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DeSoto Times-Tribune reports Naader Reda successfully completed three restaurant challenges in Hernando County in north Mississippi over Labor Day weekend.
Naader Reda and Kevin Ross tied for first place in Paul's Pantry cinnamon roll eating contest in Mission Viejo, CA on July 4.
Food Challenge News has an interview with Naader "Freak Eating" Reda.
Randy Santel has uploaded a video of his 1000th successful restaurant challenge: the 25 pound "King Kookamonga" burger challenge at Kooky Canuck in Memphis he attempted with Naader Reda, Ramsey Hilton and Brett Healey.
Naader Reda has uploaded a video of his attempt at the 25 pound King Kookamonga burger challenge at Kooky Canuck in Memphis with Mitch Dombrowski, Ramsey Hilton and Randy Santel, who was going for his 1000th restaurant challenge success.
Foodbeast will hold a streaming session on today starting at 10:30 am Pacific today in which Molly Schuyler, Dan Kennedy and Naader Reda will attempt to set eating records. The person who predicts Molly Schuyler's chicken nugget total will win a prize. update a video is available

Takeru Kobayashi defends Chronic Taco title

update April 12
Full official results have been posted:

1st 157 Takeru Kobayashi
2nd 146 Molly Schuyler
3rd 107 Dan “killer” Kennedy
4th 94 Jesse Pynnönen
5th 78 David “Tiger Wings and Things” Brunelli
6th 59 Kevin Ross
7th 47 Naader “Freak8r” Reda
8th 41 Jimmy “The Spicialist” Lin

Naader Reda has uploaded a video of his choking incident

update #2 The Los Angeles Daily News has a contest report giving the official results as
1) Takeru Kobayashi 157 tacos
2) Molly Schuyler 146 tacos

Naader Reda required the Heimlich maneuver during the contest, but completed the competition.

Takeru Kobayashi ate 157 tacos in 10 minutes to defend his Gringo Bandito Chronic Tacos Challenge title at the Sabroso Taco Fest in Dana Point, CA. update Eric Anderson has a video of the contest. Kobayashi and Molly Schuyler were announced as having both eaten 160 tacos at the conclusion of the competition.

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A team consisting of Naader Reda, Raina Huang, Kevin Ross, Aubrey Koehn, Jimmy Lin, Eric Lu, Taran Eckel and Great American Eat Off host Gail Kasper finished the 54 inch pizza challenge at Big Mama's & Papa's in Northridge, CA yesterday. The $1000 prize was donated to the animal rescue charity Pawtographs. (Raina Huang video)
The team consisting of Raina Huang, Naader Reda, Jimmy Lin, Nadia White, Doug Sakmann and Matt Slayer and two others came close to finishing the 54 inch pizza challenge at Big Mama's & Papa's in Northridge, CA, but had about 9 slices left.
The Wall Street Journal has an article about Jack in the Box tacos mentioning Naader Reda's attempt to eat 50 of them. (paywall bypass)
Foodbeast has a preview of this weekend's "No Hands Pizza Eating Challenge" at Oozefest in Santa Ana, CA where the eater is not allowed use of hands and will be fed by an assistant. Naader Reda is expected to compete.
Naader Reda attempted to eat 200 Chicken McNuggets at on Facebook Live today.
Naader Reda attempted a 50 patty burger from In-N-Out Burger at Foodbeast headquarters today. update Aug 13 FoodBeast has a blog entry about the challenge.

Dave Brunelli wins Music City Bowl hot chicken contest

update Dec 31 Kyle Hanner video Naader Reda video (introductions)

Naader Reda has the top 3
1) Dave Brunelli 3 plates & 3 pieces
2) Naader Reda 2 plates & 2 pieces
3) Kyle Hanner 2 plates

Matthew Chang also competed and says he finished 4th

There was one reversal.

Dave Brunelli has been announced as the winner

It does not appear that defending champ Molly Schuyler was in attendance.

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Naader Reda has two videos from Farrell's ice cream challenge won by Molly Schuyler: conventional view | GoPro overhead view

2015 Farrell’s finalists has a list of qualifiers for Sundays ice cream eating challenge in Brea, CA. Molly Schuyler is the only pro listed with a qualifying time of 45 seconds. Naader Reda and Erik Lamkin also apparently qualified.

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That's Hot has a video interview with Naader Reda that concludes with a serrano pepper eating challenge.

Molly Schuyler goes for undefeated 2014 at Music City Bowl Hot Chicken contest

update Molly Schuyler appears to have won with total of 4.75 pounds.

Molly Schuyler will go for an undefeated calendar year at the hot chicken eating contest at the Music City Bowl in Nashville.

Naader Reda has a blog entry and video about the contest.


Naader Reda has a blog entry about the 2014 Secret Santa video collaboration project, where competitive eaters consumed items sent to them by people participating in the project. (playlist)
Naader Reda has produced a video of his attempt at a 13 pound holiday meal with Kevin Ross.
KDBProductions has a video of Naader Reda attempting the Quadruple Bypass Burger at the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas.
Naader Reda has produced a video of a 10 pound pizza challenge he did with Von at Roma Pizzerian in Arcadia, CA.
News 10 has an article about Naader Reda & John Rivera attempting the "Big Kahuna" pizza challenge at 8 Buck Pizza Truck in Manteca, CA in an attempt to win a $2500 prize.  
Von has posted a video of her attempting the 10 pound pizza challenge with Naader Reda at Roma Pizzeria in Arcadia, CA. reports that Kristin Avery ate 42 Pancakes in 25 minutes to win the IHOP Pancake Bowl for the Los Angeles region. The contest went into overtime after she tied with Naader Reda and another competitor by eating 31 pancakes in 20 minutes. (picture)    
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