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Pete Davekos ate 9.5 quarter pound hot dogs, equivalent to 19 regualar hot dogs, in 7 minutes at the Topsfield (MA) Fair to defend his victory in the 2019 competition and win $203.
Pete Davekos ate 9 1/4 lb. hot dogs in 7 minutes to win the first prize of $201 in yesterday's hot dog eating contest in Topsfield, MA.
Former Nathan's finalist Pete "Pretty Boy" Davekos was elected as a Town Meeting member of Danvers, MA last night.

2013 Nathan’s Savannah qualifier

update April 11 Savannah Now has an article, 106.9 produced a video about its DJ competing and Rake & Herald has a contest report (include weekend’s other contests)

update April 8 Steve “Pi Guy” Martin’s total has been announced at 10.

update has an article and gallery

Results for today’s Nathan’s qualifier in Savannah

1) Pete Davekos 25 hot dogs
? Steve “Pi Guy” Martin 10

1) Dee Martin 8.5

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Pete Davekos wins Phantom Gourmet tacos

update Oct 1 Margaritas Restaurant has a gallery

Brian Seiken has some videos

Chris Kurth has a video. He says he finished 4th with 10.5 tacos.

Top 5 according to anonymous comment
1 Pete Davekos 21
2 Joao Paolo 13.5 (updated with official result)
3 Brian Seiken 12.5 (updated with official result)
4 Chris Kurth 10.5
Christopher Smith 9
Mia Davekos 3
Britney Weinberg-Lynn

An anonymous commenter reports Pete Davekos won the taco eating contest held at the Phantom Gourmet Food Festival in Boston today with a total of 21 tacos. Sponsor Magaritas Restaurant has some pictures, but no results: picture 1 | picture 2

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2012 Nathan’s finals coverage Part 2

General contest links

Competitor-specific links

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A podcast (begins at 31:40 mark) of an interivew Pete and Mia Davekos did on WROR to promote the Boston Nathan's qualifier is available. Mia "Meatballz" Davekos was a competitor on CBS' Survivor in 2004. (via email)
American Way, the American Airlines magazine, has an article about competitive eating focusing on Chris Floyd of Austin. George Shea estimates Sonya Thomas' and Pat Bertoletti's annual earning from competitive eating at $50,000. (via Pete Davekos) has a video of Sonya Thomas eating 41 meatballs (with the flu) and Pete "Pretty Boy" Davekos eating a fruit basket at the Phantom Gourmet Food Festival in Boston on Saturday.
dvbowk reports that Sonya Thomas ate 41 meatballs at the Phantom Gourmet Food Festival in Boston. Her three male competitors ate 39 meatballs total. update Pete Davekos ate his fruit basket in 3:52. has more about Sonya Thomas' meatball record attempt at the Phantom Gourmet Food Festival in Boston on September 24. Pete Davekos will attempt to set a fruit eating record in the undercard event.
Crazy Legs Conti's advice helped Nick Altschuller defeat the Tasty Burger Challenge at Kings in Dedham, MA. (Conti's choice in competitive eating music: "Air Supply or early Menudo") update Pete Davekos coached Shannon "The Mutilator" Mulaire of Fox 25 on her eating challenge for a segment that will appear on the 10:30 pm news tonight. (A gallery of the challenge) update #2 The video and article (which misspells "Carlene Pop" as "Carling Pop") are now available.
Pete Davekos talks about his training techiques in an Electric Pig post. has an article about Pete Davekos competing in the Nathan's qualifier at Patriot Place in Foxborough, MA tomorrow. (Eric "Badlands" Booker might also compete.) Davekos did a hot dog eating contest on Kiss 108 this morning to promote the competition. update A podcast of Davekos' appearance is available.
Pete Davekos will walk 20 miles on May 1 to benefit Project Bread, a hunger charity. He will eat one food item for each of the 20 miles he walks.
Pete Davekos offers 9 tips for maximizing your Thankgiving Day meal capacity in MTV's Clutch blog.
The Pulse has an article about Pete "Pretty Boy" Davekos illustrated with a photograph by Erin Wigger. (via email)

