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In his latest video, Erik "the Electric" Lamkin attempts to break eating records set by Matt Stonie, Geoff Esper, "Furious" Pete Czerwinski, Raina Huang and Joey Chestnut.
The Independent has an article titled "Pizza, steak and 100 layers of lasagne: Inside the strange world of online competitive eating" focusing on Erik "The Electric" Lamkin which makes the claim that "fit" food challengers are a new phenomenon even though Erik started his youtube channel in 2013. Bodybuilder "Furious" Pete Czerwinski, who is also mentioned, started in 2007.
Erik "the electric" Lamkin and his girlfriend Kristie are guests on a recent Shane Dawson podcast. Around 26:00 he says he would like to separate himself from the competitive eating community because he thinks that eating contests are gross.
Erik "The Electric" Lamkin attempted two "Octuple Bypass" challenge burgers at the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas. produced a documentary about Erik "The Electric" Lamkin titled "100,000 Calorie Challenges: Inside the World Of Pro Eating"
Erik "The Electric" Lamkin completed an Ironman Triathlon in Waco, TX on October 23 despite having two flat tires on his bicycle.
Erik "the electric" Lamkin attempted a 60 patty burger from In-n-Out. has a video about Erik "the Electric" Lamkin's recovery from attempting to eat 50,000 calories in one day.
In his latest video, Erik "The Electric" Lamkin attempts 50,000 calories in 24 hours.
Erik "The Electric" Lamkin attempted 10,000 daily calories for 10 consecutive days.
Erik Lamkin has started a food challenge tour video series called Electric Eats the World. His first video is a trip to Austin to attempt the Colossus Pizza Challenge.
In his latest video, Erik "the Electric" Lamkin attempted to eat 10,000 calories while running 26.2 miles, the length of a standard marathon.
The Sunday Times of South Africa has an article about competitive eating which calls Erik the Electric "Erik Lamil".
In his latest video, Erik "The Electric" Lamkin attempts to eat and burn through exercise 10,000 calories over 24 hours.
Tubefilter has an interview with Erik "The Electric" Lamkin about how he built his youtube channel which mentions an upcoming appearance on the Food Network.
The website for California State University - San Marcos has an article about Erik "the Elecric" Lamkin. update TubeFilter has an interview with Erik.
Men's Health has an article about the health consequences of big-eating mukbang videos focusing on Erik "The Electric" Lamkin and Nikocado Avocado.
MEL magazine has an article titled "Competitive Eating is Basically Getting Paid to Have an Eating Disorder" with quotes from Erik Lamkin, Randy Santel and Ed "Cookie" Jarvis, who says that MLE asked him to sit out competitions due to health concerns.
Erik "The Electric" Lamkin attempted the 72 ounce steak challlenge at The Big Texan in Amarillo, TX in an episode of The List Show about restaurant challenges.
Mens Health has an interview with Erik "The Electric" Lamkin about recovery from his eating disorder.
Erik "The Electric" Lamkin has posted a video of his attempt to eat 100,000 calories over 100 hours.
Josh Hockett will start the Big Bite Podcast, a new competitive eating podcast series. Erik "The Electric" Lamkin is expected to be the first guest. Other episodes will feature Randy Santel, Nate Figueroa, Naader Reda and Mitch Dombrowski.
The Odyssey Online has an article about mukbang eating videos with a quote from Erik "The Electric" Lamkin.
The second part of BBC's World Service Food Chain podcast about competitive eating is available online. This program focuses on the health aspects of competitive eating with Erik Lamkin discussing his history with eating disorders. Andrei Sidorov also attempts the Iron Pig Challenge at Porky's BBQ.
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