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2020 Feb 6Blazing Wing Eating Contest Taste of Laredo Laredo, TX
2020 Feb 6Pizza Eating Contest Taste of Laredo Laredo, TX
$350 2020 Mar 7Raw Oyster Eating Contest - men Oysterfest Fulton, TX
$350 2020 Mar 8Raw Oyster Eating Contest - women Oysterfest Fulton, TX
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2 lb. burger Heisman Burger Challenge The 1st Draft Laredo, TX
82 oz. steak Top Sirloin The Astor Restaurant Corpus Christi, TX
16 scoop challenge Ice Cream Challenge Cherry's Old Fashion Soda Shop Corpus Christi, TX
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The pro division of the La Costeña Jalapeño Eating Contest February 22 in Laredo, TX will award $3000/$1500/$750. The amateur competition will pay out $500/$400/$300.

Molly Schuyler defends Laredo jalapeno contest title

Molly Schuyler ate a record 277 peppers to defend her title and win $3000 at the La Costeña Jalapeño Eating Contest in Laredo, TX tonight. Brandon “Da Garbage Disposal” was runner up with 178 peppers, Dan “Killer” Kennedy was 3rd with 142.

update has a gallery


The La Costeña Jalapeño Eating Contest at the will award $3000/$1500/$750 to the top 3 professionals at the Jalapeño Festival in Laredo, TX on February 22. The top 3 amateurs will receive $500/$400/$300.
The Fulton, TX Oysterfest will hold an oyster eating contest for men on March 3 and a competition for females on March 4. Both events will award $200/$100/$50 to the top 3.

2018 Laredo Jalapeno Festival

Results announcement video (pro results begin at 13:00) (A HREF=”″>via Mexico Rico) contest video

1) Molly Schuyler 265, $3000
2) Pat Bertoletti 226, $1500
3) Brandon “Da Garbage Disposal” Clark, 153, $750

Results from Brandon Clark

Pictures: Z93 Laredo | Broadcast Laredo

Molly Schuyler, Brandon “Da Garbage Disposal” Clark and Pat Bertoletti are listed as expected entrants.

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The La Costeña Jalapeño Eating Contest will award $3000/$1500/$750 at the Jalapeño Festival in Laredo, TX on February 16. update The contest is apparently restricted to Texas residents according to an application posted by Joe Menchetti.
The Fulton (TX) Oysterfest will hold an eating contest for men on March 4 awarding $200/$100/$50. A women's contest on March 5 will award the same amounts.
The Fulton, TX Oysterfest will hold men's and women's oyster eating contests this weekend awarding $350 each ($200 to the winner).
The Fulton, TX Oysterfest will have oyster eating contests on March 7 and 8 for men and women awarding $350 each ($200 to the winner).
The Corpus Christi Caller Times has a article about the giant taco challenge offered at Recio’s Smokehouse and Catering that has only been finished twice in the past 16 years.
NPR's Latino USA has a podcast about last month's pepper eating contest at the Jalapeno Festival in Laredo, TX won by Luis Bruni.  
The Fulton, TX Oysterfest will hold a men's oyster eating contest on March 9 and a women's oyster eating contest on March 10. Both contests will award $350 ($200 to the winner).
Aniceto Mata won first place and a prize of $1,000 with a total of 122 peppers at the Annual Jalapeno Festival in Laredo, TX Saturday.
A youtube caption reports that Mark Hansen won Saturday's eating contest at the Laredo Jalapeno Festival with a total of 119 peppers. Hansen's amount is about half of the record (266) set by Pat Bertoletti in 2008. has a gallery from yesterday's men's oyster eating contest held at the Fulton Oysterfest. Bryan Tiner won the contest by eating 178 raw oysters in 5 minutes.
Oyster eating contests in Fulton, Texas this weekend - $350 purses for both men's & women's division
The Brownsville (TX) Herald has a report on yesterday's jalapeno eating contest held at the Sombrero Festival yesterday.
LMTOnline reports that Luis "El Chef" Bruni won last night's contest at the Jalapeno Festival in Laredo by eating 82 peppers after a competitor who ate more than 100 was DQed.

El Mañana: Jalapeño Festival wants local competitors

La Sanbe has a blog entry commenting on an article from about the Jalapeño Festival that will take place in Laredo, Texas on February 20 & 21 which mentions the eating contest where Pat Bertoletti holds the record of 266 peppers in 15 minutes:

One issue of concern, though, is that participants for the jalapeño eating contest are not being solicited via the Food Network website as was done last year. Organizers want the contest represented more by locals. Great. So now we’re lowering the standards of our recreational activities too. Way to go Laredo.

The Spanish paragraph about the contest and its translation by Google follows:

Para la competencia de Jalapeño de esta edición, ya no se anunciará en internet, como se hizo el año pasado en la página de la Food Network, pues se quiere que los participantes sean locales, ya que es un festival de Laredo.

Jalapeño competition for this edition is no longer advertised on the internet, as it did last year at the site of the Food Network, as it is to the participants are local, as it is a festival of Laredo.

If the Laredo jalapeño contest is not affiliated with IFOCE in 2009, there could be a 4+ month gap between contests since the last IFOCE contest was the Battle at the Big Apple World Pizza Eating Championship in Fort Pierce, Florida on November 8.

The Stockton Asparagus Festival’s website announces that the contest on April 25 will have IFOCE eaters, so that will break the drought at 5.5 months if no other contests take place before it.

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Link Buffet: January 6, 2009

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Link Buffet: March 10, 2008

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Erik Denmark’s Laredo jalapeno report

Erik Denmark has posted a blog entry and gallery from the February 23 jalapeno eating contest in Laredo, Texas.

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Laredo Morning Times on jalapeno contest

The Laredo Morning Times has an article about last night’s jalapeno contest. The top 3:

1. Pat Bertoletti, 266 peppers, 15 minutes, new contest record
2. Sonya Thomas, 170 peppers
3. Erik Denmark, 147 peppers

The previous record was 141 in 15 minutes, set in 1991 by Braulio Martinez

The article reports that competitors were banned from drinking beers during the contest, but Pat Bertoletti drank a beer in “about a second” after he was announced as the winner.

Erik the Red has a blog entry about his contest participation and made the cover of the Laredo Times entertainment section.

Sonya has a contest report on her news page.

The IFOCE contest report does not mention Sonya by name; the runner up is listed as “Major League Eating’s top female eater”.

IFOCE’s press release
to promote the contest called for a jalapeno eating contest between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to decide the Democratic nomination.

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Laredo Jalapeno expected entrants

On her News & Notes page, Sonya Thomas announces that she will compete in Saturday’s Jalapeno eating contets in Laredo, TX.

It appears that Pat Bertoletti and Erik Denmark will also compete in that event based on a comment in Pat’s myspace blog.

Joey Chestnut will probably not attend, since he has been saying that his next contest is the Houston matzo ball contest.

This will be the first matchup of between members of the IFOCE top 10 since the Krystal Square Off.

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