2010 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest field

(Bumped & Modified originally posted June 27)

The following people won a slot in the 2010 Nathan’s finals by winning a qualifier. The second column is the number of hot dogs eaten in the qualifier (click on the names to see their contest history)

2010 May 6 29 “Big” Ben Monson Las Vegas, NV
2010 May 8 38.5 Eric “Badlands” Booker Foxborough (Boston), MA
2010 May 8 18 Bryan “Big Sexy” Beard San Jose, CA
2010 May 15 23 Peter “Pretty Boy” Davekos East Hartford, CT
2010 May 15 28 Tim “Gravy” Brown Newnan, GA
2010 May 29 40 “Notorious” Bob Shoudt Atlantic City, NJ
2010 Jun 5 29 Erik “The Red” Denmark Tempe, AZ
2010 Jun 6 12 Andrew Bosque Virginia Beach, VA
2010 Jun 12 34 Sonya “The Black Widow” Thomas Norfolk, VA
2010 Jun 13 23.5 Sean “Flash” Gordon Thackerville, OK
2010 Jun 19 13 Kristopher Adams Fayetteville, NC
2010 Jun 19 30 Pat “Deep Dish” Bertoletti Charlotte, NC
2010 Jun 26 46 Tim “Eater X” Janus Queens, NY
2010 Jun 26 25 Crazy Legs Conti Escondido, CA
2010 Jun 26 28.25 Juliet Lee Fishkill, NY

Allen Goldstein received a slot by leading the wild card standings. Here are the wild card standings according to results in the eatfeats datbase (qualifier winners not listed):

2010 May 8 28.75 Allen “Shredder” Goldstein Foxborough (Boston), MA
2010 May 15 27 “Jammin” Joe LaRue Newnan, GA
2010 May 29 25 “Buffalo” Jim Reeves Atlantic City, NJ
2010 Jun 5 25 Adrian “The Rabbit” Morgan Tempe, AZ
2010 May 29 24.5 Pat “from Moonachie” Philbin Atlantic City, NJ
2010 Jun 26 24 Micah “Wing Kong” Collins Fishkill, NY
2010 Jun 5 22 Damon “The Omen” Wells Tempe, AZ
2010 Jun 26 21 Brian “Dud Light” Dudzinski Queens, NY
2010 May 29 20 Dave “U. S. Male” Goldstein Atlantic City, NJ

Comments (12) has a podcast of an interview with Pete "Pretty Boy" Davekos.
A picture of Pete Davekos at the Toronto Poutine Contest is the subject of a Deadspin blog entry.

Pete Davekos wins Hartford qualifier, Larell Marie 3rd

update The MLE facebook has the top 3 of today’s qualifier in Hartford
1) Pete Davekos 23
2) Russ Keeler 17.5
3) Larell Marie Mele 14

The East Hartford Gazette reports that Tim Janus and Russ Keeler will compete in the Hartford qualifier.

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Stonehill Alumni Magazine has a section about Pete "Pretty Boy" Davekos. has a podcast of Pete Davekos' interview on Monday to talk about the Roy Rogers roast beef slider contest.

Pete Davekos defends Garlicky Greens title

Update Oct 5 Carlos the Dwarf has a video

Update The Boston Herald has an article and gallery. No ranked eaters are listed in the captions. IFOCE also has a contest report.

The eatingcontest twitter reports that Pete “Pretty Boy” Davekos defended his Garlicky Greens title and broke his previous record with a total of 7.5 lbs.

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Ken Hoffman on judging Davekos

Ken Hoffman of the Houston Chronicle has a column about serving as Pete Davekos’ judge in the recent Nathan’s finals which reports that officials were told to look out for hidden regurgitation:

“The thing you have to look for,” the head judge told us, “is when the eaters hold a big cup of water to their mouth. Some of the eaters have been spitting hot dogs into the cup, and some have been vomiting in the cup. That’s against the rules, and they have to be penalized.”

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