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A team consisting of Kyle Hanner, Derek Jacobs, Yasir Salem and Holly Titus won the Tour de Donut, a bicycle race in Troy, OH that deducts 5 minutes for every donut eaten on the course.
Kyle Hanner won the first prize of $1,000 in today's Louisa Foods toasted ravioli eating contest held at the St. Louis arch.
The duo of Brandon "Da Garbage Disposal" Clark and Kyle Hanner finished Cici's 28 inch pizza challenge in St. Louis in 11:26 to beat the time of Michael Jenkins and Casey Hentzen by 3 seconds and take the national lead.
Kyle Hanner is mentioned in a article about Snapchat Spectacles. He plans to use the device to record a wing eating contest tomorrow.
Kyle Hanner lost today's Slawburger eating contest in Fayetteville, TN in overtime.

Dave Brunelli wins Music City Bowl hot chicken contest

update Dec 31 Kyle Hanner video Naader Reda video (introductions)

Naader Reda has the top 3
1) Dave Brunelli 3 plates & 3 pieces
2) Naader Reda 2 plates & 2 pieces
3) Kyle Hanner 2 plates

Matthew Chang also competed and says he finished 4th

There was one reversal.

Dave Brunelli has been announced as the winner

It does not appear that defending champ Molly Schuyler was in attendance.

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The Telegraph has a report on Kyle Hanner winning the fruitcake eating contest at Santa's Candy Castle in Santa Claus, IN for the third yaear in a row.
Kyle Hanner will attempt to win the fruitcake eating contest at Santa's Candy Castle in Santa Claus, IN tomorrow for the third year in a row. WWE legend Mick Foley will not return, but an unnamed bigger celebrity is promised. has an article about Kyle Hanner's donation of $500 of eating contest winnings to Alton Day Care & Learning Center.
Kyle Hanner (16 miles) and Yasir Salem (64 miles) won their divisions in the Tour de Donut bicycle race / eating contest in Arcanum, OH. Kyle Hanner finished with a negative time after receiving a 90 minute deduction for eating 18 donuts during the race.
Kyle Hanner ate 17 hot dogs in 5 minutes to defend his title at the Salt Games in Myrtle Beach, SC today.
Mardee Gofff announces that Kyle Hanner won today's French fry eating contest in Denver that will be part of an exhibit at the Biennial of the Americas. update April 17 The Denver Post has a blog entry and Westword has a gallery.
Randy Santel announces that his four person team ate 125 oysters in 2 minutes to win the first prize of $1000 at today's eating contest at Jax Fish House in Kansas City. Kyle Hanner and Teddy Delacruz were two of his teammates.
Kyle Hanner reports that Aaron Osthoff ate 3.7 pounds of wings in 5 minutes to win the first prize of $1000 at the Wing Bowl at the Mystique Casino in Dubque, Iowa.
Kyle Hanner won the first prize of $500 in yesterday's fruitcake eating contest at Diamond Jacks casino in Bossier City, LA.
Kyle Hanner defended his fruitcake eating title in Santa Claus, IN today, defeating WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley.
Kyle Hanner won the hot dog eating contest at the Salt Games in Myrtle Beach, SC today. Dale Boone also competed.
The guest on Brian Seiken's fourth podcast is Kyle "Hammer" Hanner.
Kyle Hanner reports he won today's taco eating contest at T Mo's in Bethalto, IL. John Palmgren was runner-up and Dale Boone was third.
Tomorrow, Kyle "The Hammer" Hanner will start his day with a 50 mile bike ride to raise money for the American Diabetes Association, then he will face defending champion Dale Boone in T Mo's Taco eating contest and he will conclude with a frozen yogurt eating contest.