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The MLE Chowdown that was televised on Spike TV in 2007 will be rerun on Fox TV Asia on August 25.
The MLE Spike TV programs (except for the Savannah St. Patrick's Day contest) can still be viewed online in their entirety at http://www.spike.com/tag/mle even though the Spike TV MLE page was deleted. (via http://twitter.com/Perazza)

MLE page on spiketv.com down

The page which formerly had videos from the Major League Eating shows recorded in Las Vegas, http://www.spike.com/show/23406 is now empty. (Cached page)


“Ham & Eggs” draws 863k viewers

The New York Post’s television column lists the ratings for last Sunday’s contest on Spike TV:

* Spike’s “Ham N’ Egg” gorgefest snared 863,000 viewers during halftime of Sunday’s Super Bowl – a Spike record for a competi tive eating event. Winners: Eric Denmark (61 hard- boiled eggs), Joey Chestnut (7.14 lbs. of ham) and their cardiologists.

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Pig skin contest is #1 UK comedy video

The English network ITN uploaded footage from the Spike TV pig skin eating contest to youtube, and today that clip is the most viewed British video tagged as comedy. (The clip is the #19 comedy video regardless of country of origin.) Beautiful Brian has also uploaded video of the entire pig skin contest.

A full list of the video’s honors is available after the jump:
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“Ham & Eggs” teleblog

update The full “Ham & Egg” program is available on Spike TV’s MLE page

Ham contest results

1 Joey Chestnut 7.14 lbs. in 8 minutes
2 Pat Bertoletti 6.34
3 Tim Janus 4.1
4 Tim Brown 3.34
5 Rich LeFevre 3.24
6 Hall Hunt 3.00
7 Juliet Lee 2.98
8 Juris Shibayama 1.7

The ham standings are announced as the new rankings, which would put Juris Shibayama at #8 and ahead of Bob Shoudt, Sonya Thomas, Chip Simpson and Kobayashi.

Hard boiled eggs contest
1 Erik Denmark 61 eggs in 8 minutes
2 Chris Abatsas 59.5
3 Micah “Wing Kong” Collins 49
4 Allen Goldstein 48
5 Arturo Rios 43
6 Steakbellie 40

Erik Denmark’s result is announced as a new world record despite being less than Sonya’s amount (65) and in a longer time (6:40 vs 8:00)

Screen captures of the rankings and the teleblog follows after the jump:
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Tim Janus wins pig skin contest

Pig Skin results from IFOCE.com:

1. Tim Janus, 14.3 oz in 6 minutes, $2500
2. Russ Keeler 12.7
3. Crazy Legs Conti 11.8
4. Pete Davekos 11.6
5. David “Brickhouse” Braunstein 8.2
6. “Nasty” Nate Biller 8.0
7. Brian Seiken 7.6
8. Pete “Philly Guy” Miernicki 6.0

updated with results from beautifulbrian’s contest report Brian was originally announced as the 3rd place finisher and will have a contest video up later today.

update #2 The Times of Malta? has a Reuters news video

update #3 VH1’s Best Week Ever blog has a contest report with some pictures. (VH1 and Spike TV are both owned by Viacom) (Thanks Caroline Pierce)

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“Ham & Eggs” videos on SpikeTV.com

Some video clips from Sunday’s “Ham & Eggs” program can be viewed at Spike.com. The titles and descriptions of the clips follows:

Pat Bertoletti – Pat Bertoletti is determined to maintain his dominance of MLE.
Kobayashi’s Defeat – The eaters of MLE discuss Kobayashi’s defeat at the Turkey Bowl
Turkey Bowl Upsets – Check out a recap of the upsets from the MLE Turkey Bowl
Cinderella Stories – Juris Shibayama and Gravy Brown share their MLE Cinderella Stories.

