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2018 Jun 310th8.75 8 minThe Baked Bear World Ice-Cream Sandwich Eating Championship San Diego, CA
2017 Aug 2615th66 10 minDay-Lee Foods World Gyoza Eating Championship Los Angeles, CA
2017 Jul 411th12 10 minNathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest - women Brooklyn, NY

"Battle of the Buffets" a 2003 event recorded in Las Vegas televised on the Travel Channel has been uploaded to youtube. Competitors include Eric "Badlands" Booker, Rich and Carlene LeFevre and Ed "Cookie" Jarvis.
The appearance of Rich and Carlene LeFevre on tonight's episode of Little Big Shots: Forever Young can be viewed on youtube.
Sports Illustrated has a profile of Rich and Carlene LeFevre. The article describes Rich's personal music rankings which contains 3,500 songs. The couple will appear on Little Big Shots: Forever Young on NBC on July 19 at 8 PM. update a promo video for the episode is available.

2016 Nathan’s Las Vegas qualifier

update Apr 26 Las Vegas Sun has a report listing Michelle Lesco’s hometown as Las Vegas.

update Review Journal has an article KTNV has a video

Official results part 1 | part 2

1) Rich LeFevre 30
2) Erik Denmark 29.75, takes wild card lead, Thinks contest should have gone to overtime
3) Steve Hendry 27
4) Josh Miller 24.5
5) Justin Mih 20
6T) Adam Brickman 9
6T) Erick Wyrowski 9
8) Adrian Padilla 6

1) Michelle Lesco 28
2) Carlene LeFevre 12.5, takes wild card lead
3) Lesley Ryder 6.5
DQ) Barbara LaBarge

Rich LeFevre and Barbara LaBarge appeared on KTNV yesterday.

Comments (33) calls Carlene LeFevre its "Hot Slut of the Day".
Carlene LeFevre appeared on yesterday's episode of MTV's Girl Code to offer some competitive eating tips and preside over a hot dot eating contest. (video) reports Molly Schuyler will attempt to eat 3 72 ounce steak challenge meals at the Big Texan in Amarillo, TX on April 19. She will face four teams of two, one of which will be Rich and Carlene LeFevre. Molly ate 2 72 ounce steaks in under 15 minutes in May 2014. update and a press release have more info. Molly will win $5000 if she finishes all three in under an hour.

Carlene LeFevre ends 9 year hiatus to win women’s Vegas qualifier, Pablo Martinez takes men’s

update April 27 VegasNews Vegas24Seven and HauteLiving have articles with galleries. The Las Vegas Sun has a gallery

El Toro has a video
of the women’s qualifier

The winners have been announced
1) Pablo Martinez 26
2) Rich LeFevre 25 – takes wild card lead (Nathan Biller 2nd w/18)

1) Carlene LeFevre 13 – first MLE contest since 2005, qualifies for Coney for 4th time (1st as winner of female division)
2) Mary Bowers 9 – takes wild card lead
3) Laura Heywood 6 wore hot dog hat

The qualifier has started. Some reports say the contest has been held at the New York New York Hotel & Casino for 17 years, which would probably make it the second longest running event on the MLE calendar after the Nathan’s finals. (Rich Shea said it has been held for 10 years in his interview.)

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Ditlo has a gallery of Miki Sudo at the 2013 Hooters Wing finals in Clearwater, FL with several behind the scenes pictures. There is also an interview section where she claims that the LeFevres are the most inspiring competitive eaters.
Brian Seiken has uploaded the Travel Channel's Battle of the Buffets program from 2002 where competitors including Rich & Carlene LeFevre, Ed "Cookie" Jarvis and "Badlands" Booker chowed down on a variety of foods at the Aladdin in Las Vegas.
Brian Seiken has uploaded Gut Busters in Alaska which starred Crazy Legs Conti, Charles Hardy and Dale Boone. Videos of The LeFevres appearance on the Jay Leno Show along with Eric "Badlands" Booker on the Jimmy Kimmel Show are also available.
Youtube has a clip from "Party at the Palms" (recorded 2005) on E! of Rich LeFevre competing in a pizza eating contest against a team of two men. Carlene LeFevre appears but does not participate in the contest.
Rich and Carlene LeFevre officially announce their retirement from competitive eating in a Las Vegas Review Journal article.

