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Three random Austin eating challenges
6 lb. cheesesteak Italian Stallion Way South Philly Austin, TX
3 lb. burger The Robert Smith Burger Eat Out In Austin, TX also a San Antonio location
28 in pizza 290 Pizza Challenge Aviator Pizza & Brew Company Elgin, TX
(All Austin eating challenges and contests in database) has an article about Greg "The Savage" Wilson attempting the donut challenge at Shipley Do-Nuts in Copperas Cove, TX.
The home page for the Austin suburb, Manor, TX, announces it will hold a MLE sausage eating contest on May 8 or 9 as part of its Manorpalooza Festival.
Monsters and Critics has a post about the steak eating challenge incident in last night's episode of 9-1-1: Lone Star. A woman drank so much water trying to finish a 96 ounce steak she suffered water intoxication and needed emergency assistance. (video)
The January 27 episode of 9-1-1: Lone Star will have an emergency at a steak eating contest. The original 9-1-1 set in Los Angeles had a crisis at an insect eating contest on its October 22, 2018 show. This is not the first steak eating contest incident on a Fox program. The March 28, 1999 episode of the Simpsons (Maximum Homerdrive) had a fatality after a steak challenge went wrong.

2019 Circuit of the Americas Brisket

Official results Part 1 | Part 2

1st 27 Joey “Jaws” Chestnut failed to break record due to larger sandwiches according to George Shea
2nd 17.5 Nick Wehry announced as 4th
3rd 17 Matt “Hungry” Hazzard
4th 16.75 Ronnie “MegaByte” Hartman
5th 16.1 Michelle “Cardboard Shell” Lesco
6th 15 Adrian “The Rabbit” Morgan
7th 14 Juan “Hungry Saiyan” Neave
8th 13.5 George Chiger
9th 10.25 Greg “The Savage” Wilson
10th 9 Eric “Badlands” Booker
11th 5.5 Jocelyn Walker
12th 5 Alex “Moose” Perez

George Shea said that larger sandwiches prevented Joey Chestnut from breaking the MLE brisket sandwich eating record (34.75) held by Bob Shoudt.

Live video of brisket eating contest at Circuit of the Americas in Austin

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Registration is now open on for the True Texas BBQ Challenge at Circuit of the Americas in Austin on November 2. Registration is also open for the Fortune Bay World Indian Taco Eating Championship in Tower, MN also on November 2.

Geoff Esper defeats Joey Chestnut in Hostess Donettes

Official results for today’s Hostess Donettes eating contest in Austin.

1st 235 Geoffrey Esper
2nd 200 Joey “Jaws” Chestnut
3rd 146 Juan “Hungry Saiyan” Neave
4th 134 Brett Healey
5th 125 Greg Wilson
6th 79 Albert Bravo
7th 77 Albert Carr
8th 61 Juan Aguilar
9th 52 Aaron Stroope
10th 51 Jocelyn Walker

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Joey Chestnut, Geoff Esper and Juan Neave are expected to compete in the Hostess Donettes Eating Contest in Austin on June 7.
Registration opens Thursday May 9 for the World Hostess® Donettes® Eating Championship to be held in Austin, TX on June 7. The purse will be $8000.
Molly Schuyler has uploaded a video of her breaking the record for the "Don Juan" breakfast tacos at Juan in Million in Austin, TX. The caption mentions an upcoming documentary series.
On March 2, Molly Schuyler ate 13 Don Juan Tacos to set the record at Juan in a Million in Austin.
Brandon "Da Garbage Disposal" Clark finished the pho challenge at Pho Please in Austin on December 28 in 7:38 and claimed a $890 jackpot.
The Jackpot for the pho challenge at Pho Please in Austin is now $770.
Cove Leader has a report on Japanese competitive eater Angela Sato completing the Dog Bowl ice cream challenge at Waffle Cone in Copperas Cove, TX. The article mentions she failed to complete the "Big Fat Fatty" sandwich challenge at Fat Sal's Deli in Austin. The meals were recorded for a Japanese program that will be televised on October 8.
Joy from Plano, TX finished the pho challenge at Pho Please in Austin today and claimed a jackpot of $1,190. The prize has been reset to $20.
Two Austin, TX restauarants will hold eating contests on July 4 awarding $250 to the winner. The Black Sheep Lodge will hold a corn dog eating contest and Haymaker will offer pickled eggs.
Meatstock will hold sausage eating contests in Melbourne on March 18 and Sydney on May 6 awarding $2000 in cash and prizes.
Isaac Harding Davis took the first prize of $1000 in Friday's Tic Toc Home Loans Instant Noodle Eating Championship in Sydney. (Australia Today Show video).
The Liberty Hill Independent has an interview with Juan Neave about qualifying for the Nathan's finals.
Steven Schuster attempted the Don Juan Taco at Juan in a Million in Austin on NBC's First Look last night. has a preview of Yasir Salem competing in the Austin Tour de Donut bike race/eating contest on November 13.
Documentarian Morgan Spurlock (Supersize Me) MCed a rat eating contest at the Fantastic Fest film festival in Austin yesterday to promote his new movie, Rats.
A movie titled Puke and Explode, described as "a gala event of competitive eating dedicated to both gastro excess and grotesque edibles as contestants devour the most mortifying morsels imaginable" will debut at the Fantastic Fest in Austin later this month.
Pluckers will hold a wing eating contest at the Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Wing Festival on August 21 awarding $1000. Entrants can qualify at Pluckers locations on Wednesday nights.
Jake Stillis won the first prize of $500 in yesterday's cheesesteak eating contest at Buzz Mill Coffee in Austin.
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