal's status as authentic Irish cuisine.
Token in Dublin will award €300 cash to the person who has the fastest time for eating 1kg of mozzarella bites in January.
The Irish Daily Mail has an article about the 22 inch Breakfast Roll Challenge at Pip's Cafe & Deli in Dublin recently completed by Katina Eats Kilos and Randy Santel.
Dublin Institute of Technology cancelled its "Iron Stomach" eating competitions after advice from its liabilty insurance provider.
Pinheads pizza in Dublin, Ireland will award €500 to anyone who can finish its 32 inch pizza challenge and two milkshakes.
News UK Archives has an article about a 1846 eating contest held in Ballybrannon, Ireland. The crowd size was reportedly 3000.
Irish bodybuilder Rob Lipsett produced a video of him attempting to eat 10,000 calories in one hour.
Men's Health UK has an article about competitive eating focusing on Randy Santel's tour of the UK and Ireland earlier this year. Takeru Kobayashi is also interviewed. The Ionia Sentinel Standard has an account of Randy Santel and Mitch Dombrowksi finishing the 7 pound burrito at El Mariachi in Ionia, MI, part of a 78 day eating challenge tour of eastern North America. has an article and video about the 32 inch pizza at Pinhead's Pizza in Dublin, billed as Ireland's largest.
The Daily Star has an article about the conclusion of Randy Santel's eating challenge tour of the UK and England. During the trip, he successfully completed 42 restaurant challenges, which put his total challenge count to over 250.
Youtube has a video of a student at University College in Dublin, Ireland slipping and falling into a vomit trough after he competed in an "Iron Stomach" contest where participants ate and drank disgusting things. (via
Niel Thomas has a blog entry in about founding the Irish Competitive Eating Association.
Andy Manifold was the first person to finish the Mighty Murph burger challenge at Murphy's Law pub in Athlone, Ireland.  
Irish Central has a report on the Irish section of Randy Santel's now complete European tour.
The Irish Times has a report on Randy Santel's attempt at the 64 ounce steak challenge at Judge Roy Beans Bar & Restaurant in Newbridge. Ireland.
Articles by the Irish Independent and Mid Ulster Mail both list Randy Santel as the star of the now cancelled program Man v Food. Randy is currently doing an eating challenge tour of Europe and was the second person to finish the breakfast challenge at Murphy's Law in Athlone, Ireland.
Eddie Rockets in Dublin, Ireland will hold a hot dog eating contest on July 4 awarding a trip to New York City.
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The Gage restaurant in Chicago will hold an oyster eating contest on Tuesday, March 19 which might award a trip to the Galway Oyster Festival in Ireland.
The Ceili Cottage in Toronto will hold an oyster eating contest Saturday awarding a trip to Galway, Ireland.
Food Republic has a post about Pat Bertoletti's trip to Ireland in July. Bertoletti will be making a pizza tour in New York City.