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Ditlo has a gallery of Miki Sudo at the 2013 Hooters Wing finals in Clearwater, FL with several behind the scenes pictures. There is also an interview section where she claims that the LeFevres are the most inspiring competitive eaters.
"ZehHeifer" has produced a photo montage video containing pictures of her with pictures of competitive eaters taken at contests in California in 2011-12.
JCOnline has a gallery of a pizza eating contest held on May 20, 1973 at Arni's in West Lafayette, Indiana. 200 people competed and the first prizes was $1000. has a gallery of the construction of the 8 pound burger challenge at the Vegas Pub, listing Rich LeFevre as the sole finisher of the challenge. (Miki Sudo broke the record in February).
Crazy Legs Conti has a report for Huffington Post about spectating at the Coney Island Boardwalk Nathan's qualifier and Edward Leavy Jr. has some pictures from that event (page 1 | page 2) (It is interesting that none of the approximately 10 million in greater NYC wanted and/or received a berth in the qualifier)
Inked Magazine has an interview with Maria "Edible".
WoTUserMrSuicide has a picture of the Nathan's Wall of Fame taken October 30 with the countdown timer turned off due to lack of power. (Coney Island Oct 30 gallery). One Coney Island apartment building lacked power for 10 days. update Nov 13 Huffington Post has more on the state of Coney Island.

Coney Island under water after Hurricane Sandy

update Nov 5 Takeru Kobayashi lost power in Manhattan (now restored) and had to live with friends in Brooklyn.

update Oct 31 #2 has some pictures of Coney Island taken Tuesday morning. (via Brooklyn Vegan).

update Oct 31 Bob Shoudt has uploaded a video of his neighborhood.

Hope everyone is safe after Hurricane Sandy (LA Beast lost power last night). Coney Island is currently flooded, some pictures: Amusement Park | Neptune & Stillwell | parking lot | NY Daily News pictures | EarthCam live cam. Fortunately rumors that Coney Island Hospital was on fire turned out to be untrue.

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The article about competitive eating in the new GQ is not available online yet, but photographer Brian Finke has posted pictures from the article. (Some article text appears in the images, but it is too small to read easily). has an infographic about American and English eating challenges. The B3 Burrito from the now-closed NASCAR Cafe is listed as a current challenge.
The Village Pub in Las Vegas has a gallery of last Saturday's rib eating contest where Miki Sudo won $1,299.

2012 Nathan’s finals converage

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Crif Dog Classic coverage

Comments (25) has a gallery titled: "15 Awful Competitive Eating Photos".
The Eating Contest facebook has a gallery of the Momo Madness eating contest held at Amity University in Noida, India on Friday. has a gallery of Takeru Kobayashi's visit to the Sports Illustrated office on Tuesday where he drank a gallon of egg nog faster than a team of staffers could.
The Wing Bowl website has a gallery from one of today's qualification stunts captioned: "Wingdippidy Forced To Stop Eating After Near Asphyxiation"
Matt Stonie has videos from the CP Biggest Eater qualifier held in Singapore of the MLE / top locals contest and the first round heats. Seo Eng Joo Frozen Food has a gallery.
Smoke's Poutinerie has a flickr gallery of last month's poutine eating contest.
The Travel Channel has posted some pictures of eating challenges submitted to the Man vs. Food: Nation facebook wall, including photographs of Matt "Sweet Tooth" Cohen and Jeremiah "Fit vs. Food" Foster. has a gallery and video of Takeru Kobayashi's appearance at the Sports Illustrated office where he ate 32 hard boiled eggs in a minute and drank a gallon of milk.
Food Service Warehouse has produced an infographic titled An Unbalanced Diet: Competitive Eating.
Ian's Pizza has a gallery of the pizza contest held last Friday in Madison, WI won by Eric "Silo" Dahl.
The Buffalo Wing Festival has uploaded a gallery of the National Buffalo Wing Eating Championship held on Labor Day weekend.
The West Coast Hot Dog Eating Championship had a logo for each competitor. Most of the logos can be seen in Matt Stonie's gallery of the post contest press conference. The only other contest that had a logo for each entrant I am aware of was the 2006 Nathan's finals, where Liz Kellermeyer created a monster to represent each participant. (Some 2007 buttons of Liz')
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