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Three random Savannah eating challenges
4 lb. bbq sandwich Pigzilla Papa Buck's BBQ Metter, GA Call Ahead
pizzas Pizza Eating Record Your Pie Statesboro, GA
1 lb. burger The Gut Buster The Warehouse Savannah, GA includes 1/4 lb bacon 1/4 lb franks, on 2 grilled cheese buns
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The Frosty Frog in Hilton Head Island, SC will hold a hot dog eating contest on July 4 awarding $300 to the top man and woman. has an article about the "Pigzilla" BBQ sandwich challenge at Papa Buck's in Metter, GA. The only other female besides Stephanie Torres (RIP) to finish the challenge was a pregnant woman.
Coache's Corner will hold a wing eating contest tomorrow night awarding $250 to the winner.
Aunt Chiladas Easy Street Cafe will hold a taco eating contest on October 29 awarding $250 to the winner.

2014 Nathan’s Savannah qualifier

update The Savannah Morning News has a video

update has an article and gallery

Official Results
1) Adrian Morgan 28
2) Jim Reeves 24
? Neil Sebree

1W) Dee Martin 10.5

Steve & Dee Martin’s family is present at the qualifier and all dressed in tie-dyed shirts.

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Island Packet has an article about Adrian Morgan competing in Saturday's Nathan's qualifier in Savannah which claims he defeated Joey Chestnut in an egg eating contest.
Adrian Morgan, Jim Reeves, Damien Boykin and Ronnie Hartman are expected in the Savannah Nathan's qualifier on June 7.
Stephanie Torres and Craig Reed finished the Pigzilla BBQ sandwich challenge at Papa Buck's BBQ in Metter, GA at the end of August. Dale Boone was the only previous finisher.
In tonight's episode of Honey Boo Boo (9 PM ET/PT on TLC), "Pumpkin" the sister of the show's protagonist, will attempt to eat the Pigzilla barbecue sandwich challenge at Papa Buck's BBQ in Metter, GA. Dale Boone is the only person to previously finish the challenge. update July 25 has a column about the episode

2013 Nathan’s Savannah qualifier

update April 11 Savannah Now has an article, 106.9 produced a video about its DJ competing and Rake & Herald has a contest report (include weekend’s other contests)

update April 8 Steve “Pi Guy” Martin’s total has been announced at 10.

update has an article and gallery

Results for today’s Nathan’s qualifier in Savannah

1) Pete Davekos 25 hot dogs
? Steve “Pi Guy” Martin 10

1) Dee Martin 8.5

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A short contest promoting tomorrow's Nathan's qualifier in Savannah took place on Good Morning Savannah between pro wrestler Bruce "The Hangman" Pobanz and Fractious Phoebe of the Savannah Derby Devils. Pobanz claimed to be ranked #2 for over-50 competitive eater in 2008. If such a listing existed, Rich LeFevre and Ron Koch would have been ranked ahead of Pobanz if it was accurate. (via comment)
Maggie KillNBrawl and Fractious Phoebe of the Savannah Derby Devils will compete in Saturday's Nathan's qualifier.
Roger Wood Foods will hold a sausage eating contest at Oktoberfest in Savannah Saturday awarding $350 ($200 to the winner).
SubDogs HotDoggery in Savannah will hold a hot dog eating contest on July 4 awarding $300 to both the top male and female. The first qualifer will take place on Friday, June 8.

Man v. Food: Nation Savannah casting call

The Travel Channel has submitted a casting call for an upcoming Savannah, Georgia episode of Man v. Food: Nation which can be viewed after the jump:
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The Arch Fest in Jesup, Georgia will hold a hot dog eating contest on Saturday awarding $175 ($100 to the winner). Bruce "The Hangman" Pobanz will appear at the contest and be available for pictures and autographs.