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IFOCE Pig skin eating contest Thursday

(From “Pig Skin”) A pig skin eating contest will be held at Hawaiian Tropic Zone in Times Square on Thursday at noon to promote the “Ham & Eggs” contest that will be televised on Spike TV during the Super Bowl halftime show. The total purse is $5000. Registration for 8 slots will open tonight at approximately 10pm.

update a press release is available. Tim “Eater X” Janus will compete, former NFL punter Sean Landeta will serve as guest judge and the contest will be six minutes long.

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No “Ham & Eggs” on spike.com

We are now a week away from the air date of the final installment of the Las Vegas Chowdown trilogy and there appears to be no mention of the program on Spike TV’s Major League Eating page or home page.

The air date & time are not on the home page of ifoce.com either. Viewers need to click on the link labeled “It’s official” to obtain the details, and the air date in the final paragraph of that page is listed as “January 3”.

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Kobayashi out for “Ham & Eggs”

Yahoo.com has a press release promoting the “Ham & Eggs” contest that will be televised on Spike TV during the halftime of the Super Bowl. The announcement verifies Kobayashi’s report that he was unable to participate in the contest:

As soon as the first half of football’s biggest game ends, Spike TV will cut directly into “MLE Chowdown: Ham N’ Eggs” with the under-card event of hard-boiled egg consumption. Eight of the top eaters will go egg-for-egg in an effort to break the world record held by Sonya Thomas of 65. Then, the world’s top eight eaters will step to the plate for whole spiral-ham eating. This eight-minute competition includes Joey Chestnut, Patrick Bertoletti, Tim “Eater X” Janus, Juliet Lee, Tim “Gravy” Brown, Rich LeFevre, and Juris Shibamaya. The legendary Kobayashi will not participate due to an injured jaw.

Sonya Thomas achieved her egg record in 6:40 so the egg competitors will have to beat that time to break her record.

Kobayashi, Sonya, Bob Shoudt, Chip Simpson and several non-IFOCE eaters would probably dispute the claim that the world’s top eight eaters will participate in the ham contest.

The blurb at the bottom reports there were 100 MLE events in 2006 instead of mentioning the number last year.

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“Ham & Eggs” to air Feb 3

A press release announces Spike TV’s programming for the first weekend in February. The “Ham & Eggs” contest will be televised on Sunday night:

8:30 – 9:00 PM, ET/PT
The Major League Eating event will match up the world’s top
eaters, including Joey Chestnut, Eater X, and Patrick Bertoletto,
in a championship consumption contest featuring chowing down eggs
and ham.

The chowdown will be televised between WHEN GOOD PETS GO BAD 2 and WHEN ANIMALS ATTACK #3.

update The 8:30 time is an estimate. The start of the press release says that ” Spike’s “MLE Chowdown: Championship” will start exactly when the Super Bowl half time show begins.”

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Rich Shea Phantom Gourmet podcast

Rich Shea’s interview on the January 5 Phantom Gourmet radio show mentioned by GJoe in a comment is available online. The interview is mainly about the buffet controversy in Louisiana, but Rich Shea does say that the next IFOCE event will be a Major League Eating program televised on Spike TV at halftime of the Super Bowl (Rich predicts that the Cowboys will be the NFC representative for that game). The program will be 30 minutes long, so “Ham & Eggs” will need to be truncated if it is broadcast.

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New Poll: “Ham & Eggs” air date

The new poll asks when you believe the “Ham & Eggs” contest produced for Spike TV will be televised.

According to Crazy Legs Conti’s most recent blog entry, that program was expected to be broadcast last month:

Thursday, October 18th Spike TV 11 PM EST “Wedges and Wings”

This is the first broadcast in a three part championship series on Spike TV. One show per month for the next three months will air.

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“Ham & Eggs” not on Spike TV new years schedule

New Year’s Day is probably a more appropriate holiday for a televised eating contest than Christmas, but the Spike TV schedule now extends to January 1, and the ham & eggs contest is not listed on that date or on December 31.

BestOnCable still reports
that the ham & eggs contest will be televised today.

