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The Toledo Blade has a gallery of Joey Chestnut's appearance at Saturday's Mudhens minor league baseball game. He did a cotton candy eating exhibition and oversaw a ice cream eating contest between local celebrities.
Manchester Evening News has posted a gallery of pictures taken at a tripe eating contest hosted by Sutcliffe's Tripe of Wigan on April 23, 1975.
LadBible has an Instagram post about Saturday's British Eating League beans and toast eating contest held at the George Pub in Stockton on Tees won by Kyle Gibson which has received over 2800 comments in less than 8 hours.
The Des Moines Register has a gallery of the pie eating contest that has been held as an event during the RAGBRAI cross-Iowa bicycle tour. This year's competition was held over video. has curated a gallery of 19 pictures of Joey Chestnut eating Nathan's hot dogs. has an interview with photographer Nina Berman about her series of eating contest photographs.
It's Nice That has a post on a series of photographs Adam Powell took at the Nathan's Finals.
Hotdogeatingshort posted a clip from an upcoming cartoon about a hot dog eating contest.
Joey Chestnut, Matt Stonie, Geoff Esper, Miki Sudo, Gideon Oji, Adrian Morgan, Darron Breeden, Michelle Lesco, Juan Rodriguez, Rich LeFevre, Erik Denmark, Steve Hendry, Pablo Martinez, Eric "Badlands" Booker, Derek Jacobs, Juan Neave, Jon Bello and Sarah Reinecke are expected to compete in the Day-Lee Foods World Gyoza Eating Championship in Los Angeles on August 18. The contest Instagram produced a series of Marvel memes about the roster.
Men's Health has an article about King Schratz, who posts pictures of his 3000+ calorie meals on his instagram account has a gallery of Nina Berman's competitive eating photography titled "In the hell of eating contests".
Val Bromann has uploaded galleries of the men's and women's 2016 Nathan's finals. has curated a gallery of eating contest pictures taken between 1915 and 1987.
Gulf News has a gallery of a pizza eating contest held in Baghdad, Iraq on Halloween won by Walid Aladdin. has a blog entry about "Eat to Win", Nina Berman's gallery of photographs taken at eating contests. The project was facilitated by a competitive eating calendar which is not named in the post.
Uncustomary Art has a galleryie from muffin eating contests held last week in Baltimore on the day of the Freddie Gray funeral. Muffins not used in the contest were donated to the homeless.
Molly Schuyler has posted a gallery from the recording of Battle of the Big Eaters 2 in Los Angeles last month. Her USA teammates were Pat Bertoletti, Dave Brunelli and Tom Gilbert. The Japanese team included Takuya Yamamoto and Gal Sone.
St. Louis Magazine has a gallery of yesterday's falafel eating contest at Cafe Natasha won by Kyle "The Hammer" Hanner.
"Cardboard Shell" has a gallery of her tour of Japanese military bases with Adrian Morgan and Crazy Legs Conti. has a gallery of nine "incredible/awful" competitive eating animated GIFs.
Jacob Kepler has a gallery of the pictures he took for an article about Miki Sudo in Mental Floss magazine.
The April edition of Glamour Italia had pictures of models competing in eating contests.
Joey Chestnut and Carson "Collard Green" Hughes (RIP) appear in a book titled What the World Eats containing photographs of the daily food consumption of 80 people from around the world.
The Village Voice has a gallery of the NYC Hot Sauce Expo which held several spicy eating contests this past weekend.  Update April 1 Bon Appetit has a competitor report
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