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2016 Sep 141st91 min Meatball Eating Contest Manhattan, NY
2010 Oct 251st53 3 minWing Eating Contest Manhattan, NY
2006 Feb 18th1510 min GoldenPalace.com grilled cheese finals New York City, NY

"Battle of the Buffets" a 2003 event recorded in Las Vegas televised on the Travel Channel has been uploaded to youtube. Competitors include Eric "Badlands" Booker, Rich and Carlene LeFevre and Ed "Cookie" Jarvis.
MEL magazine has an article titled "Competitive Eating is Basically Getting Paid to Have an Eating Disorder" with quotes from Erik Lamkin, Randy Santel and Ed "Cookie" Jarvis, who says that MLE asked him to sit out competitions due to health concerns.
Wayne Algenio announces that he won yesterday's clam eating contest at Peter's Clam Bar in Island Park, NY. Itiel Ginzburg was the runner-up. Takeru Kobayashi and Ed "Cookie" Jarvis did a one minute contest during the event.
There will be two meatball eating contests in Manhattan this month. A one minute contest will take place at Nino's Restaurant today and the San Gennaro Festival will hold a contest for professionals on September 24 that will be MCed by Tonya Danza. (Flashback Jan 2005: Tonya Danza hosts 10+ pound burger challenge eater Kate Stelnick on his now canceled talk show.) update Ed "Cookie" Jarvis won this morning's contest with a total of 9 meatballs in a minute.
Ed "Cookie" Jarvis will coach the firefighters competing in tomorrows's clam eating contest at Peter's Clam Bar in Island Park, NY.
Ed "Cookie" Jarvis will demonstrate competitive eating to firefighters today at an event this afternoon promoting Sunday's eating contest at Peter's Clam Bar in Island Park, NY.
Takeru Kobayashi faced off against Matsuko Deluxe, a transvestite with a listed weight of over 300 pounds on the Japanese network TBS earlier this week. The program includes clips from Kobayashi's Japanese and American competitive eating careers. The commercial he filmed with Sonya Thomas appears at minute 29 and Pat Bertoletti and Ed "Cookie" Jarvis make cameos at minute 33. The show concludes with a Food Battle Club style eating contest.
MLE has posted a 2001 edition of its Gurgitator publication to twitter. Article topics include Kevin Lipsitz & Lorraine Arrol's marriage, the Glutton Bowl, Gut Buster, Cookie Jarvis' rookie of the year candidacy, Don Lerman's Cloud Burger record and the top 70. There are 2 people in that list currently ranked: Badlands Booker (#9) and Brian Seiken (#65) (Large images: page 1 | Page 2)
The top 3 at today's eating contest at Peter's Clam Bar in Island Park, NY: 1) Scott "Scozzybone" Zukowski 2) Wayne Algenio 3) Paul Tarus. Newsday and NewYork.CBSLocal.com have articles. Takeru Kobayashi and Ed "Cookie" Jarvis served as judges.
Brian Seiken has uploaded the Travel Channel's Battle of the Buffets program from 2002 where competitors including Rich & Carlene LeFevre, Ed "Cookie" Jarvis and "Badlands" Booker chowed down on a variety of foods at the Aladdin in Las Vegas.
The Denver Post has an article about Bryan "Big Sexy" Beard which also contains quotes from Ed "Cookie" Jarvis.
NewsDay.com reports that Ed "Cookie" Jarvis will return to competitive eating at a garlic eating contest at the Long Island Garlic Fest this weekend.
Deadspin has a blog entry about Ed "Cookie" Jarvis' retirement from competitive eating and subsequent weight loss.
Ed "Cookie" Jarvis announced on his facebook today that a cheek tumor was discovered in his head. Jarvis was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2010, but declared cancer-free later that year. Best of luck to Cookie with the results of his upcoming CT scan. (via Brian Seiken comment).
Men's Health has an article about Ed "Cookie" Jarvis loosing almost 200 pounds (from 575 to 279 pounds).
Brian Seiken has uploaded "Gutbusters" to youtube: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3. The 2002 Discovery Channel program documents the efforts of Ed "Cookie" Jarvis, Don "Moses" Lerman and "Krazy" Kevin Lipsitz to qualify for the Nathan's finals.
One copy of the philly.com article about the Wing Bowl by Faye Flam from January still lists Ed "Cookie" Jarvis as the subject of Dr. David Metz' study of competitive eating. Tim Janus was the actual subject (Another copy has been corrected) update Feb 18 Philly.com has a correction notice.
The New York World has an article about Ed "Cookie" Jarvis and the health issues he has faced. Jarvis has lost 150 pounds since retiring from the IFOCE in 2006. (Via The Lerman Report)
JMRealEstateNY has uploaded a video of Ed "Cookie" Jarvis winning yesterday's wing eating contest at Manny's on Second. Jarvis' total was 51 wings in 3 minutes.
Ed "Cookie" Jarvis will compete in a wing eating contest at Manny's on Second in Manhattan on Monday night. This might be Jarvis' first contest since his cancer surgery last year.

Cookie Jarvis is cancer free

(via George Shea twitter) CompetitiveEating.Net reports that Ed “Cookie” Jarvis is cancer free after his surgery for thyroid cancer. Jarvis’ home page, hugeeaters.com, confirms the good news.

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IFOCE.com announces that the third MLE podcast starring Cookie Jarvis is available.

CE News on Cookie Jarvis’ cancer

CompetitiveEatingNews has been updated with a report on Cookie Jarvis’ thyroid cancer treatment. (via crawfish twitter)



HugeEaters.com reports that Cookie Jarvis' surgery will take place tomorrow. Let's hope that the operation knocks out his thyroid cancer.
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