Rich LeFevre 120 ounce steak video & interview

RawVegasTV has a video clip of an interview with Rich and Carlene LeFevre conducted while Rich ate a 120 ounce steak at Brand Steakhouse in Las Vegas. Thrillist has a transcript of some of the interview.

updatePokerati has a blog entry about Rich’s feat

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Oregon Live CE article and video

OregonLive has an article about competitive eating with quotes from Joey Chestnut and Carlene LeFevre. The quoted doctors are more positive about competitive eating than medical experts often are:

Patterson’s a fan of competitive eating. “I find those things fascinating to watch, actually,” she says. And gurgitators — competitive eaters’ chosen moniker — may have a healthier relationship with food than many jockeys, gymnasts and wrestlers, who can become anorexic or bulimic trying to keep their weight down.

Eating for contests is not a disorder, or “in any way contributory to any eating disorders,” says Dr. James Hancey, a psychiatrist at Oregon Health & Science University — though “to my mind, it’s the height of stupidity.”

OregonLive also has a video interview with Joey Chestnut.


Link Buffet: July 13, 2008

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Link Buffet: July 8, 2008

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“Battle of the Buffets” viewable online

Video from the Travel Channel’s “Battle of the Buffets”, in which Badlands Booker, Cookie Jarvis and the LeFevres competed can be viewed on the Travel Channel’s website


2001 Food Battle Club roster

Before this week’s AICE vs. Japan contest, the most recent Japanese eating contest in which multiple Americans competed was probably Food Battle Club from 2001. Not only did Carlene LeFevre and Charles Hardy compete, pro wrestler King Kong Bundy also ate in that contest. Bundy received a higher ranking (#14) than either Carlene LeFevre (#18) or Charles Hardy (#15) (I am not sure if the ranking occurred before or after the event).


LeFevres news video clip

KTNV has a short article and video clip about Rich & Carlene LeFevre.

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El Toro interviews LeFevres on

A video of El Toro interviewing Rich & Carlene LeFevre can be viewed at

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LeFevres praised in Japanese blog comments

In an R Suzuki blog entry, a post about a Kobayashi article has a comment on whether he will retire after he turns 30 next year. The follow up comments mention that the LeFevres prove you can be competitive after that age: (automatically translated)

The [ho] and others, 60 passing also [richiyadorehuiba] (Rich LeFevre), appearing in the hot dog conference with active service, the [ru] it does.

Don’t you think? as for Richard record, extending, those which it increases.
The kind smiling face very is cute.
The form of the madam is not seeing the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu]
Just a little it is lonesome, is.

Since the car lean (Carlene LeFevre) of the lady seeing with FBC (Food Battle Club), we loved.
The stake (steak) 6 piling up, don’t you think? the [tsu] [te] to be enormous being exciting to say, cute!

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Chinook Winds burger contest video

(from Laura Flynn) The website for the Chinook Winds Casino, the site of this weekend’s rib eating contest, has a video clip of a “Big Bertha” burger contest in which the LeFevres and Joey Chestnut competed. I am not sure what year the contest took place.

update from Rich Lefevre The contest took place in 2007 and the top 3 were:
Joey Chestnut 9:30
Rich LeFevre 9:45
Carlene LeFevre 15:15, first competition in almost 2 years.

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3+ time finishers of the 72 ounce Big Texan steak

The following names appear three or more times in the database of finisher of the 72 ounce steak from the Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo, Texas. The database is incomplete before 1991 and after early 2005.

11 Rich “The Locust” LeFevre
9 Carlene LeFevre
7 Frank Pastore
6 David McDonagh
5 Daniel J VanDuser
4 Vladimir Radin
4 Reynaldo Lopez Ramos
4 Mark Toth
4 David Huey Lowe
3 “Jalapeno” Jed Donahue
3 Jim Cipponeri
3 Jim Graham, II
3 Philip P Pernice
3 James Loyd
3 Steve Hamann
3 Gye Deardorff
3 Dewey Bolton

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Slashfood post on LeFevres & posole

The slashfood food blog has an article about the efforts of the House of LeFevre to retain the posole title. The author has a different opinion on posole than his subjects do.


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