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No MLE programs on Spike TV’s pre-Christmas schedule

The online schedule for Spike TV now extends to December 26 and the third installment of the trilogy recorded in Las Vegas which features ham and hard boiled eggs eating contests does not appear on it.

Spike’s programming for Christmas and Christmas Eve consists solely of James Bond movies and reruns of “Star Trek: Voyager” and “CSI”.

update BestOnCable reports that the ham & eggs contest will be televised on December 12, but other schedules do not corroborate this.

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“Turkey Bowl” press release

A press release announces that the third MLE special on Spike TV, the “Turkey Bowl” will be televised twice on Thanksgiving Day, November 22 at 11am and 7pm.


“Battle of the Bird” on Spike TV on Thanksgiving

(from Erik Denmark) The MLE page on Spike TV announces that the second segment of the MLE Chowdown, titled “Battle of the Bird”, will be televised on Thanksgiving Day. A time is not listed.

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“Wedges & Wings” viewable online

“Wedges and Wings” can be viewed in its entirety on the Spike TV website. Three shorter clips are also available.

The eater profile page links from Micah Collins down do not work.

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Spike TV MLE page created

A page about tonight’s MLE Chowdown has been set up on the Spike TV website. The page has videos of the top 10 commercials and profile pages of some of the competitors who are listed as (current IFOCE ranking in parentheses):

Joey Chestnut(1), Takeru Kobayashi(2), Pat Bertoletti(3), Tim Janus(4), Rich LeFevre(8), Hall Hunt(9), Juliet Lee(10), Erik Denmark(12), Arturo Rios Jr.,(13) Allen Goldstein(14), Tim Brown(15), Micah Collins(17), Eric Livingston(21), Juris Shibayama(23), Chris Abatsas(25)

Bob Shoudt was listed in the original press release, but apparently did not compete.

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Minimal online promotion for “Wedges & Wings”

With three days until airtime, there is no mention of the “Wedges & Wings” program on any of the IFOCE/MLE websites. The special does not appear on the list of Spike TV programs either. In the Spike TV schedule grid, there is no program description whatsoever. A screen capture of the grid is available after the jump.
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BeautifulBrian.com on Spike TV field

BeautifulBrian.com has a page on why he thinks that certain eaters were chosen or passed over for Spike TV’s “Wedges & Wings” contest along with a commentary on the selection process.

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KTNV “Wedges & Wings” videos

KTNV has four videos from the “Wedges & Wings” contest. Joey Chestnut gives a wing eating lesson while wearing a “Heart Attack Grill” shirt. Joey also says that he thinks Kobayashi was faking “jawthritis”. Pat Bertoletti estimates his stomach capacity at 25 pounds.

The third & fourth Spike TV specials will be broadcast over the next two months. Today’s foods are ham and hard boiled eggs.

The article containing the video links gives the result of Tuesday’s contest.

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“Wedges & Wings” non-spoilers

Steakbellie has a post-contest report without results. He will appear on the next two programs today and tomorrow. I am assuming they will be recorded at Fremont Street in the evening and be open to the public, but I have not been able to find any official information.

Megamunch has a blog entry about his thoughts on the selection process. (No results in entry, but winner is mentioned in the comments)

The event is somewhat like English soccer. There are two divisions and the top finishers in the lower division move up, while the bottom dwellers in the higher division move down.

The air times for the program recorded yesterday are
No Episode Title Competitive eaters go against the clock to see who can eat the most Buffalo Wings and potato wedges.
SPIKETV Thu 10/18 11:00 PM
SPIKETV Sat 10/20 7:00 PM

The times for the next two shows have not been announced.

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Steakbellie in Las Vegas

Steakbellie will compete in the “Wedges & Wings” contest in Las Vegas tonight. He verifies that Kobayashi is present. Steakbellie reports that three separate TV specials will be recorded at the same session, which will fulfill the Spike TV contract.

I think this leaves 6 unknown slots in the contest.

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