Oct 25 independent contests with $100 prizes

Two unaffiliated contests this Saturday will award $100 to the winner:

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Link Buffet: May 21, 2008

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May 17 Brunswick, GA hot dog & pasta contests w/$1000 prizes

107.7 FM will sponsor a hot dog eating contest and a pasta eating contest in Brunswick, GA on May 17. Both contests will have $1,000 prizes. Call the radio station starting May 12 to obtain one of the 10 slots for each contest.

(From the Hangman, who will serve as a guest judge)

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The Hangman in the Brunswick News

From a Bruce “the Hangman” Pobanz email:

“The Hangman” Bruce Pobanz has agreed to a Hot Dog Eating Exhibition in Brunswick, Georgia on Monday July 2. The event will be a one minute contest being filmed for the Brunswick News and will be aired at on Friday July 6. The webcast will be available all weekend.

Also the Brunswick News will be doing a story on “The Hangman” and the upcoming “Science of Speed Eating” Documentary. The news article will be published in the July 7 and 8 weekend edition of the Brunswick News.

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St Patrick’s Day Chowdown finals video

Jim Driscoll attended the Saint Patrick’s Day Chowdown and wrote a blog entry about it and filmed a video of the final contest between Patrick Bertoletti and Joey Chestnut.

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St. Pat’s Chowdown gallery

Shawn Allison
has a flickr gallery of the Savannah Saint Patrick’s Day festivities which includes a lot of pictures of the Chowdown.

There has not been many articles about day 2 of the Chowdown. This entry from a San Jose Mercury blog about Joey Chestnut is the only news coverage I have been able to find.

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Chowdown rerun commercial with Sonya & Eater X

The Saint Patrick’s Day Chowdown will rerun at 2pm eastern tomorrow on Spike. A 15 second commercial for that showing with Sonya Thomas and Tim “Eater X” Janus can be seen at sonyajanusstpatspromo.wmv (.7 MB)

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Pat Bertoletti wins St. Pat’s Chowdown

St. Pats Chowdown results

Finals – jalapeno peppers
1) Pat Bertoletti
2) Joey Chestnut

Semi Finals – green doughnuts
1) Pat Bertoletti
2) Joey Chestnut
?) Sonya Thomas
?) Chip Simpson

1st Round
1 tie) Joey Chetnut
1 tie) Pat Bertoletti
3) Sonya Thomas
4) Chip Simpson
5) Tim Janus (originally listed as 4th place finisher)
?) Rich LeFevre
?) Bob Shoudt
?) Eric “Badlands” Booker

Hopefully the ratings will be good enough to have other future non-Kobayashi contests televised.

updated elfarren has a livejournal entry with some pictures

teleblog is available after the jump

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St. Pat’s Chowdown Day 1 – spoilers

Please place all comments about Day 1 of the Saint Patrick’s Day Chowdown in this thread. I will refrain from posting results from the Chowdown on the main page of the blog until 8 pm eastern Saturday, so you can avoid seeing any results there if you do not want to know who won when you watch it on televison. I have turned off listing the start of a recent comment in the sidebar so no results will be listed there.

Update There is now a comment about the first round results from an anonymous poster, so do not read the comments if you do not want to know how that turned out. Kobayashi did not appear due to his mother’s illness.

update #2 has an article about the contest. Neither results nor Kobayashi’s absence are mentioned. The picture above shows that Kobayashi was not near the middle of the table. The article does say that 8 eaters were present, so an alternate might have competed.

update #3 (From The Hangman) A gallery with some pictures of the contest can be viewed at The pictures do not give away who advanced to the next round. Badlands Booker was apparently the fill in for Kobayashi. Conti served as a commentator. It would interesting to know what was on the bottom of the sign that read “Sonya Will U …”

Update #4 has an article which does list second round advancers.

Update #5 (From The Hangman) A video Conti and Eater X on a local news show performing a donut eating exhibition can be seen at (Click on “Eat Like a Pro”, Internet Explorer only)

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