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Three random San Antonio eating challenges
6 patty burger Jefe's Challenge Alamo Springs Cafe Fredericksburg, TX must remain at table for 15 minutes after finishing
7 lb. burger The Hindenburger Biff Buzby's Live Oak, TX
3 lb. burger Hub Cap Burger Dog and Pony Grill Boerne, TX
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2018 Poteet Strawberry Festival Nathan’s qualifier

Winners according to Fink Beats the Stomach Official results
1) Juan Neave 24
2) Crazy Legs Conti 17
3) Nate Biller 15

1W) Kassie Zapata 10

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The second episode of the MLE podcast, Men in Boaters, was released today and mentioned the expected entrants of Saturday's Nathan's qualifiers. Pablo Martinez and Rene Rovtar are expected to compete in Fort Myers, FL while Juan Neave, Nate Biller, Crazy Legs Conti, Steve Schuster and Kassie Zapata headline the Poteet, TX field.

2018 Nathan’s qualifier schedule

Update: The schedule has been posted and registration is open for all qualifiers on
Notable omissions include all NASCAR qualifiers and the NYNY Casino in Las Vegas which has held a qualifier every year since at least 2003. The Mets ballpark takes over as the longest running qualifier site.

MLE announces that the 2018 Nathan’s qualifier schedule will be released at 2pm Eastern today.

The Cincinnati Reds May 18 and the New York Mets June 24 are probable sites since Nathan’s Famous is listed as a sponsor for those game dates.

A qualifier will not be held at the San Antonio Big League Weekend next month since that event will not take place in 2018 due to the NCAA Final Four being held at the Alamo Dome.

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Randy Santel announces that he finished the 28 inch pizza challenge at Carmine's in Kerrville, TX and won $150. The restaurant opened solely for him to do the challenge. He did not win the announced $500 prize because Juan Neave claimed it on December 30.
Carmine's in Kerrville, TX has a 28 inch pizza challenge that will award $500 to a diner that can finish it in under an hour.   

2017 Nathan’s San Antonio qualifier

update KSAT and FoxSports Ohio have videos. KingCarb has a video breakdown.

Results Part 1 | Part 2

1) Juan Neave 22.5 (“Juanito wants Food” instagram)
2) Nate Biller 21
3) Steve Schuster 19

1W Kassie Zapata 11

Steve Schuster, Nate Biller and Kassie Zapata are expected to compete.

Comments (2) reports that the Food Network will produce 6 episodes of Ginormous Food, a program about restaurants' oversized meals starring comedian Josh Denny. The pilot episode featuring San Antonio eateries was televised on July 22.
Las Palapas will hold a burrito eating contest in San Antonio on August 27 awarding $1000/$250/$150. Qualifiers will be held on August 13 and 20.
The UT - Rio Grande Valley student paper has an article about Kassie Zapata competing in the Nathan's finals. Her status as a college student could justify showing the women's Nathan's finals live on ESPNU.

Conti & Kassandra Zapata conquer qualifier

update SACurrent has a gallery

update has an article KEN5 has an article and gallery

Results via Aly Kent periscope
Full Results Part 1 | Part 2

22 Crazy Legs Conti
16.5 Nate Biller
12 Clint Scott
11 Jeremy Farmer
7 Robert Silva
6.5 Chap Hupp
5.5 Mark Poland
5 Phil Taglieri
4.5 Juan Hernandez

11 Kassandra Zapata
10.5 Mary Bowers
6 Vanessa Salazar

Aly Kent has a Periscope from today’s qualifier.

There are multiple women competing. If Mary Bowers wins, I think it will be the first qualifier she has claimed victory in a qualifier with 2 or more females.

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Nate Biller, Mary Bowers and Bam Martinez are expected to compete in the Nathan's qualifier at the H-E-B Big League Weekend Fan Fest in San Antonio March 19.
Registration is now open for the Nathan's qualifier in San Antonio on March 19. The contest will take place before the MLB exhibition between the Texas Rangers and Kansas City Royals at the Alamodome.
The first Nathan's qualifier of 2016 will be held in San Antonio on March 19. reports Everybody Loves Raymond's in San Antonio has started a "Shut Your Mouth Trump" spicy burger challenge inspired by the Republican poll leader. The restaurant previously created the "Charles Barkley Fat Mexican Burger" after the NBA hall of famer disparaged the appearance of San Antonio women.
Jacob Moran ate 2 Okie Burritos in 42 seconds to take the first prize of $1000 in Saturday's contest at Las Palapas in San Antonio. Damon Wells also won a qualifier.
Qualifying for Las Palapas' Okie Burrito eating contest starts today. The finals in San Antonio on August 29 will award $1400 ($1000 to the winner).
Slackers Bar in San Antonio will hold a hot wing eating contest on February 1 awarding $300 to the winner, $100 to the runner up.
Las Palapas will hold a burrito eating contest on August 23 awarding $1400 ($1000 to the winner). Its San Antonio locations will hold a qualifier circuit starting Saturday.
The "Charles Barkley" Fat Mexican Burger was created by Everybody Loves Raymond's Tacos in San Antonio in response to the claim by the Inside the NBA analyst that the city has a high number of overweight women.
Male model Warren Carlyle ate an Okie burrito in 45 seconds to win the finals of the burrito eating contest at Las Palapas in San Antonio. Fox 29 has an article
Las Palapas announces the return of its Okie Burrito circuit to its San Antonio restaurants on July 6. According to this picture, qualifiers wills start July 6 and the finals on August 31 will award $1,000 to the winner.
Big Lou's Pizza in San Antonio created a giant pizza with the Spurs logo on it for game 4 of the NBA Finals on Thursday.
Stephanie Torres appears to have won (or at least received a large trophy) at the Okie Burrito eating contest at Las Palapas in San Antonio today. The first prize was $1000. update Aug 23 Valmar0322 and ReneeLvsAlex have videos
Samantha Torres won the final qualifier for Las Palapas burrito eating contest by eating an Okie burrito in 43.9 seconds in San Antonio.
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