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giant chili dog Home Wrecker Lake Elsinore Suns games Lake Elsinore, CA contains three 1/2 lb chili dogs topped with 1.5 lbs. French Fries, two lbs. chili and .75 lb of cheese and diced onions
2 lb. burger The Justin Burger The Farmhouse Banning, CA
tacos Taco Legend RT's Longboard Grill Pacific Beach, CA
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Scott Curley won yesterday's sandwich eating contest at Grater Grilled Cheese in San Diego. Raina Huang also competed. has an article on Indian food challenger Saapattu Raman eating 50 omelets in a video which has received over 6 million views. has a post about Danielle Shapiro getting hospitalized for acid reflux after eating 32 rolls at a Mountain View, CA sushi buffet. Her tiktok video recorded at the hospital has received 11.3 million views (eating video).
Man v Food recorded at Petaluma, CA restauarnts for an upcoming episode.
Raina Huang appearaed on CBS 8 to promote her grilled cheese eating contest in San Diego at Grater Grilled Cheese on January 20.
Raina Huang will face off against Honey “Mega” Bunny, a heavyweight Flemish Giant rabbit, in a salad eating contest at Chop Stop in Glendale, CA on January 11. update The competition has been postponed due to Raina Huang catching covid-19. Reports of the cancellation have gone viral.
Lawry's Beef Bowl, a big pre-game meal for Rose Bowl players traditionally held at Lawry's in Beverly Hills, has been cancelled due to covid concerns.
Raina Huang will do a shepherd pie challenge at Macallans in Brea, CA on November 3. $1,000 will be awarded if her time is bested.
Raina Huang ate over 60 dumplings in 8 minutes to win the first prize of $500 in today's eating contest at Orange Home Grown Farmers & Artisans Market in Orange, CA Update Oct 19 Raina Huang's video
The Family Style Food Festival will hold a burger eating contest in Los Angeles tomorrow awarding $500 to the winner.
Orange Home Grown Farmers & Artisans Market will hold a dumpling eating contest on October 16 in Orange, CA awarding $500 to the winner. Raina Huang is expected to compete.
Tacos Gavilan in Los Angeles will hold a taco eating contest for amateurs on Octber 5 awarding $1500/$1000/$500 to both the top 3 men and women.
Vegan Playground in Los Angeles will hold a vegan hot dog eating contest on July 21 awarding $500 to the winner.
The 2021 Nisei Week Festival in Los Angeles will be a virtual event, so the return of the gyoza eating contest this year appears unlikely.
Joel Hansen finished the Brahma Bull challenge in 8:06 at The Rib Line in San Luis Obispo, CA to break Raina Huang's record and claim a $1,000 prize.
The Rib Line BBQ & Grill in San Luis Obispo, CA will award $1000 to the first person to beat Raina Huang's time of 14:57 for the Brahma Bull sandwich challenge.
Raina Huang ate 57 tacos to win a contest held at Pez Cantina in Los Angeles tonight.
ABC30 reports that Marshall Hutchings is suing the Fresno Grizzlies for hosting a taco eating competition on August 13, 2019 that resulted in the death of his father, Dana Hutchings. The prize was a spot in the MLE taco eating contest that was to have taken place at the Taco Truck Throwdown scheduled for August 17.
The Fresno Bee has an article about Raina Huang's trip to Fresno, which included a Thai boat noodle challenge at Lotus Kitchen.
Ragin Cajun Cafe in Redondo Beach, CA will hold a crawfish eating contest on February 13 awarding a $300 gift card to the winner.
Tehachapi News has an article about Raina Huang completing the 7 pound "Big Chief" Indian taco challenge at Red House BBQ in Tehachapi, CA.
Greg Foster attempted to eat 123 Carolina Reaper peppers Saturday to set a world record. The feat would have placed him at the top spot in the League of Fire rankings.
The Smoking Gun in San Diego will hold a hot dog eating contest on July 4 awarding $1000 to the winner.
Salvation Army of San Diego announced it would not be holding a MLE donut eating contest this year on June 5, National Donut Day.
The Nisei Week Japanese Festival announced that it will not be held in 2020, which will also cancel the gyoza eating contest scheduled for August 22 in Los Angeles. The Festival intends to return in 2021.
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